Traffic With Anthony Review – Scam or legit?

By | October 4, 2015

Traffic with Anthony ReviewProduct Name: Traffic With Anthony
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Rating: 25 out of 100

Traffic with Anthony is another program of Anthony Morrison. If you do not know Anthony thena let me tell you this: I reviewed a lot of program now and I also reviewed other programs of Anthony and none of them were legit. However it might be possible that Traffic with Anthony is totally different here and maybe it is possible to make money with this? Who knows? I know! LOL.
Here is my Traffic With Anthony review.

What is Traffic with Anthony?

The Video

First of all the sales video of Traffic with Anthony really kills it in my opinion. The video feels like the beginning of an action movie and you see news anchors from FOX for example talking about Anthony Morrison and his success stories. So the video is great,

What it is supposed to be

Anthony claims that he can show you how you can get 432000 free visitors to your website with his special software he uses. He is talking about targeted traffic here and if you do not know much about internet marketing: If you would get an amount of 432000 targeted traffic in a short period of time, you would probably make a lot of money. I am talking about A LOOOOOOOT of money.

What the special software is

If there is a software that generates 432000 free visitors, it must be some magical stuff (or it simply is a scam, lol)
Maybe this software contains the blood of a virgin which was born at full moon, or it uses some jedi force powers.Hmmm nope, unfortunately it isn´t (I was hoping for the jedi force powers). It simply is a software which steals youtube videos from other people and spams on Youtube channels to get traffic.

Tired of hoping for the jedi force powers? Read this!

Is it really possible to make money with Traffic with Anthony?

You know Anthony Morrison is a millionaire. Well, it is understood that he is a millionaire. He claims that you can be as successful as he is by purchasing his programs and following his advice.

However this is not going to happen. This guy does never tell the whole story and so he does with Traffic with Anthony. He tells you that you can get a lot of visitors, but he does not tell you really what you need to make money off of it. Further you do not really get that much visitors by using his software. I mean, yes, it can generate some traffic, but it will never be that much and in my opinion it is a low quality traffic.

Do you really think that traffic which is generated through spamming and stealing content of others is high quality?

Further, what are you going to do with that traffic if you do not know internet marketing? It is just useless and you are not going to get the right training at Traffic with Anthony to make money off of that traffic.

Traffic with Anthony – Scam or legit? My verdict

This program is for people who are experienced in internet marketing and want to get some extra traffic. However Traffic with Anthony targets absolute beginners, which is just misleading and that causes a lot of frustration.

Further the traffic you will get from Traffic with Anthony is not targeted and I highly doubt that you will make any extra money with the traffic you get from it.

Besides that I heard from a lot of people that the software Morrison offers, does not work on every computer. How would it be for you to purchase a product only to find out that it doesn´t work on your PC? That would freak me out.

Nonetheless this program is not a scam. You get something for your money and it is possible to generate traffic with his software. However it is not possible to make money with it in my opinion.

Traffic With Anthony is useless

What you need before thinking about traffic

Anthony Morrison makes money, because he shows people that he is a millionaire and tells them that they could achieve the same. Of course you can achieve the same, but you have to know what you are doing.

Morrisons program do not teach you that. You have to find a place which teaches you internet marketing. If you know what it is and if you have some experience in it, you can think about making lots of money on the internet.

My #1 recommendation provides a great training on internet marketing. It is what got me started and today I earn a consistent income online. It is free to join, that means you can test it and see if this program is for you.

Learn more about it!


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