Push Button Cash Site – Yeah right, maybe my bellybutton!

By | August 30, 2015

Push Button Cash Site reviewWouldn´t it be great if you could push a button (not your bellybutton, a real button) and you make cash? Ha, that would be awesome. Unfortunately things do not work like that. Becoming successful in the internet marketing world, is not hard, but it requires work!
Push Button Cash Site got my attention because of its name. It just sounds so scammy I had to review it! Hope you enjoy my Push Button Cash Site review.

Product: Push Button Cash Site
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Price: $47 / $27 (downsell)
Owners: Daniel Young

What is Push Button Cash Site?

The website of Push Button Cash Site says: ” Top Secret Software Makes $159,720.68 Per Month”. I thought that alone was pretty funny and this sentences made it absolutely obvious that this program has to be a scam, but I did not want to be foredooming.

The program

The top secret software is a program which takes articles from other websites, most probably, spins the article and publishes it on your own website. If you want you can also add videos to those articles and also picture, but I am not sure here.The program wants to make the search engines think that you are adding content regularly. Websites which add fresh content regularly get high rankings and that is what this program is all about.push button cash site main

Haha, beside the name of the program this is also pretty funny in my opinion.
Search engines are not that dumb anymore, they will eventually recognize that you just use spinned articles on your website and they will punish your website after that.

Besides that the method this program uses is called stealing. Simple as that! So if you purchase this it is going to make you a thief. Doesn´t sound so good right?

The Training

Besides the awesome (lol) top secret software you get a little bit of training on online businesses. For example:

Unfortunately this training is not very helpful and below I will explain why!

What I like about Push Button Cash Site

The general Information

Although I did not like the training since it isn´t very helpful, it contains some general information which is a little, little, little plus … but honestly, very little! So small it is invisible to the naked eye!

What I do not like about Push Button Cash Site

The top secret software

As I already said, this software steals other articles and spins it most probably. This does not only harm your rankings in the searche engines (you will get punished by the search engines for article spinning) it is also stealing content from other people. This is nothing I would ever do and I would not recommend it to you either.

The trainingPush Button Cash Site main

Although the training contains some legit general information (which you can also get for free), the training is not very helpful. The “create a website” – training leads you to other websites which offer premade websites. This does not only involve additional costs, those premade websites aren´t just as a website which you made on your own,in my opinion. Building a website with WordPress is very, very easy these days! Click here to build your free website with WordPress right now!

Bonuses/ Upsells / Downsells

Normally a bonus is free, unfortunately not at Push Button Cash Site. If you want the bonus, you have to pay for it. So in fact it is an upsell.

After buying Push Button Cash Site you have to go through several upsells and downsells. I think there were 2 upsells 4 downsells until I could start with the actual program.

The free website

The program says ” YOUR free website “, I assumed that I can create a free website by clicking that link. Unfortunately that link is not working.

Is Push Button Cash Site a scam?

Yes, this program is definitely a scam. It leads you in the wrong direction. You will not make any money by stealing other peoples work. Do not even think about things like that. Besides that some links in this program are broken so you do not get the whole program for your money, which is definitely a red flag.

My Verdict

You will never be able to make one dollar with this program. Stay away from it!

Push Button Cash Site is a scam!

Do not try to make money with programs like Push Button Cash Site. Stealing other peoples content might end up pretty bad for you! Stop searching for the “One Button Program”, there is none! If you really want to make money online you have to be willing to work!

I make money with affiliate marketing, since it is a pretty easy and lucrative way to make money online. This training here helped me with that. I did not need any other resource than this training.

This training will show you how to make money online. Click here to learn why!


I hope this Push Button Cash Site review is helpful for you and saved you some bucks 🙂

Have you been scammed while searching for a one-button-opportunity ? Tell me about it in the comments below!
Any questions? Leave me a comment 🙂

All the best,


12 thoughts on “Push Button Cash Site – Yeah right, maybe my bellybutton!

  1. Rawl

    I’m a college professor and this is stealing. It’s plagiarism. Whomever is selling this garbage isn’t even summarizing. Eventually they will get caught because people will begin to see they are reading the same thing only rewritten. I think it’s great reviewing this company and pointing out the good and bad. However, the bad is so bad that it’s pitiful.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Rawl,

      it absolutely is and I really want people to be aware of this. I do not even know if it is legal to use the methods of Push Button Cash Site! I would never use it and I would never recommend anyone to do so.
      There are a lot of better programs out there which teach you a legal and legit way to make money online. For example my #1 recommendation.

      I think if people realize that there are no shortcuts to success, they will stop falling for programs like Push Button Cash Site.

      Thanks for commenting Rawl!


    1. Pierre Post author


      good to hear that you like my post. Yeah there are a lot of bad programs like Push Button Cash Site out there and you really have to be aware if you are looking for opportunities to make money.
      I hope that I can help people to save some bucks with this site.

      I will definitely continue to inform people about those products.
      Thanks for your comment.

      All the best,


  2. Ira

    It’s amazing just how many of these scams there are out there. I have been scammed myself in the past, and it sure isn’t a good feeling. I’m so glad I came across this site today. I look forward to seeing what all you find.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Ira,

      I am sorry to hear that you have been scammed. I hope you asked for a refund.
      There are so much scams out there and I have the feeling that they are popping up like mushrooms at the moment.

      I think those scam will keep me busy for a very long time! More reviews are about to come, I am glad to hear, that you will be coming back to mysite.

      All the best,


  3. Hannah

    It certainly doesn’t sound very trustworthy. I wouldn’t be giving them any money in a hurry!

    Keep on spreading the word on these dirty scammers! Hopefully people will see this before they part with any money.

    Great article!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Hannah,

      don´t worry I am going to continue to reveal the scams for my readers. I also hope that people read my reviews before they fall for these scams.

      Thank you very much Hannah!


  4. Steph

    I enjoyed reading your review of Push Button Cash Site. It certainly sounds like an unethical and dishonest scam site. You are correct in that article spinning is wrong. As a teacher, it is something I would never recommend to anyone. It is plagiarism. It is stealing and yes, Google and other search engines will blacklist you and you will not be ranked. If you do not wish to put the time into creating your own content, then you have no business creating an online business. Do you know how long this programs has been around? Do they have many members?

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Steph,

      I do not know how old this program is, or how many members they have. I kind of stumbled upon it and thought I should review it. Of course I hope that Push Button Cash Site has not many members! I feel sorry for everyone who falls for this 🙁

      Thank you for your comment Steph!


  5. Josep[h McCray

    Great review! This kind of garbage will get you “de-ranked” from Google quicker than you can blink. Article spinning is theft, pure and simple. And I always love programs that say you can just push a button and watch the money roll in. If that were true nobody would have a job; they would all be at home counting their money.

    There are legitimate programs out there that actually provide you with good training and a like-minded community that you can turn to for questions and support. And cost much less than what these scam artists are trying to steal from you.

  6. Rebecca

    Ha! Top secret. I’ve seen those. I haven’t seen this specific site before, but so many of them are ‘top secret’. Great review post. I hope it helps people avoid this scam. Why can’t we all just be legitimate business people and live happier, more helpful lives…..


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