Optin List Formula Review – The BS Formula?

By | June 5, 2015

Optin List Formula ReviewAnother product on email marketing, yeaaah! Do we finally have a product which really teaches us how to create an income through email marketing? Or is Optin List Formula another scam? Find out here if you should save your money! Here is my Optin List Formula review.

Product: Optin List Formula Review
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100
Price: $9.95
Owners: Super Raj

What is Optin List Formula

Optin List Formula is a product which is supposed to teach you how to earn money through email marketing. The owner of the product, Super Raj, says that he is going to teach you how to get more than 10000 subscribers to his email list.
Don´t get me wrong now, 10000 subscribers is a lot, but that is definitely not an overstated number. There are many email marketer who have a lot more people on their list.

What is optin List formulaThe product is apportioned in 15 modules.

  1. Niche selection. You can find my article on niche selection here.
  2. The Optin
  3. The Bribe
  4. Single Vs Double Opt In
  5. Autoresponders
  6. The P.O.P Formula Part 1
  7. The P.O.P Formula Part 2
  8. The First Message
  9. Traffic
  10. Free Traffic
  11. Paid Traffic
  12. Solo ads
  13. List management
  14. List strategy
  15. List monetization

So far it seems like a detailed guide right? Well, unfortunately it is not really detailed. However let´s have a look at the things I like about Optin Formula First.

What I like about Optin List Formula

Optin List Formula teaches you the basics of email marketing. Some of Super Raj´s tips are legit and I definitely agree with them. For example Super Raj says that you should most of the time focus on creating value for your subscribers. You should only promote products in 20% of your emails.

In my opinion that is a good point. Email marketing is ,like many other businesses, about trust. You won´t earn the trust of your subscribers if you promote products in every email. You have to deliver some valuable stuff in first line.

What I do not like about Optin List Formula

Unfortunately I could not find more things I like about Optin List Formula, but I found a lot of things I do not like.

Upsells again

One of the things I absolutely hate are upsells. You purchased the product and before even seeing the actual product you are bugged with upsells. Optin List Formula has two upsells. List Building Kits for $7.95 and another (sorry forgot the name) for $17.

The guide is nothing special

The Optin List Formula is nothing new or special. It is just a really basi guide on email marketing. The guide is not even thorough and it won´t be enough to really learn email marketing and start your business.

Not enough information on getting traffic

The information you get about hwo to get traffic is kept short. Traffic is very important no matter if it is paid traffic or free traffic. Without traffic you can´t build your list. How can someone do not deliver thorough information here?

Look what I found on Super Raj´s website

I think showing cars and similar stuff to persuade people to buy the product has no style. It is just my personal opinion, I don´t like it and to me the product always seems scammy then.Optin List Formula Scam

The Formula is not helpful

Super Raj has a weird formula which basically explains how to be successful with email marketing. I do not understand why he created this formula, because there is absolutely no need for that. He does not only give incomplete advice, he also complicates things. Have a look at his formula here.Is Optin List Formula a scam?

 What the hell?

Is Optin List Formula a scam?

You know I would say Optin List Formula is a scam, because it contains incomplete information and you will not learn how to be successful with email marketing from this product. On the other hand this product is not very expensive and you can´t really expect much for that.

Hmmm is that an excuse? Now when I think about it, no it is not an excuse. Here is my verdict.

My verdict

This product contains only a little bit of valuable information. However there is no need to buy it since you can find better and more thorough information on the internet.

Do not waste your money on Optin List Formula!

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. However there are other ways to make money online, too. Find out here how I make money and which program helps me with that. The best thing about it: It is for FREE!

I hope my Optin List Formula was helpful for you!

All the best,


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