Paid Social Media Jobs Review – Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

By | May 22, 2015

Paid Social Media Jobs ReviewWhen I started to be interested in making money online I stumbled upon a site called Of course, as many products out there, they offered me to make money online quickly. So now, what do you think? Is Paid Social Media Jobs a scam, or did I manage to make “quick” money with it? Will you be able to make money with Paid Social Media Jobs? Find out, here is my Paid Social Media Jobs Review!

Product: Paid Social Media Jobs
Overall Ranking: 25 out of 100
Price: $47 discounts possible if you try to leave while signing up
Owners: No Idea

The website looks okay so far. Of course they have a countdown, like almost every other dubious product, which says that their offer will expire. What I found pretty funny is, that they embedded a video on their website of FOX NEWS. The video is about people who manage the social media accounts by big companies and make up to six figures with that. They set the bar high, haha.

What is paid social media Jobs?

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a scam?So the most important question in the beginning is: What is Paid Social Media Jobs about? Paid Social Media Jobs claims that you can make money online just by managing social media accounts of big companies. So far so good, I think that might be a real opportunity to make money online! However how to make the big companies choosing you for that?

Well, therefore Paid Social Media Jobs has a so called training which will lead you to success. For example the training includes creating a great resume to attract companies to choose (employ) you to manage their social media accounts.
Writing a legally documented agreement with your clients, managing your clients expectation and so on.

Sounds okay so far, but will this training lead you to success?

This program here led me to success! Click here for more information!

Paid Social Media Jobs Training

So if you hear the word training, what do you expect? Step-by-step explanation? Somebody who shows you how to do things? Maybe watching over the shoulder of a trainer to see exactly how it is done? Yeah? Your expectations are absolutely right, but will you get that at Paid Social Media Jobs? No!

Paid Social Media jobs is another website that claims to train you in making money online for a “little” fee but in the end they will not tell you how to do that.
They explain you what is important to become the social media account manager for big companies, they explain you why it is important but they do not exactly explain you how you do it!

Have a look at their training and what they contain:

  • What is Paid Social Media Jobs?Step 1: Understanding your clients
    This is a 26 min video which explains what your clients want, their fears and so on. Do you really think this is possible to explain within 26 minutes? I don´t think so. If you are a total beginner, what most of are, you probably would not understand a thing. You can´t learn how to convince clients that you are the best for this job within 26 minutes unless you are Tim Ferris.
  • Step 2: Being a Social Media Manager
    This just shows you some starter jobs like setting up a social media profile for customers. Every ten-year-old can do that today and I am sure he will not charge me for showing me that. Further it shows you several types of social media jobs and where you can connect with clients which are looking for your service.
  • Step 3: Social Media Management
    This is about branding. Branding is another complicated topic which you can´t understand in just one step …unless you are Tim Ferris. Unfortunately this is another step which is not really well explained.
  • Step 4: Advanced Training
    Just some last advices for you. Not really high quality stuff. Definitely not worth reading it.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

This is not a scam but you will definitely not learn to make money online by being a social media account manager. They have no high quality training, you only will get some information about this topic but that´s it.
Besides that look at that Email they send me here.Paid Social Media Jobs Review

If you scroll down you can see some partner websites. One of the partner websites is which is another low quality product. Not a good sign in my opinion.What is Paid Social Media Jobs
So if you expect to make money with this I have to disappoint you.

Paid Social Media Jobs is not worth the money!

I hope my Paid Social Media Review was helpful for you. If you are really interested in making money online I recommend you the best program I reviewed so far. It will teach you step-by-step how to make money online. It is what got me started and today I make a consistent income online.
All the best,


10 thoughts on “Paid Social Media Jobs Review – Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

  1. Eoinmc

    $200 for 30 minutes a day! If the per day includes Saturday and Sunday that’s nearly $60/hr. Not bad. And $80/hour if it’s just or the working week.
    Man, that’s mighty fine if you could land a few companies who are willing to pay it. ….IF…..
    $47. I’d pay it if they provided a data base of clients. In fact, I’d pay them commission if they acted as agents and got me the clients — but they probably can’t. It’s BS.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Eoin,

      it would definitely be great if the product would be that nice. Unfortunately it is not.
      There are not many products out there which are really legit and show you how to make money. Till now I only found 2 really legit products. That is sad in my opinion.


  2. Vic

    Pretty glad I didn’t join up on that one. I had looked at it, but resisted the temptation. thanks for sharing.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Vic,

      good to hear that you saved your money. There are definitely better opportunities to make money online. I recommend to do affiliate marketing. For me it is an easy way to earn money from home, even though it is a lot of work in the beginning. However if you want to be successful you have to work on it, no matter what you do.
      Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start with affiliate marketing.



  3. Shelby

    Having fallen victim to several low quality internet schemes myself I really appreciate your honest review of Paid Social Media Jobs. This will be very helpful to anyone who reads and I know I wont be investing my money in Paid Social Media Jobs! Thanks!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Shelby,

      good to hear that you save your money. Paid Social Media Jobs is definitely not a legit opportunity to make money. Thanks for the comment!


      1. Tracy Schaublin

        Hi Pierre,
        I wish I would have found this 5 days ago but being that i did not, I did pay the money for Paid Social media account. It was 27 dollars so I doubt I will go bankrupt but being that before an accident I had, rather before someone broke into my house, beat me with a bat leaving me unconscious for my 2 year old to find after his nap, I was very successful in Sales and Customer service so thought this job would fit with me perfectly. Yes, I am at the part of making that “YOU’RE GONNA WANT ME” resume but had a bad feeling. I went to sign on and you came up. Although I am let down, I am so grateful to have found this and as per your advise will try the program you suggest.
        I appreciate your advise and will pray this works out. Disability doesn’t hack it and although I believe I am at a place where I can begin working again, with a Traumatic Brain Injury you never know when after waking yesterday feeling great and waking today and not able to see your head hurts so bad, I would really like to find something on the internet. I willcheck out the links you have provided, thank you btw, and hope for the best. God Bless You, it was really weird how I came across your post but I am grateful.

        1. Pierre Post author

          Hey Tracy,

          thank you so much for you comment.
          I mean $27 for that account might not be the big money, but maybe you are able to get a refund.

          I am very sorry to hear what happened to you and your child. Your comment was really touching to be honest. People like you remind me why I am doing this, Tracy. It is all about helping other people. I mean yeah, I make money with it, by creating websites and stuff, but the feeling that I have when I know, that I was able to help someone is far better than the money.

          You joined the program I recommed a few days ago and I am very happy to have you there. Always remember that you can contact me whenever you want. If you got any problems, or if you are stuck on your way to success, I will be there for you.

          You made a great decision by joining Wealthy Affiliate, Tracy!
          Looking forward to see you succeed!

          All the best to you and your child!



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