Six Figure Mentors Review – What is Six Figure Mentors?

By | May 20, 2015

Six Figure Mentors ReviewWhen I found Six Figure Mentors I was really impressed by their website since they have such a great design. So I did my research because I wanted to know: Is Six Figure Mentors legit? What is Six Figure Mentors and how does it work? Will you really be able to make money with Six Figure Mentors? Find out! Here is my Six Figure Mentors Review.

Product: Six Figure Mentors
Overall Ranking: 50 out of 100
Price: up to $3664 per year!!
Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

The Website looks good!

What is Six Figure Mentors?As I said as I first stumbled upon this program I was so impressed by their website. You know, I am one of the persons who is always wondering why most of the products have so weird sales pages. You have to read hours to get to know what the product is about, most of the times they have a really weird font and some videos which are supposed to make you buy the product. Yeah I know it is a strategy to get the most sales, but I think those sales pages do not build trust.

Six Figure is really the opposite here. On the website there is a pretty good video playing on the head of the site. Just some scenes of people with a happy lifestyle. No video where someone is talking all day long to persuade you to buy their program.
There are even some videos of the owner who answers some frequently asked questions and some video testimonials. Testimonials on the actual sales page are always BS, so never believe what they are saying.

What is Six Figure Mentors?

Most of the scams in the internet do not tell you what their product is about and how you are going to make money with it. You have no idea what you are going to do after purchasing the product. Six Figure Mentors gives a little hint on what they are going to teach you.
This is a training platform which will show you how to start your online business with affiliate marketing for example.

They offer a good step-by-step training with regular webinars and besides that you can create your own website there including hosting and so on. Besides that they have a community which can help you when you are stuck, or when you have some questions. So till now it seems like a pretty good program. However most of you might ask yourself now: “Where is the catch?” Well, there is a catch, a big, BIG catch!

The Six Figure Mentors Membership

Well, if you decide to join Six Figure Mentors you might expect now a great training with a personal coach and regular webinars and you expect to get the opportunity to create your own website. It is just normal to think that, because they stated it on their website.

Yes, you will get that, but only after you spend several thousands of dollars for this training program. Simply have a look at this image below.Six Figure Mentors Membership

They have several different memberships – Introductory / Basic / Elite – and the memberships are very expensive. For a basic membership you have to pay $297 one time and a monthly fee of $97.
What the hell is going on people? Not only that this image is not very transparent since you do not know what most of these features mean which the memberships contain, it seems that you will not get what they said before you join the Elite membership and pay $2500 (YEARLY!!!) and a monthly fee of $97.

This must be a joke! I get a great step-by-step training for affiliate marketing, free websites, hosting, help from the community and much more at my #1 recommendation for $47 a month. Six Figure Mentors is charging you $3664 every year for that!

Learn more about my #1 recommendation

Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

So, now you know that you have to pay a lot of money to really get the training they offer. However do they really deliver what they promise? Not really!
A lot of Six Figure Mentors member complain that they can´t reach their personal coach for a 1-on-1 training. Besides that the community of Six Figure Mentors is good but unfortunately not many members of the community contribute. So it can happen that you wait weeks for an answer on your question. That is just not acceptable for such an expensive product.

I would not say that Six Figure Mentors is a scam but the sales process is not really transparent which is a clear indicator for a scam. You expect to get a good training for the basic membership for example, but then you realize that you really have to buy the highest membership and pay $3664 a year!
At least they state the prices on their website.
However the training is okay, you will definitely learn something about internet marketing.

My opinion on Six Figure Mentors

Is Six Figure Methods a Scam?To be honest, the owner of the Six Figure Mentors Stuart Ross – I call him the handsome Stuart – seems to be a great marketer. He wants to make you believe with this product, that you really have to pay that much for such a training. That is called prestige pricing and that is why I like the design of their website so much.
It supports their image of a high quality product. However as you´ve seen, the product is not that high quality as they want to make you believe.
What I also don´t like is that they show you big houses and big cars to persuade you to buy their product. That is just a scam method in my eyes. A really good product will not persuade with such methods you to buy their product. Besides that rumor has it that the big houses and big cars only were hired for some of their videos and photoshoots, but pshhhhht!

The training is okay but definitely not worth the price and I think that this price is ridiculous and it is intolerable. You do not even have a community that helps you quickly.

Six Figure Mentors is not worth the price!

Sorry handsome Stuart, but I do not recommend your product!
I hope this Six Figure Mentors review helped you.

If you are looking for a good step-by-step training for internet marketing and a way to start your online business, you should check this here. It is the best program I reviewed so far and you will get the training for FREE! It is what got me started and today I make a consistent income online.

Do you have some experience with Six Figure Mentors? Tell me about it in the comments below!

All the best,


13 thoughts on “Six Figure Mentors Review – What is Six Figure Mentors?

  1. Matt TheDopestMatrix

    2500? From Wealthy Affiliate, you get everything you need for the price of the basic membership listed. Honestly, there is a lot of things out there that are alright, but they are SO overpriced!!!
    Anyways, amazing review, probably won’t ever work with them.
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Matt,

      thank you for your comment. Yes, the pricing is just insane! I hope that not too many people fall for this product even if their training is okay. As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the better choice here and it is a lot cheaper if you decide to go premium. Otherwise it is for free.


  2. Peter

    HI Pierre

    I understand the training of how to make money on he internet is covered however what would the product or service be for us to market on line using the wealthy affiliate training option?



    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Peter,

      if you decide to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate they do not tell you which product you should promote. That is totally up to you! Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform which teaches you step-by-step how to build your own online business and make money through affiliate marketing in the niche that you like!

      However they also have a affiliate program and their payment is very fair. Besides that I think it is great to promote such a good program like Wealthy Affiliate since they really care about their customers and they even give you the chance to get their training for free.

      I hope that I understood your question right, Peter and I hope that my answer was helpful for you!

      All the best,


  3. Dave Sweney

    Thanks for your honest review and opinon of theis program called Six Figure Mentors…It reminds me of some of the other programs that are similar – i.e. more fluff than real meat regarding their program, mystical god-like people at the top, and little to offer the poor unsuspecting newbie…

    I have been the victim of such prgrams as this, although not to the degree that I would spend that much money for an annual program that offers even as much as Wealthy Affiliate (which IS the best out there in my opinion)…

    I hope that your expose will save some passerbys from spending theor hard earned money plus their time and instead send them to a program that offers REAL value and more than promised…Namely Wealthy Affiliate! Cheers!

  4. Max

    Great looking site! Greetings from Canada!

    I like your comments about wanting to make people laugh.It sounds like you truly wish to help others! I think that is the best backbone for any business. Online or off.

    I along with you, work a regular job as well. It takes energy to do both! Good for you for providing an informative site! All the best to you and yours!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Max,

      thank you for your comment I was really happy to read it.
      I always try to make people laugh, that is just my personality. However it is a little bit harder for me to make jokes in english, when I talk german I am funny as hell haha.

      But back to business. It definitely takes energy to do a normal job and create an online business, but at the end it pays off!

      Wish you much success!


  5. Sean

    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for this review – I hadn’t hear of Six Figure Mentors before.

    I must admit, I really don’t like the lack of transparency when I look at this package. That looks like a buttload of cash to be spending on something you don’t really know much about!

    This will appeal to those with deep pockets I’m sure, but I know that you can get a better education for much, much less.

    Take care,

  6. Alan

    Hi Pierre, thanks for feedback on Six Figure Mentors Review . You look like someone that wasn’t happy about how much this was and the result you got. I wonder if you made money with this? and it look like very expensive for you and I hope best success for you

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Alan,

      no I was not satisfied with this at all. I did not make any money with, but the method they use is definitely legit.
      You can make money with affiliate marketing, it is possible. 🙂

      I know it, because I make money with affiliate marketing, but Six Figure Mentors did not show me how to do that.

      Actually my recommendation showed me that!



  7. Shawn

    When I see prices like this I run as fast as I can.
    For this kind of money, they should be cleaning my bathroom for me in between training sessions, lol.
    Have you done any of their training and if so how far did you go?
    I tell ya, 6 figures is obtainable working on the internet, all you need to do is charge these kinds of prices for a bunch of so so training.
    I love your recommendation, now that is a real opportunity!


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Shawn,

      lol yeah that is a good Idea!
      I have seen the training, yes. However, I never paid the full price for Six Figure Mentors, since I quickly smelled that this is not a legit program.

      The training is not really detailed, there are a lot better tutorials on the internet for free.

      I am glad that you like my recommendation, Shawn! It helped a lot of people 🙂




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