What Is MintVine ? A Waste Of Your Time! My MintVine Surveys Review

By | November 16, 2015

MintVine reviewAre you one of the people who are looking for ways to make money online? I totally understand that survey sites might be very appealing to you. You do not need any experience at all, you can get started quickly and aaaaall the surveys sites out there tell you that you could make good money by taking surveys. Unfortunately the reality looks a little bit different. I mean, okay, small work at home jobs like taking surveys are easy to do and you really need no experience. However will you make good money by that? Till now I have not seen one survey site that really paid well … if they paid at all. Today I had a closer look at a survey site called MintVine. What is MintVine? Is this best of all the survey sites? Or is it even a scam? I know it now. Here is my MintVine Surveys review.

What is MintVine?

When I visited the website of MintVine I was surprised. I mean the website looks okay and everything, but there is one testimonial on the website that seemed to be very honest. Have a look at the testimonial below:MintVine scam

I was surprised of this testimonial, because this is the problem with survey sites. Most survey sites send you surveys that you are not qualified for. In the end you only are able to take a few surveys per month and that means that you almost make no money.

So now I thought to myself: Hmm maybe MintVine is the first honest survey site I review? Well, I was extremely wrong here and I will come to that later.

MintVine Sign up

So I joined MintVine and at least it was pretty easy and I did not have to fill out a detailed data sheet to get to the dashboard.

You earn points at MintVine, not money. I have never seen any survey site where you actually earn money instead of points. This is just a method of survey sites to manipulate you. They tell you that you can earn 100 points per survey – sounds better then 20 cents per survey, right? At MintVine 1000 points are worth $10 and you can cash out as soon as you gained 1000 points.

The rewards are typical for survey sites: Paypal cash out, Itunes gift codes, Amazon gift cards and so on and so forth.

Completing Surveys

When I signed up at MintVine I could take 12 surveys and started with 200 points which is $2. So I completed a few of the surveys and at first I was a little bit confused. I was qualified for so many of the surveys and it did not take much time at all. It was like 2 minutes per survey. Something smelled really fishy here.

Not Qualified for the surveys?

So my sensitive nose smelled it and my nose was right again. After I completed the surveys and gathered points quickly, I wanted to take more surveys, I think I completed three or four surveys until the funny part began.

I tried to complete more surveys, but the the site showed me this:MintVine legit

I was not qualified for the survey. Okay, next one. Again not qualified … and again … and again… and agaaaaaain. Okay, to be honest, it was exactly what I expected, it is always the same with those survey sites. At first you are able to gather points quickly, but then after a while you are not qualified for the surveys anymore.

Tired of scammy survey sites?

The survey sites try to manipulate you this way. They want to make you think that you can earn money quickly there, but this is always a lie.

MintVine complaints

I did further research on MintVine and a lot of people have massive problems with the site. Some people complete very long surveys and after that, they do not get any points and even if they contacted the support, they did not get the points back.

Other people were cut off right in the middle of a survey. Suddenly it said that they are not qualified for the survey,although they already spent a lot of time on completing the survey.

So what Is MintVine? Is MintVine a scam?

In my opinion MintVine is definitely a scammy survey site. You might be able to complete surveys that give you a lot of points from time to time, but this is only another method to keep you at the site.

In the end you might be able to complete only a few surveys per month and that means that it will be extremely hard to reach the 1000 points so you can cash out.

Further it is extremely scammy that a lot of people do not get their points even if they completed the survey. That means that you work for free for MintVine, because they definitely make money with your completed survey. Is that really what you want? Working for a scammy survey site for free? I bet that is not what you want and there are definitely better ways to make money online.

Stay Away from MintVine!

How you can make money online

If you are really interested in making money from home, survey sites are a complete waste of your time. I also was looking for ways to make money online back then. The only legit way I found was creating your own online business.

I know it sounds hard as hell, but it really was not. You can learn to create your online business just like I did and I was a complete beginner, just like you might be now.

There is a training platform which provides a great step-by-step training and information on creating an online business. It has over 400000 members and it already exists since ten years. It is the platform that got me started and today I make a consistent income online.

Best thing about it? You can join for free and test it!
I hope that my MintVine review could help you.
What do you think about survey sites? Let me know in the comment section below!

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3 thoughts on “What Is MintVine ? A Waste Of Your Time! My MintVine Surveys Review

  1. lorraine

    Hello PierreC, I agree with you I have done a lot of surveys over the last few years and have had the same response and I found out that if you do any surveys for Smoking, drinking, and a few others you automatically become not Qualified !!! or if don’t work in a specified work the same thing!!! I stopped doing these surveys as they only took up my time when they tell you this but a great review on these firms

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Lorraine,

      I am sorry to hear that you wasted your time on MintVine. Those survey sites will always find a reason for telling you that you are not qualified, it is always the same. They just can´t afford to pay their members too much money, that´s just the way it is.

      Good to hear that you stopped taking those surveys!



  2. Karen Gregory

    I joined mintvine a week ago. They ask me lots of my information and with one nighmare exception, never ever ever qualified me for a survey. I’ve been doing surveys on Vindale for months. One of their Portals “YourSurveys” also uses Mintvine. After months of surveys on Vindale I built up my status to “GOOD” with 255 points. When Mintvine sent me to the YourSurveys site it dropped my score down to 100 points. Then it asked my address. I gave it to them and they came back and said it was a bogus address and dropped my points to 90 with a status of “Warning”. I went back to Vindale and discovered my status has been dropped on all portals. I have written many complaints and they have never responded. With the status of “Warning” it has greatly decreased my ability to earn rewards. They are a complete scam. Do not go near them.


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