What is Inbox Pays ? – Is Inbox Pays a Scam?

By | May 15, 2015

I stumbled upon a websiteWhat is Inbox Pays called Inbox Pays (www.inboxpays.com) and I decided to write a review about it. So in this Inbox Pays review I will answer questions like: What is Inbox Pays? How does Inbox Pays work? Is Inbox Pays a scam?
If you are thinking about signing up at Inbox Pays you should definitely read this review first. It may save you some money!

What is Inbox Pays?

Inbox Pays entices buyers like many other products: They promise you to make money with a little bit of effort. Of course I was sceptical right from the start. No reliable product or website will tell you that you can make a lot of money with a little bit of work. Have a look at this sentence here for example: Inbox Pays Review

Oh, with a single click? Really? Hmmm not really!

Inbox Pays tells you that you are supposed to make money with really easy things like reading emails, playing games or completing offers.Is Inbox Pays a Scam

Is it really that easy? I do not think so!

How does Inbox Pays work?

First of all you are only allowed to join Inbox Pays if you are living in the USA.
After entering your sign up details you will be bugged with some questions like

“Are there negative items affecting your credit report you want removed?”

I mean, what the hell?! The typicall dubious questions, we all know them. A very clear sign that Inbox Pays is not legit.

Offers everywhere!

Is Inbox Pays a scamAfter answering those cool questions as shown above which really touched me in my heart you get into the actual page to make money.
You can tell that the main thing of this website is offers. Offers may sound great in the beginning, they are not that great in fact and I will explain why.

The catch

This is an example of how a offer looks.

If you want to complete the offer you have to go through a survey and sign up for the free trial of that offer. Here comes the catch! You have to enter your PayPal or your credit card information to sign up for the free trial.

That is what most offers look like. Sign up for a complete new site, join a trial and so on.

Inbox Pays says that it can take up to 5 days to receive credit for doing that and you have to stay on the trial till you receive the credit otherwise you will get nothing.

That means if you want to make money you will have to sign up for a lot of trials which will bill you if you don´t cancel them! That means the risk is pretty high to forget to cancel one of those trials and being billed.

The cash game

Inbox Pays WheelAs I said you also get paid to play games. There is a cash wheel which you can spin to earn some extra money. Again that sounds cool in the beginning, but of course you will not make a lot of money with it even if it says
“!!Spin and win JACKPOT!!” – You will not win the Jackpot. Neither you will win 4$, 5$, 6$ or more. If you are lucky you will win some cents after spinning the wheel a lot of times.


Make money with referrals

If you refer some people to the site you can make a little bit of money. You will get 10% of what the people you´ve invited earn.
That will not be much since you can´t really make a lot of money on this website. Maybe you will make some cents or dollars with it. Not really what I expect if I want to make money online even if it should only be a little bit of extra cash.

Is Inbox Pays a scam?

Well I would not say that Inbox Pays really is a scam. You actually can make money with it.
However it won´t be a lot of money and there is a high risk that it will even cost you some money in the end. You have to sign up for so many trials to complete offers. As I said, those trials will bill you as soon as the trials is over.

To make money with Inbox Pays you have to sign up for a lot of trials that means you have to cancel all of those trials before the trial is over, otherwise you have to pay. It is really easy to forget to cancel one of those trials since you have to sign up for so many of them.
Personally I am pretty forgetful and I am sure that I would get billed after one month latest.

I don´t think this is what you want if you want to make money online.

If you really just want to make a little bit of extra cash, I recommend you to create a small niche website with low competition and monetize this website. Place some affiliate links and work with Adsense.
I have a lot of articles here on my webste which will show you how to do this and even give you the opportunity to create your own website for free. Try this article for example: How to Start With Affiliate Marketing?

Besides that I recommend you to sign up for this free step-by-step course below. This course will show you how to create a website (for free) and make money with it and as I said, it won´t cost a dime! Really thorough and it even has a big community with people who are always happy to help you.

Check out how I started with my online business here!

Do you have any experience with Inbox Pays? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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