What Is Nomadic Profits? It Is Not Worth The Money

By | November 21, 2015

what is Nomadic ProfitsProduct name: Nomadic Profits
Price: $10, $19.95 for Premium
Rating: 10 out of 100

Most programs on the internet which are supposed to show you how you can make money online make really big promises. Most of the times it sounds to good to be true and you might know that if it sounds too good to be true, it really is … most of the times. If you stumbled upon this article here on my website, you are probably thinking about joining Nomadic Profits. However what is Nomadic Profits? Is it really a legit program which will show you how you can make bank from home, or is it just another program which does not deliver what it promises?

I had a closer look at this program and believe me, you are not going to make money easily with this program. Wanna learn more about this program? Here is my Nomadic Profits review. Enjoy 🙂

What is Nomadic Profits?

If you decide to join Nomadic Profits you have to pay $10, so that means you have to invest before you can see what this program is exactly all about. This is always a bad sign. All the real good programs have at least a free trial membership.

Inside the members area you will see that this program is about posting ads in classifieds and also on Facebook for example. Those ads include your personal affiliate link and if someone clicks on your link and buys the stuff you promote, you get a commission. Of course you promote Nomadic Profits (What else?). This smells a little bit like MLM.

The payment

I really like this about Nomadic Profits. You have to provide your Paypal email address and if you make a sale you will be paid immediately within 24 hours. Why do I like that? Well, a lot of low quality programs do not pay their members in the end. I have often seen reviews of low quality programs where member say that they made some money, but they were never able to cash out.

So this is definitely a positive thing about Nomadic Profits. On the other hand there is a risk. If one of the people who joined Nomadic Profits through your ads, decides, that Nomadic Profits isn´t good and wants a refund, guess who is responsible for that? You! You have to pay the refund, since you immediately get your money. That means you should always have a full Paypal account …just in case.

The Training

If you are absolutely new to making money online and you do not have any clue how all this works, you probably want (and you definitely need) some good training to understand what you are even doing. Further I am sure you want to know what is the best way to post those ads on sites like Facebook.Nomadic Profits scam

Lol, I am sorry, but Nomadic Profits does not provide a detailed training if you do not upgrade to Premium. Right after you joined you will be bothered all the time to upgrade to Premium. Of course they tell you that you will regret it if you do not upgrade and all the BS… it is just a marketing strategy.

The premium membership costs $19.95. As a Premium member you get some kind of …training. I do not really know if I should call that a training, because it is not detailed at all and I am sure that no newbie will understand what he/she should do.

Aaaand if you want even more training (more of the same, of course) you are asked to buy additional programs through Clickbank. Clickbank is a website where you can buy digital products and also get affiliate links to promote digital products. I do not say that Clickbank is a scam, but they are definitely known for their low quality products.

The funny thing about that is, that Nomadic Profits claims that it offers a step-by-step training …lol, yeah right.

Is Nomadic Profits a scam?

I do not want to say that Nomadic Profits is a scam, but it definitely does not deliver what it promises. You won´t get a good step-by-step training and making money with Nomadic Profits is definitely not as easy as they claimed.

I mean, do you really think it is that easy? Just copy and paste an ad in classifieds or Facebook, or whatever? Come on! If it would be that easy, everyone would do it. This technique may have worked in the past, when people had no clue that there are scams all over the web. Today, however, people got very careful and do not join everything they see on the internet right away.

Further it is not allowed on most classifieds to post ads like this, so you might get banned for doing it.

Nomadic Profits remembers me on those ads you could see in the newspapers in the past. “Send me $20 and I will show you how you can get rich!” If you did that, the person you sent the money told you that you should also place the same ad in the newspaper.

Believe me, today, such things do not work anymore.

Stay away from Nomadic Profits!

Well, at least the model on their website looks good, lol.

Making money online is possible

Making money online is definitely a lot of work in the beginning and you should not expect to get rich overnight. Every program that tells you that you can get rich overnight is most probably a scam, but it is possible to make money online!

I know it, because I make a consistent income online.

I was a total beginner, just like you might be now. Luckily I stumbled upon this online community which provides a great step-by-step training on how to build your own online business. The training is suited to beginners and you can join the program for free! It exists since ten years and has over 400000 members.

Learn more about this online community here!

I hope that my Nomadic Profits review helped you.

Have you any experience with Nomadic Profits? Tell me about it in the comments below.
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2 thoughts on “What Is Nomadic Profits? It Is Not Worth The Money

  1. Andrew

    Hi, thanks for your review of this system. I hadn’t heard of this one before. Is this a newly launched system or has it been around for a while? Either way, when something claims to be able to show you how to make money online for ten dollars, then the alarm bells start sounding.

    In my experience and like you say, if a system is willing to show you what its all about for free before anything else. Then I will take a look! Otherwise, no thank you.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Andrew,

      Nomadic Profits hasbeen around for a while. I even believe that they shut down their program now.
      The best programs are alwas the one that give you a free test drive, haha.

      Wish you much success, Andrew!


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