Survey Junkie Review – No Money In Sight!

By | September 3, 2015

Survey Junkie ReviewPaid surveys are very popular these days. A lot of people who are looking for an opportunity to make money online search for paid surveys on the internet. I can totally understand why. It seems to be an easy and quick way to make money. Just take a survey and get cash, right? I reviewed a lot of survey sites and unfortunately it was never that easy and those survey sites did never pay as much as they said. You want to know if Survey Junkie is an exception? You came to the right place! I tested it for you. Here is my Survey Junkie review.

What is Survey Junkie?

You can only sign up for Survey Junkies if you are from Canada, New Zealand, US or the UK. Signing up was quite simple. I only had to give them my email address, after that I had to walk through a short process of setting up my profile. Just your name, age and your Zip Code/ Country, that´s it.

Inside Survey Junkie

After you completed your profile you will be provided with a couple of surveys you can take, so I thought. In fact this is just a list of other survey sites which you can sign up for.

Survey Junkie asks you to register for at least 5 of their suggestions. That means you have to register for 5 or more survey sites to actually get your surveys. After you did that you will get a confirmation email by every site you signed up for and you have to confirm that email otherwise you will get no surveys to take.Survey Junkie scam

In fact this is just a method to get your email address, so that those sites you have registered for can also bomb you with some programs/products they want to sell you. Besides that you will get one to two surveys per week. Wow really that much? Sounds like a lot of money to make!….NOT!

Will you really be able to make money with Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie gave me a list of 11 additional survey sites I could sign up for so that I can give them my personal information to get surveys. They told me that each of those sites will send me one to two surveys per week.

Let´s do the math here….although I hate math. Just let me get my calculator!

11 surveys sites which will send me 2 surveys (I think positive) per week. That means 11 x 2 = 22 surveys per week.

So that means you will receive every week 22 surveys, now we have to know how much those survey sites pay! I know it, since I already reviewed a lot of survey sites.
I have never seen a survey site that paid $5 for a survey even if the said so. Most of the time you do not even get money for the surveys you have taken, you get credits for it, which you can exchange for some coupons or something like that. Or you have to gather a certain number of credits until you can exchange those credits for money.

Even if you would get $1 for every survey you take, you would have $22 in the end… wow, right?
If you think about how much time it takes to take one survey, this is absolutely ridiculous. Most of those surveys take 30 minutes.

Is Survey Junkie a scam?

No Survey Junkie is not a scam, however it is also not an opportunity to make money. It is just a website which redirects you to other survey sites. That´s the whole thing, not more.

The other survey sites you can sign up for in Survey Junkie, just want your personal information so they can bomb you with email and try to sell you stuff.survey junkie legit

Taking surveys and promising high payments is just a way to lure you into their site. In the end you will not be able to make real money and you will waste a lot of time you could have spent with things you like, or with the people you love. Or you could even build a real business in that time to make money.

Survey Junkie is not an opportunity to make money online!


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I hope that my Survey Junkie Review is helpful for you.

How much money did you make from taking surveys? Tell me in the comments below!
Any questions? Just leave me your question in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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