What Is Crazy Cash Club ? The Shocking Truth

By | August 31, 2015

crazy cash club reviewEven though the website of Crazy Cash Club looks like a poster of a trashy movie, this program is hyped as hell. Best thing about it? It is free to join! Sounds good so far? Nahh… maybe. When it comes to transparency the owner of Crazy Cash Club definitely fail. Wanna know what Crazy Cash Club is and if it is legit? Find out! Here is my Crazy Cash Club review.

What is Crazy Cash Club?

As I said, it is not really easy to find out what Crazy Cash Club exactly is. They only lure you to join their membership for free with some crazy pictures like a treasure full of gold, or a weird couple who is half naked.crazy cash club scamUhhh so sexeh!

Further you can find quotes like: “Make $16000 or more on your first day!” or “$120000 in your first year!” which is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone who makes money online knows, that you have to work really hard to make any money and you definitely won´t make $16000 on your first day unless you found THE killer niche.

But anyway, let´s get to the meat here.
You wanna know what it is? Crazy Cash Club is simply MLM. You referr more members to CCC and you are going to get paid for that. That was short right? Yeah, I know.crazy cash club legit

What I like about Crazy Cash Club

Although this program is pretty hyped, I did not find a lot of things I liked. In fact, it is just one. The owners of Crazy Cash Club do not try to hide that their program is MLM. So they don´t want to hide from you that they actually have no real product to offer. The only thing they offer is the membership (the license to sell their membership).
They also do not try to hide that the people who are at the top of this pyramid scheme, are the ones who make the most money.

Unfortunately I was not able to find out who the real owners of this program are. They always have different names on their homepage or on their facebook page.

What I do not like about Crazy Cash Club

No product behind this

As I said, Crazy Cash Club does not really offer any product. You do not get any training or something like that. They do not even tell you how you can get referrals. How are you supposed to make any money with this if you do not even know how to sell their membership and why you should sell it? No one who is totally new to all this will be able to make any money with this program.

What is this membership?

I tried to figure out what this membership exactly is and how much it will cost in the end, but Crazy Cash Club fails again in transparency when it comes to this information. It is always a bad sign if you do not really know what you will get in the end, or what you are even selling.

The membership warnings

What is crazy cash clubYou are always pressured to do a couple of things in Crazy Cash Club, otherwise they threaten you that they will kick you out of their club. The things you have to do are simple… like joining a mailing list or signing up for anything they offer. This way the owners of Crazy Cash Club want to make sure that you stay in contact with them… perhaps to sell you some more stuff?

Is Crazy Cash Club a scam?

Yes, Crazy Cash Club is a scam. Maybe it is possible to make some money here by referring other people to Crazy Cash Club. However the fact that you do not even get a training and that you do not know what you are even selling is pretty scammy!

My Verdict

It is pretty obvious that you will not make any money with this if you are a total beginner. If you are a beginner, you need some training, since you are new to this internet marketing world. You need to have a look over someones shoulder to see how all this works.

Crazy Cash Club offers nothing. No how to´s , no training, no nothing. I do not know why this product is so hyped… maybe because of the hot couple on their website? Lol!

Crazy Cash Club is useless!

There is an alternative!

If you have the wish to make money online, but you are a total beginner, you are going to need a good training to get started. My #1 Free Recommended program is a training platform which offers a great training on affiliate marketing. I reviewed a lot of programs and there is nothing that can be compared to it.

It is the program which got me started and today I make a consistent income online.

You can make money with affiliate marketing by building a website on a topic you choose and promoting products you like! Simple as that, that is what this program is going to teach you. Best thing about it? The training is for free and they even give you a free website to start!

That means you can try things out. If you do not like it in the end, you can leave without paying one dollar.

I hope that my Crazy Cash Club review helped you!

If you have any questions, just leave a message in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

All the best,


8 thoughts on “What Is Crazy Cash Club ? The Shocking Truth

  1. Alec Baker

    Hello Pierre. I was just about to sign for a membership to crazy cash club. But I had a hunch something is wrong. It sounded to good to be true. I began to make some research and came across your site. I’m glad you wrote this review. I won’t sign in there. But I take a look at wealthy affiliate. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Have a nice weekend. Alec

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Alec,

      good to hear that you did not join Crazy Cash Club right away and read my review first. I think this saved you some bucks.
      Yes, you should take a look at Wealthy Affiliate I know that WA will help you to make money online. As I already said, there is nothing comparable to Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the best,


  2. Rick Bell


    I found your site and noticed it has lots of great information in it. I’m always looking for ways to make money online. I have to agree with you on the Crazy Cash Club program. I think they meant to tell us we would be crazy if we bought into something like this!

    Keep up the reviews, you are helping plenty of people save their money and learn the right ways to market online. You are a gift to everyone who finds your site. So keep it going and keep adding to it.

    Before I go I noticed your website says, My Way to a Million. did you mean a million dollars? Or a million gumballs? 🙂 I think I know what you mean. Let’s go for the million dollars!

    Oh, by the way, please reply so I can find out your way! Do you have more than one?

    Good chatting with you,


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Rick,

      thank you for commenting on my review.

      Yes Crazy Cash Cub is definitely not a legit program. However it is not easy to see for everyone, since they do not tell you what they have to offer.

      Thank you very much Rick, I will definitely keep up writing reviews for programs which are supposed to you how to make money online. I am flattered, thanks 🙂

      Hehe of course I meant a million dollars, but a million gumballs sounds pretty good, too! 🙂
      I make money with affiliate marketing. I started as a total beginner, I never heard of it before and now I am making a consistent income with it.

      If you want to know what got me started have a look at this here. This will be my way to a million 🙂

      All the best,


  3. Alex

    Hey Pierre,

    Thanks for the review.
    Going off your experience and just my gut instinct I’d stay clear of them!

  4. Debra

    You pretty well lost me at MLM, I really didn’t want to read much more. But I did. Any company that isn’t transparent with the bulk of what their company is about isn’t worth the time. Any place that won’t give you the option of trying them out for free is a waste of time. And surely any company that you pay to get into and you still don’t know what they do, is even worse!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Debra,

      most of those scam programs do not reveal what they are offering until you joined them. Yes, that is right, it shouldn´t be worth your time, since there are other companies which directly show you what you will get. You should not waste your money on that. Good comment Debra, agree in all points!



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