The Clickbank Heist – Legit Method, Bad Product

By | September 16, 2015

The Clickbank heist reviewI assume that you are thinking about buying The Clickbank Heist if you landed on this review. Now you want to know if this program is really going to work, you want to know if you really can make money with this program. I mean it says it will show you how to steal up to $160 per day from Clickbank, that sounds pretty good, right?
You definitely came to the right place. I will tell you if it is possible to make money with this program or if it is just another scam. Maybe I can save you some bucks here. Here is my honest The Clickbank Heist review.

What Is The Clickbank Heist?

The website of The Clickbank Heist looked right from the start scammy to me. Most of the scams out there use timers like this to persuade you to a quick purchase. Or have a look at this fake bank account here.
Those are the typical methods of shady marketers to get your money. It always sounds to good to be true..(and it really is, lol)the clickbank heist scam

Now what exactly will you learn from The Clickbank Heist. The Clickbank Heist is an ebook which teaches you a method called launch jacking. Now you might want to know what launch jacking is, right?

What is launch jacking?

Launch jacking is a method where you create a website for online products or programs which will be released in the future.

Let´s say you have a program called Moneymaker. You know that this program will be released in a couple of weeks, so you create a website with the domain name There you create a review for this program and when the program launches you place your affiliate link on this website.

The program is brand new, so you are going to be on page one of google really quickly, since there is not a lot of competition. People who are looking for that program can now buy it through your website.

That is one way of launch jacking.

What I like about The Clickbank Heist

It is hard to say since this program does not really have a lot of valuable information to offer as you will see below. I mean at least it does not cost that much. $7 is not a really big loss… but money is money right?The clickbank heist legit

Besides that the ebook is easy to read and to understand.

What I do not like about The Clickbank Heist

The upsells

When buying The Clickbank Heist you are going to be bombed with a lot of upsells, which is absolutely annoying, but this was totally clear to me. When I saw the website of this program I knew that there are going to be a lot of upsells. I really felt forced to buy the upsells. Not to mention that the upsells do cost more than the actual product.

Not enough information

If you are a beginner you need more information. You need to look over somebody´s shoulder, like in my #1 Free Recommendation for example. If you never heard anything about internet marketing The Clickbank Heist will leave you out in the rain. No in depth explanation. Just a basic ebook with 33 pages which is really short. Forget about this if you are a newbie.

Fiver for traffic???

This is so wrong. Billy Darr recommend you to use Fiverr to get traffic to your website, which is definitely a waste of money. You pay 5 to someone at Fiverr and this person is going to drive traffic to your website? How? Maybe through some bots. This traffic is not targeted and this traffic is not going to convert. You can have 10000 clicks per day on your website, if it does not convert, it is useless and you lost money.
You will fail if you use this advice.

The testimonials

the clickbank heist comYou can tell that Billy Darr is a member of the Warriorforum. I mean I do not want to shoot against that forum, it definitely contains a lot of great information and good members. However it strikes me that a lot of the members provide testimonials for each other, no matter if the program works or if it does not work. This guy here for example already was seen in the testimonials of another program I reviewed, Effortless FB Profits, which wasn´t really good.

Is The Clickbank Heist a scam?

No the Clickbank Heist is not a scam. At least you get something for your money even if the ebook is too short and contains information which will lead to failure.
I really do not recommend this program to anyone. Launch Jacking might be a method that works, but you will not learn how to do that with The Clickbank Heist.

The Clickbank Heist is useless!


This is how I make money

I make money with affiliate marketing. If you know how affiliate marketing works you can also try launch jacking. If you want to know how I make money with this and what got me started check out my #1 FREE recommendation. In fact the only program that I can really recommend at this time.

Good thing about it is, that you can test it for free. So if you decide in the end that this program isn´t for you, you can just leave and you do not have to pay one single dollar.

Hope that my The Clickbank Heist review helps you!

Have you any experience with launch jacking? Tell me about it in the comments below!
Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section, I will get back to you.

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