Web Cash Concepts Is a Scam! – Here Is Why

By | October 9, 2015

Web Cash Concepts reviewProduct Name: Web Cash Concepts
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There are a lot of people in the world who are looking for ways to make money online and of course there are a lot of programs and websites which promise to show you how to do that. However not all of these programs and websites will really show you how to do that. In fact most of them are useless or scams and instead of helping you, all they do is taking your money.
Web Cash Concepts is such a website which promises big money and I immediately knew that it is a scam. How could I know that? I tell you how!

What Is Web Cash Concepts?

There are a lot of big promises on the website of Web Cash Concepts, but did you also see an explanation of what Web Cash Concepts is going to show you? What do you have to do if you join Web Cash Concepts? Yes, you have no clue.
That is a common method of the scammers online. They lure you into their membership with great promises, but they do not tell you what their program is all about.

Have a look at this vague description here of Web Cash Concepts:Web Cash Concepts scam

What kind of information did you get from that text? In fact you got nothing. There is nothing what tells you what Web Cash Concepts is all about, just some bla bla and that´s it.

Did you not see the signs?

I reviewed a lot of programs which are supposed to show you how you can earn money online now and there are a few thing that most of the scams have in common. Believe me, Web Cash Concepts is kind of a scam sign party.. lol. I tell you why.

Tired of scams?

Scam Sign #1:

On the website of Web Cash Concepts you can see a weird image which says that you get a share of $2.8 Billion a month online.Web Cash Concepts reviews

Can you tell me what that means? That would be nice, since I have not the remotest idea what that is supposed to tell me. However I am sure you can´t tell me either. The only thing most people see there is “Wow $2.8 Billion! I am going to get something from it!” And that is what those websites want.

Scam Sign #2:

On the right site of the website of Web Cash Concepts you can see an Iphone, well I think it is an Iphone… whatever, you can see the smartphone, right? If you haven´t seen it, here it is:Web Cash Concepts legit

It tells you that you should fill in your personal details to check availability. What kind of availability? Why do we even have to check this? There is a simple reason for that. This is a common method of scams to get your personal details. To get your phone number, to get your email address, so that they can bombard you with offers after they got it.

Fill in your email address and within one week the only thing you are going to do is deleting mails in your mailbox.

Scam Sign #3:

Still not believing me? Okay than how about this: Web Cash Concepts is just a website which is recycled and it is part of a big scam. The owner just changes the name and the domain name when people realize that their website is just a scam. That is also a common method of the scammers out there. Web Cash Concepts has a lot of names. For Example Online Web Cash – which I reviewed here. Or Internet Revenue Concepts – which I reviewed here.

Have a look at the websites of Online Web Cash and Internet Revenue Concepts below.Online Revenue Concepts review Online Revenue Concepts review

They promise you the exact same things as Web Cash Concepts. Only the website has changed a little bit, but the owner even was too lazy to change the font and everything. This is a blatant scam my friend.

Web Cash Concepts is a scam!

There are legit programs in this niche!

I can imagine that you get tired of all those scams. I also got scammed in the past and I tried a lot of programs before I really started to make money online.

Today I make a consistent income with affiliate marketing. This is the program that got me started. It is a training platform that offers a very detailed step-by-step training for beginners on how to make money online.

It is the best program I reviewed so far and you can even join it for free. Simply take a little test drive.

Please leave me a feedback for my Web Cash Concepts review! I would be very thankful for that 🙂
Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments below, I always answer very quickly!

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8 thoughts on “Web Cash Concepts Is a Scam! – Here Is Why

  1. Frank Atkinson

    Very good review. Lots of information on Web Cash Concepts and Internet Revenue Concepts. Your review is well laid out with several visuals and breaks in paragraphs. I like the way you laid out all of the facts.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Frank,

      thank you for your feedback on my review.
      Sounds like you know some things about article writing, have you any experience?

      Well, I am happy that you like my article and I hope it could prevent you from joining a scam like Web Cash Concepts 🙂

      All the best,


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Kelly,

      thank you very much for your comment on my review.
      I am happy to hear that you like my website.

      Looking forward to chat more with you 🙂


  2. Debra


    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the information you provided here on web concepts an why you know it to be a scam. There are definately signs to look for, but some of us don’t know what to look for. Things looking way too good to be true, signing up with pertenent and private information. These are just red flags to look out for.

    Glad you posted this for everyone to see.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Debra,

      thank you for your feedback ony my review of Web Cash Concepts.
      This program is very similar to a lot of other scam programs out there and in my opinion you can see the signs easily here if you are already a little bit experienced in this niche.

      Yes, in fact most people do not know how to detect a scam, that is why I wanted to make it clear on this easy example here.
      Haha yes, the whole website is a red flag. 🙂

      No problem at all Debra, I am glad you like it!


  3. Marie connor

    I like how not 1 person who earns money off this “get rich quick scam” hasn’t replied and contradicted anything you put, nice 1 you just saved me a lot off naff coming into my emails, 😊


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