Snap Affiliate Profits Review – It Is Halfway Decent

By | September 29, 2015

Snap Affiliate Profits ReviewProduct Name: Snap Affiliate Profits
Owner: Stephen Gilbert, Steve Meiracker, Greg Kononenko
Price: $17
Rating: 45 out of 100

What is Snap Affiliate Profits, is it legit? This might be the question you asked yourself when you stumbled upon Snap Affiliate Profits. You need to know if you can really make money with this program. Does it contain any valuable information or is the program from Stephen Gilbert just another scam? Good news: You can to the right place to find out.
Here is my Snap Affiliate Profits review.

What is Snap Affiliate Profits?

When I found Snap Affiliate Profits I thought I found something new in the beginning. The owner of this program, Stephen Gilbert, says I should not spend hundreds of Dollars and months of my time failing with expensive paid traffic and waiting for SEO…. If you are new to internet marketing it might be clear as mud for you what he said so I explain the method Stephen teaches really simple.

Stephen Gilbert shows you in Snap Affiliate Profits that you can create a website which requires visitors to enter their email address if they want to get to the content.
This way you can build an email list and you can market products to this email list to make a lot of money. Hope that was simple enough!

The course contains 10 modules:

  1. Overview
  2. Find Offer
  3. Create Giveaway
  4. Set up
  5. Landing Page
  6. Follow up
  7. Bing Traffic
  8. Fine Tuning
  9. Outsourcing
  10. Profits

This method is old stuff in the internet marketing world

If you are not a beginner to internet marketing you might sit in front of your computer and asked: “Really? That´s it?” Yepp, that´s it! It is a method that probably all internet marketers use and it is old as hell.

However Stephen Gilbert tries to make you think that he found something really innovative, the holy grail of internet marketing.
It really is not, it is a common strategy and it does really work well, that should be said.

What I like about Snap Affiliate Profits

As I already said, the method Snap Affiliate Profits teaches is legit and you can tell that Stephen Gilbert wanted to create a good experience for the people who buy Snap Affiliate Profits. The members area of Snap Affiliate Profits looks very good, it is layed out nicely.

You can follow his advice step-by-step without any confusion.
Further the videos of Stephen Gilbert were really good, kudos!

What I do not like about Snap Affiliate Profits

Upsells anyone?

If you join Snap Affiliate Profits you are going to be bombarded with upsells, as always. This is really a common strategy today. Create a program which is pretty cheap, throw in upsell number one which is more expensive than the program itself. After that throw in upsell number two which is most of the time some done-for-you shi… stuff and if people do not want to buy those upsells – Dooooownseeeeell the hell out of it.

Might be more expensive than you think

Stephen told us in the beginning that we should stop spending hundreds of dollars on expensive paid traffic and so on. Okay, but you also have to pay for paid traffic by using the method of Snap Affiliate Profits. Huhhhhh? What is he talking?

You have to pay for traffic and for an autoresponder and for the small websites you are going to create to make this method work. (Called squeeze pages)

Stephen Gilbert is more of a newbie

Being a newbie is totally okay. Everyone has to start somewhere. However Stephen is an internet marketer since one year. I don´t think this is enough experience to create a program that can help other to create an income online.

You can tell that he is new by the way he promotes his program. He really seems to think that he found something new here.

Can you really make money with Snap Affiliate Profits?

This is the question you came for, right?

Let me tell you this: If you are a total beginner, you will learn some things from Snap Affiliate Profits. However it won´t be enough to really know what you are doing. It is essential that you know what you are doing if you want to make money online.

You can definitely make money with the method Snap Affiliate Profits shows you, nonetheless I think that not every beginner will be successful with it and it is just not enough to create a consistent income.

Snap Affiliate Profits is halfway decent!

Building an email list and market products to that list is definitely a legit method to make money online. However you should have experience for this and you should get a really detailed training on it.

Further there are more ways to make money online. You can read here what got me started and how I created a consistent income online.

As a beginner you might want to try the program first before spending your money on it. My #1 recommendation let´s yout test what it has to offer and if you decide that it isn´t for you, you can leave without spending and money. Till now it is the best program I´ve reviewd.

Before I end this post here I want to ask you for your feedback on my review here. Would love to here what you think about it!

Do you make money with email marketing? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Snap Affiliate Profits Review – It Is Halfway Decent

  1. Ket

    I see where you are coming from with this review. I have been studying internet marketing seriously for about 6 weeks now and yeah that’s pretty basic stuff there. It’s crazy before 6 weeks ago I didn’t know what an affiliate even was now I’m seeing them all over the place. Great review.


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