The Home Income Explosion Scam: Not Another One

By | November 22, 2015

Home Income Explosion scamThere are many programs on the internet which try to fool unaware people who want to make money online. I have reviewed a lot of programs in this niche now and believe me, only a few programs which are supposed to show you how you can make money from home are really legit. The rest is just low quality, or they even are real scams. When I saw the logo of the Home Income Explosion Scam, I recognized the design and I immediately knew that this is a scam. You want to know why? Here is my Home Income Explosion review.

The owner, Ellen Shepard, is not real

Scams like this like to use fake owners to lure more people into their program. In this case, the fictive owner is Ellen Shepard. Of course she is a single mom (just like all women who make bank on the internet LOL) and she used to work very hard, but today she found the holy grail and now she works approximately two minutes a day, but makes $400 per day. Okay, Okay, I am overdoing it a little bit here, but seriously, all the fictive owners are work at home moms, were broke in the past, or something similar.

This is just a marketing strategy of shady marketers. They want to make you feel like: If she could do it, I can do it! However all this is just BS. Ellen Shepard does not exist. As you can see in the pictures below, the real owners of Home Income Explosion just used a stock photo and created a story around it. In the next picture the name of the woman seen on the picture is different.Home Income Explosion reviewHome Income Explosion legit

As I said, this is a common method of shady marketers, nothing new here. The second picture is from another program called Home Income Gateway. Of course this is also a scam.

Home Income Explosion is a duplicated scam

Another common method of those scammers is, to change the name of their programs. That means that they create one program and after a while when people start to notice that their program is a scam, they just change the name of the program and create a new website for it.

This ways they can make a lot of money by creating only one product.

I reviewed A LOT of programs with the exact same design as Home Income Explosion has. Here are just a few Home Income Explosion a scam

The Replace Your Job ScamHome Income Explosion reviews

Home Job Placementis Home Income Explosion a scam

Home Jobs Today

As you can see, this is the same design and of course all of them are the #1 Work From Home System or the #1 choice for an internet career … yeah right. In fact all of them are just link posting scams and that´s it.

Fake Testimonials

Don´t be confused by those testimonials of people who are making “$450 a day now”. Those are just fake testimonials and you can find them all over the web. All the persons were broke or something similar, but now they make a billion dollars per day, yeah oookay! Allways the same … lol.

Fake News Logos

You might have seen those news logos and immediately thought: ” Wow this has to be legit!”, right? I can totally understand that, but unfortunately this is just another common method of shady internet marketers to gain your trust.Home Income Explosion scams

Yes there are Work At Home Opportunities which were seen on those news channels, but that does not automatically mean that Home Income Explosion was seen there, too.

So do not believe that.

The 1-on-1 phone call

They offer a free consultation with an Internet Wealth Expert and I think this is the worst about Home Income Explosion. You will be called by sales men who are going to ask you a lot of weird questions like “How much money is in your bank account?”. Why would anyone ask that? I think that says it all. The only purpose of this phone call is to check how much money they can steal from you.


Stay away from the Home Income Explosion Scam!

Making money online is definitely possible even if you got no experience at all. I know it, because I make money online.

However that does not mean that making money online is very easy. You have to be willing to work a lot in the beginning and you have to be dedicated if you want to succeed. Further you have to be willing to educate yourself.

When I started, I was a total newbie to all this. However I stumbled upon this online community which provides an awesome step-by-step training on how to build your own online business.

The training is suited to beginners and the community already exists since ten years and they are still growing. Ah and don´t worry, of course you can join this community for free.

Get more information about this online community

I hope that my review of the Home Income Explosion helped you and remember, if you recognize the design of this scam on any other program, run as fast as you can, lol.

If you have any questions, please leave your message in the comment section below. I will get back to you quickly! 🙂
Have you ever joined a scam? Let´s talk about it in the comment section!



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