World Ventures – Scam Or A Legit Opportunity To Make Money?

By | October 13, 2015

Worldventures scam

World Ventures seems to be a legit company when it comes to travelling deals. There website looks absolutely professional and it is a successful company. Further they offer you to make money with World Ventures. How does it work? Can you really make money with World Ventures? Is World Ventures scam or legit? Here is my personal review!

What Is World Ventures?

World Ventures is a company that sells travelling deals, coupons and so on. Well mostly they sell their own memberships.The memberships are

  • Dreamtrips Gold
  • Dreamtrips Platinum

I do not want to go in detail here about the memberships and what they contain since this is not really relevant in this review. You want to know if it is possible to make money with this, don´t you?

How are you supposed to make money?

If you scroll to the bottom of their website you will see a link called “Opportunities”. If you click on that link you are going to be redirected to a page which offers you to join World Ventures and make money with it.
Obviously you are going to make money by selling World Venture memberships to other people.Worldventures review

How does that work?

Sounds like a dumb question, since selling is easy right? Yeah, you might be able to sell this membership to your friends and to your family, but what happens after you sold it to them? (I hope you do not lose friends and family with this)

If you really want to be successful with this you have to make more sales. Friends and family are not enough here.
How do you want to make that happen? If you are old school you may try it with the good old cold calling, but this is not how it works today and I do not even know if this is still legal.

You need to sell it online to reach a lot of people, but without good internet marketing training you will sell nothing, even though World Ventures choose the direct-selling model.

Learn how to make money online here!

Will you really be able to make money with World Ventures?

All I can answer to that is: No and Yes!

This is a multi level marketing company, which means you can recruit other people who also sell memberships and if those people sell memberships you are going to get a commission for that. There are not many people who are really successful with this MLM stuff, or how others would call it a pyramid scheme (I would not). Only a few people will make it to the top of those schemes and this is where you really make money.

Is it possible? -Yes, it is possible!
Will you make it as a beginner? – Most probably not!

World Ventures – Scam or legit? My Verdict

You know, I want to be honest with you. I do not like this whole MLM stuff. In my opinion a lot of people get scammed here. Those companies try to tell unaware people that they can make money and get freedom and everything, but in fact it is hard as hell with this business model.

I would not say that this is a pyramid scheme since you sell a real product, but I know that most people will put money in this and will never make money with World Ventures and I really want you, my readers, to be aware of that.

World Ventures is a legit company, but you definitely should stay away from it if you are a beginner and in my personal opinion, you should never join a MLM company in order to make money online.

I do not recommend World Ventures to make money!


I mean even if you make money with World Ventures, what are you going to do if World Ventures does not exist anymore one day? Your whole business will be dead!

Start your own business online! There are companies which teach you how to do that. I created my own online business and I have a consistent income with my websites.

This program taught me how to do that. It is not a program which tells you that you can make money online in a blink. It is simply a training platform on affiliate marketing. They have a big community, a step-by-step training, live classes, live chats and much more.

It is the only resource I needed to be successful. Best thing about it? You can join for free!

Learn more about this program

I hope that I could save you some bucks with this review!

If you have any questions, simply leave me a message in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help you out!
Have you ever been success full with all this MLM stuff? Let me know in the comments below!

All the best,


7 thoughts on “World Ventures – Scam Or A Legit Opportunity To Make Money?

  1. Emily

    hi Pierre
    this was a very interesting review of World Ventures. But I am curious as to why you would not call it a pyramid scheme? I probably would not call it a scheme but certainly a pyramid shaped company. I mean, let’s face it you are not selling a traveling related product or deal. You are selling memberships to the company. And in the process you annoy the hell out of your friends and family (not something I am willing to do personally). But then those who really have a chance at making money are the ones at the very top. Hence the pyramid shape. And as a lot of MLM, World Ventures might go under or disappear, leaving you then with nothing, as you said.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Emily,

      thank you for your comment on this article.

      I know where you are coming from. Well, you are right it is a pyramid shaped company. I just do not want to call it a pyramid scheme, since there is a real product behind all this. A classic pyramid scheme is selling “licences to sell” … in my opinion.
      The membership of World Ventures is a real product where members benefit from. I do not say that it is a good or a bad product, but it is a product. That is why I would not call it a pyramid scheme.

      However as I already said, if you really want to make money, this is not the thing you are looking for.

      Thank you Emily!


  2. DaisyB

    Hello Pierre,
    Thank you for being so honest in your review of World Ventures. I agree with you 100% that it is very difficult to make money in a program where you have to constantly recruit people to make sales. All the hype in the world won’t make a sale if the majority of people are inexperienced in marketing online.

    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Daisy,

      thank you for your comment on this review.
      There are definitely easier ways to make money online. I think it is always bad if you have to work for a certain company, since you are not free to do what you want then. Well, it is the way how I see it.

      Wish you a great day too! 🙂


  3. Otis PassportPowell

    Very good review

    I have been part of WorldVentures for about 17 months now and i have travelled to 14 countries in a 15 month period.
    I’ve made a bit of money doing it myself and i’ll be honest that im mostly involved for the travelling and volunteering.

    It comes down to if people understand the benefits and savings they can get.

    i noticed that daisy above mentioned that “that it is very difficult to make money in a program where you have to constantly recruit people to make sales” I can understand that as most of us are used to having a job that we get paid a certain amount whether we sell a lot or not.
    i feel companies like this are attractive to people as yes many may not make money, make some or make a lot, the opportunity to make more a month than you could at a job is worth it. especially since you dont have to quit your job to do companies like this.

    I would recommend any company in an industry that you are passionate about. if you don’t like travel as much as i do then look elsewhere for something your passionate about.

  4. Nathan Argenta

    WOW this is a great and very information review on WorldVentures. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jason,

      thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

      You are very welcome.

      Have a good day,



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