Why Creating Income System Is a Scam

By | October 3, 2015

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Making money online is a big topic these days. As a result there are a lot of products and websites which promise you that they show you the holy and only way to do so. Unfortuntaley a lot of those products and websites do not deliver what they promise and you might end up only losing time and money. Creating Income System is a website which makes such big promises. However is it a program which will really show you how you can make from home? I tested this program for you and I tell you why Creating Income System is a scam. Here is my review.

What is Creating Income System

The first thing that is pretty suspicious about Creating Income System is that you absolutely do not know what they have to offer. When I visited the website the things I saw where dollar bills (a lot of dollar bills) and the headline of Creating Income System which says that $34 Billion are spent online every year and I could have a share of it in just a few minutes…. wooohooooo pop the bottles! ….But wait… how am I going to do this again? Oh yes! I still do not know what Creating Income System is about!

Okay let´s get serious. Creating Income System is a so called hosting scam. So if you join this program you have to choose a domain name and you will get a website for free then.

However for free is not really the truth, since you have to pay for the hosting of this website.

Why this is a scammy method

Okay maybe you do not understand why this is a scam so I will explain it to you. Programs like Creating Income System lure you with big promises into their program and tell you that you will get a free website. When creating your website you will be asked to choose a hosting plan, that means if you want hosting for one year or more.

The hosting itself is totally overpriced and that is how they make money. Normal hosting service is much cheaper than the hosting that Creating Income System offers. The hosting of Creating Income System costs twice as much.

Where is my share of $34 Billion??

creating income system scamSo Creating Income System said that you can have a share of it. How does it work? The reality is that you will never be taught how to do this. The only thing they offer are done-for-you websites. Those websites are supposed to make you a lot of money.

Unfortunately those websites are totally useless. Done-for-you websites contain duplicate content and this type of content does not rank in the search engines.

Further it is totally pointless that you have to choose a domain name first. If you want to build a website and make money with it, which is definitely possible, you have to choose a niche first. You have to know what type of business you want to build. Creating Income System does not tell you that in the beginning. That means that you may build a website with a domain name that does not fit to the topic of your website.

But that doesn´t matter anyway, since you will not be successful with websites from Creating Income System either way 🙂

I make money with my website. This program showed me how.

Further signs that Creating Income System is a scam

I reviewed a lot of programs in this niche now and all the scams have a few things in common. That is why I can almost tell if a program is a scam only by seeing the sales page.

Big promises

Programs like Creating Income System make big promises to suck you in. The headline with the $34 Billion is made for unaware people. Most people only read $34 Billion and get excited and join.

Fake Testimonials

what is Creating Income SystemHave you seen the testimonials at Creating Income System? I mean really? There is a guy that wants to tell you that he made $70000 in his first three months. Let me tell you this: It is possible to make so much money in three months with internet marketing, BUT I am pretty sure that no beginner is able to do that. And definitely not with websites from Creating Income System…lol.

Availability Check

Creating Income System legitThis is just a method to get your personal details. They want your email address to bombard you with offers. In fact there are always free spots in any program you can find on the internet. That is just a method of shady marketers to make you sign up quickly.

A lot of scams are linked to Creating Income System

I reviewed a couple of scams in the last time which are linked to Creating Income System. The names of these scams are Online Web Cash, Internet Revenue Concepts, Web Cash Concepts and Online Revenue Concepts. All the websites of these scams are build similar to the website of Creating Income System, that means that the owner is probably the same person.

Creating Income System is a scam!

This is how I make money

If you read this review you are probably looking for a program that shows you how you can make money online. I was the same. However what I have to tell you is, that there is no program in the world that will show you how to make money online quickly. It requires work and you have to be dedicated.

This training platform helped me to earn money online. It has over 400000 members and it exists since ten years. Only with the help of this program I was able to create a consistent income online. I compared my #1 recommendation to Creating Income System. See yourself.

I hope that my Creating Income System review helped you. I would be happy if you would leave me a feedback in the comment section below 🙂
Have you any experience with hosting scams? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Why Creating Income System Is a Scam

  1. Ilyssa

    Thank you for your review. There are so many programs like this one and it is terrible how they prey on folks that are really looking for something they can do. Anything that seems too easy to make a lot of money is very likely not going to make you a lot of money!

    I am new to WA but am enjoying it so far. I do believe I will one day earn money with what I have learned. But until then, I have learned so much it is already worth the cost!

    1. Pierre Post author


      thank you for your comment.
      You are right, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

      Yeah the promises those programs make are almost funny…well, almost. A lot of people lose their money to scams like that and I hope I can help them with this website.

      Great to hear that you are also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and that you are happy with it. It is definitely the best program you can find out there if you want to learn how to make money online. That is why I always recommend it. Good choice!

      All the best,


  2. jeffrey

    Creating income system sounds like a total scam. Most of the sites promising us a pot of gold using their systems are full of bs. lol I’m thankful that sites like yours, informs people of these scams before people lose their hard earned money. Creating income system hopefully will not be around for long. Wealth affiliate is a very legitimate place to learn how to run a successful internet business. Great review! Jeffrey

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jeffrey,

      thank you very much for your comment on my Creating Income System review.
      Yes, it is a blatant scam and I found out that a lot of scam programs link to it.

      Glad to hear that you are also satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate. It is definitely an outstanding program.

      All the best,



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