Traffic Overload Review – It´s Not Very Helpful

By | October 1, 2015

Traffic Overload ReviewProduct Name: Traffic Overload
Owner: Hakim Daniel
Price: $9.95
Rating: 10 out of 100

If you have a website and you want to make money with it, the one thing you definitely need is the traffic. If you have no visitors on your website, you will never make money. This was so obvious I just asked myself why I wrote this…lol. Well, there are a lot of products which promise you that they will show you strategies to get a lot of traffic to your websites. Unfortunately most of the times, those products fail to deliver and they are only a waste of time and money. What about Traffic Overload? Is Traffic Overload legit or is it a scam? I had a look at it for you. Here is my Traffic Overload review.

What is Traffic Overload?

The website of Traffic Overload promises some heavy stuff man! It says that Hakim Daniel turns every $50 in his pockets into $5,290 in profits! And you can do so too, if you buy Traffic Overload! He talks about loopholes and stuff and I really thought to my self: “What the hell?!” When I found out what his technique really is.

Traffic Overload is a program which simply shows you how you can generate traffic through banner ads. Yep, I am not kidding here, this is the crazy technique which turns $5 into a billion… okay I know I am getting silly, but seriously – Banner ads?

Really? Banner ads?

If you are not that experienced in internet marketing, then you may ask yourself right now, why I am “surprised” about the banner ads. Well, I can explain that easily to you, or just ask yourself. Have you ever clicked on a banner ad? When was that? Maybe 1995?
The thing is that people learned not to click on banner ads. There was a time when stuff like this converted like crazy, since people had to click on everything that was shiny, or funny, or colourful. That is not the case anymore.

We learned that banner ads are bad. Banner ads are automatically associated with: “Someone wants my money here! …He won´t get it!!”
If you didn´t know, now you know.

Lack of information

Not only that Hakim Daniel uses a technique which is not really working well anymore, you won´t get a thorough explanation in Traffic Overload. Everything is poorly explained and I would not recommend it to beginners. In fact I would not recommend it to anyone.

Traffic Overload scam

Upsells everywhere!

Yeah every low quality products has those. I am talking about upsells. In my opinion upsells make the product even worse and I always feel a little bit bad when I am forced to buy another product by the owner.

Hakim wants to sell you a webinar for $27! Really $27 ? Who is talking in this webinar? Bill Clinton? That is a very steep price my friend. Normally webinars are for free.
The next upsell is about pre-made photoshop templates for your banner ads.

Is there anything I liked about Traffic Overload?

Okay so for now it seems that there is not a good thing about Traffic Overload. However I am always honest in my reviews, so even if I would not recommend the product, I still say if I like something about it.

Hakim has a nice tactic to see if he would place a banner on a website or not. Therefore he has a look on the websites comments for example. Comments are an indicator for a lot of traffic. So when a website has zero comments or almost no comments, he doesn´t place his ads there.

It is not a big thing, but I thought it was worth mentioning it.

Is Traffic Overload a scam? My Verdict

No Traffic Overload  is not a scam. You get something for your money, even if it is only low quality information. The method Traffic Overload shows you is not really helpful anymore. People will just not click on banner ads like they did it 20 years ago. Besides that Hakim Daniel´s method will cost you a lot of more than only the price of the product. He recommends you to buy ads, which can cost a lot of money! Further this is nothing for newbies and should be explained detailed. However Traffic Overload does just not deliver detailed information.

Traffic Overload is a waste of your money!

Learn how to get traffic

That is the question of all new internet marketers: How to get more traffic. I know that, because it was the question I asked myself and others very often. Fortunately I joined a very helpful online community which offers a great step-by-step training in internet marketing.

If you are an internet marketer, or if you want to become one to learn how to make money online, I can only recommend you to have a look at it. Joining is for free, that means you can join for free, have a look at it and decide if it is for you.

It is the program that got me started and only with the help of this program I was able to create my own online business. I never needed another resource than this.

Hope this helps on your hunt for the traffic 🙂

How do you like my Traffic Overload review? Was it helpful for you? Could I save you some bucks? Leave me a feedback in the comment section below 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Traffic Overload Review – It´s Not Very Helpful

  1. Steph

    Thank you for warning us about Traffic Overload. It sounds like Hakim Daniel is trying to make money off people who are desperate and need money quickly. It is a shame there are so many scams out there like this one. Many of these types of scams recommend techniques that are outdated and will get you penalized with Google. How long has Traffic Overload been around? Usually scams like this do not last long. I too fell victim to a couple of these before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate which is the helpful online community you have linked to. I am glad you found Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Steph,

      thank you for your comment on my review. The program is not that old.
      Good to hear that you are also a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      All the best,



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