The Stay At Home Revenue Scam – Why You Should Avoid It

By | October 8, 2015

Stay At Home Revenue reviewProduct name: Stay At Home Revenue
Owner: Michelle Withrow
Price: $77
Rating: 0 out of 100

If you are looking for a way to make money online you may have already noticed that the internet is full of scam. Programs that promise you that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a blink are everywhere and you might be tempted to join them even if you do not know at all what you are going to get from those programs.
If you landed on this review here you are possibly thinking about buying a program called Stay At Home Revenue. Well, it was very smart from you to do a little bit of research before buying the program. Why? Because Stay At Home Revenue is a scam and you would have spend your money for nothing. I tell you exactly why this program is a scam below.

What Is Stay At Home Revenue?

Do you know it? I am almost sure that you know nothing at all about Stay At Home Revenue. You only know that you are supposed to make a lot of money with it. This is a clear sign that this program is a scam. Honestly, what do you think is the reason that they do not tell you what Stay At Home Revenue is about? The answer is, that their program is low quality, or they do not have a program at all. Most of those scams only link you to other programs which are also low quality.

Why Stay At Home Revenue is a scam

Have you seen the website of Stay At Home Revenue? It is full of signs which clearly say that this program is a scam.

Fake Testimonials

Do these images look to you like images of normal people? No, of course not. You can clearly see that those are photos from models or actors or something like that. What is the reason for using stock photos (probably) for real testimonials? There is no reason. The answer is, that those testimonials are a clear fake.stay at home revenue scam

Limited spots left?

I reviewed a lot of programs now and there are things which are used by almost all of the scams I reviewed. This template stay at home revenue legit

It tells you that Stay At Home Revenue only has limited spots, which of course is a lie. What would be the point of having only limited spots? This would only make sense if this would be a pure 1-on-1 coaching program, but Stay At Home Revenue definitely is not such a program.

The reason for this template is, that they only want you to sign up quickly. They want you to be afraid that you might not get a spot if you do not enter your credit card details immediately. Creating Income System, Online Web Cash, Online Revenue Concepts all these programs are scams and all of them use such a template …and these are just three examples, there are a lot more.

Michelle Withrow is not real

I think this is the biggest scam sign of all of them. Michelle Withrow is the owner of Stay At Home Revenue. However Michelle Withrow is not real. You can see pictures of her saying that she is a stay at home mom who makes money from home. In fact those pictures are just stock photos and the women you can see on those photos is just a model.

There are other scams similar to Stay At Home Revenue

Stay At Home Revenue is not the only scam you can find of this type. There are other scam with names similar to Stay At Home Revenue that use a websites which looks almost like the website of Stay At Home Revenue.

Work At Home University and Replace Your Job are two of those programs and suprise, suprise, they are also a scam.

Stay At Home Revenue is a blatant scam!

Learn how you can really make money

If you want to make money online, you need to know a few things. You should know that making money online is not easy. It requires work and dedication, but it is not impossible at all. I make money online and I was an absolute beginner.

If you want to learn how you can earn to make money from home you need a good training. This training platform offers the best step-by-step training on internet marketing you can find. The training is suited to beginners and the platform already has over 400000 members and it exists since ten years now.

It is the program that got me started and with the help of this program I was able to make a consistent income online.

Learn more about this program!

I hope that my Stay At Home Revenue review could save you some bucks.

Do you know scams like Stay At Home Revenue, or have you even been scammed by them? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “The Stay At Home Revenue Scam – Why You Should Avoid It

  1. David

    Hi Pierre

    Man, I feel a bit silly! I have never considered that those testimonials could be fake. I did think that maybe they were the high achievers and their success was not typical. But I’d never considered that the testimonials were fake. Is that even legal!

    Thanks for making me aware of this.


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey David,

      don´t worry about it. I also got scammed in the past and I also believed those fake testimonials. I think that happens to almost everybody who is looking for a way to make money online.

      Thank you for your comment David!



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