Rich Mom Profit System Review – Maria Lopez Is Not Even Real!

By | October 23, 2015

Rich Mom Profit System reviewProduct Name: Rich Mom Profit System
Owner: Maria Lopez
Rating: 0 out of 100

A lot of programs which promise you that you can make a lot of money with them are called something with “Mom”. Something like Work at Home Mom Program, or Mom Home Profits or whatever. Most of the time, programs with such names are scams, they only want to lure stay at home moms who want to work from home into their programs (Of course not only work at home moms, but it is a good target group). If you hope that Rich Mom Profit System is different, I have to disappoint. Rich Mom Profit System is just another blatant binary options scam on the internet and I will exactly explain you why. Here is my Rich Mom Profit System review.

Why Rich Mom Profit System is a scam

I reviewed a lot of programs now and the more programs I review, the easier it gets to detect a scam only by seeing the sales page of it. The website of Rich Mom Profit System is full of scam signs.

Let´s get to the facts:

CNN? SkyNEWS? What??

Have you seen that Rich Mom Profit System was seen on CNN, SkyNEWS, Bloomberg Television or Business Week? No? Well Rich Mom Profit System claims on their website that they were seen there. In fact this is just a lie. Most of the scam programs online use those names to build more trust with their visitors.Rich Mom Profit System scam

Licences Left?

When I visited the website of Rich Mom Profit System in the right corner there was something like a countdown. It says that there are only 20 licences left. After a while there were only 9 licences left. This strategy of shady internet marketers wants you to be afraid that you do not get a licence anymore, so you buy quickly.

In fact, this is just another lie. After I refreshed the site, the countdown was back on 20. LOL.

Maria Lopez is not real

Maria Lopez shows you in the sales video of Rich Mom Profit System that she makes a lot of money with this program. She tells you that she is a single mom and so on and so forth. Well, Maria Lopez does not even exist. Her real name is Leanna Pareja and she is just a normal actress, not a rich single mom.

Tired of those fake owners even if they are handsome?

She even said on her Facebook page that she is ashamed for her appearance of Rich Mom Profit System since it is just a binary options scam.
What do you say now? 🙂

…Well, I say that Leanna Pareja is pretty handsome :> Woo!

Okay, sorry, let´s continue!

Where is the broker?

Their broker is in Gibraltar and the brokerage is BinaryBrook.
Gibraltar? Why? Couldn´t they get a broker from Equatorial Guinea? …I am so funny.

The trust badges

On the website of Rich Mom Profit System you can see some trust badges at the bottom of the homepage. Those are just small pictures, that´s it. You can´t click it, so it is worthless.

They lure you in with big promises

At the beginning of the sales video of Rich Mom Profit System, Maria Lopez (Leanna Pareja) shows you her bank account and it says that she has over $1 Million. Haha, my god they did not even keep it a bit realistic. I think I do not have to tell you that those numbers aren´t real.

Ahh why am I even still writing? I think it is so obvious for everyone now that Rich Mom Profit System is a scam that I do not have to write a single word anymore.

If you are really interested in making money from home, I shows you something.

How I make money from home

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This training platform showed me step-by-step how I can make money with affiliate marketing and today I make a consistent income with it. No I am not yet a millionaire, but it definitely works.

Get more information on this training platform!

I hope this helps you.

Let me hear what you think about my Rich Mom Profit System review. Did it help you? I hope I could save you some bucks, or some time with it! Let me know in the comment section below.

Have you ever been scammed? Let´s talk about it in the comments.

All the best,


7 thoughts on “Rich Mom Profit System Review – Maria Lopez Is Not Even Real!

  1. Diane

    Pierre, I read your review about Rich Mom Profit System and it is full of enlightening facts. Thank you. I too was almost scammed by an outfit by Cami White with Cash Flow but luckly when I was looking for the scam report on them, I found WA. They refunded my $97 and I started right away with WA. So happy I did.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Diane,

      no problem at all, I am happy to hear that you like my review.

      Oh, yes, I know what scam that is, it is the Excel Cash Flow Scam, I reviewed this program, too. It is a blatant scam and a very popular one, too!

      WA is the program I always recommend, since it is the best program out there if you are interested in making money online! Great to hear, that you also became a member and I am happy for you that you got your $97 back.

      All the best,


  2. Debra

    Nice review Pierre,

    I have seen many sites that I would consider scams but now after reading your post, I have learned about even more signs to look for and beter ways to research potential online programs. I have seen this rich mom profit system as well, and something told me it was not good. Now I know why. LOL

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Debra,

      I am glad that you learned something from my post. I always try to explain in an easy way how to detect those scams.
      Good to hear that you did not fall for Rich Mom Profit System! I bet you could use your money for better things 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!


  3. Jason

    Hmmm. So another scam out there? There are so much nowadays. I am glad we have people like you who expose these scams and let others know about it.

    Those shady tactics that these gurus use to lure unsuspecting people are just too ridiculous. I hope that more people will see your post about this Rich Mom Profit System scam and stay a million miles away from it.

    Thanks for the review.


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jason,

      unfortunately this is another scam in the “make money online” niche.
      Thank you Jason, I will always do my best to reveal those scams and let my readers know about them.

      The methods are definitely ridiculous, sometimes they are almost funny… but I think they work, that is the sad thing about it.

      Thank you for your comment Jason!


  4. Michelle

    Not only is this a scam, but it’s a blatant rip-off of a super sweet lady’s REAL BUSINESS called Rich Mom University. He (yes, “Maria” is really a he), even stole the logo. It’s not bad enough that he’s duping people out of their money, he’s also potentially ruining another person’s legitimate business.


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