Online Revenue Concepts – Why It Is a Blatant Scam

By | October 3, 2015

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Many people look for a way to make some kind of an extra income. Making money online seems to be a great way to do that, since you do not even have to get up an go to work. You can just sit in front of the computer and make money. Well in fact, it is not that easy. However there are a lot of programs and websites online which tell you that it really is that easy. Online Revenue Concepts is such a program, but in reality Online Revenue Concepts is just a scam. Wanna know why? Read below! Here is my Online Revenue Concepts review.

Online Revenue Concepts does not tell you anything

First of all I want to say that I reviewed a lot of programs in this niche. Many of them want to tell you that it is really easy to earn money online, but that is not the case. Making money online requires a lot of work and commitment. You have to want it badly!
I reviewed so many programs now that I can tell if a program is legit or not just by having a look at the sales page.

So what does Online Revenue Concepts really tell you?In fact it does not tell you anything. What is Online Revenue Concepts about, what kinf of work will you have to do? You have to join to find out and that is a common method of scammers on the internet. If you do not know what you even have to do after joining, most of the times the program is absolutely useless.

Have a look at this video here.

All it shows is money, that´s it. You still do not know what Online Revenue Concepts is all about. Further you can see in the video that they call the program Internet Revenue Concepts now. Hmmmm why do they do that? I know it and I will come to that later.

It is just a duplicate

A lot of scammers online publish one scam program and lure as many people as possible into their membership. After a while most people will know that their program is a scam, since there are websites like mine that warn people against those scams.
When most people know that their program is a scam, the scammers just change the name of their scam program, change the website and continue with scamming people. This is how they make the most of one “program”.

Online Revenue Concepts is one of those duplicates. I already reviewed three other programs which looked exactly the same like Online Revenue Concepts. The name of those programs are: Online Web Cash, Internet Revenue Concepts and Web Cash Revenue and I am almost sure that there are even more variations of this scam out there.

Here have a look at the websites of Online Web Cash and Internet Revenue Concepts.Online Revenue Concepts scamOnline Revenue Concepts review

As you can see they look exactly the same. Further you can see that the website of Online Revenue Concepts contains images from the websites of Online Web Cash and Internet Revenue Concepts.Online Revenue Concepts legit

What do those scammers want?

I mean it is obvious that they want your money, right? However they also want your personal details. They want your email address for example to bombard you with other offers via email, probably products which are supposed to show you how you can earn money online. This is called email marketing. Email marketing is a legit method to earn money online, but those scammers abuse this method.

Tired of scams?

How can you detect those scams?

Most scams have some simple things in common. If a program or a website does not tell you what it is about or what you are going to learn, be warned! There is a reason for that.

Further most of the scams promise you that you can make thousands of dollars in a blink. Trust me, I am making money online and it requires some work. It is possible, but again, you have to be willing to work for it. On the website of Online Revenue Concepts you can see a sign which says “Future Millionaire On Board!” (if they did not remove it again) Well this is the first sign which should tell you that this website is not legit. Becoming a millionaire is very hard and you will not become a millionaire by joining a program which does not even tell you what it is about.what is Online revenue concepts

Another sign that should warn you is that you have to fill in all you personal details in this form here to check if there are still any spots available.

This is just BS, there are always spots available. It is just a method to get your personal information quickly.

Now you know a few things to protect youself from those scams.

Online Revenue Concepts is a scam!

Making money online is not impossible.

I know that you might get tired of all this stuff. Scams and useless programs which promise you the world but fail to deliver are everywhere. I understand you. I have been scammed to in the past and I have tried a couple of things before I started to earn money online.

Today I make money with affiliate marketing. It is a legit method to create an income online and you can do the same. BUT you need a training for that. If you do not really know what you are doing, you will never be successful.

This online community helped me to get started. It offers an easy to follow step-by-step training suited to beginners on affiliate marketing. I was able to create a consistent income only with the help of this program. Besides that this online community already exists since ten years now.

As I said, I reviewed a lot of programs now and this is the best program I have reviewed so far. Best thing about it? You can join for free!
I would love to get a feedback from you on my Online Revenue Concepts review. 🙂 Leave me a message in the comment section below.
If you have any questions, just ask! I usually answer quickly.

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Online Revenue Concepts – Why It Is a Blatant Scam

  1. Faith Mack

    Hi Pierre. You did an awsome job on your website. Just by me reading, I learned a lot. I agree WA is an awesome place and the community cares for one another. The one thing about WA that stands out to me is how Kyle provides training not just with words but with videos. Kyle and Carson care about their members. Keep up the good work. Strive for success. Be blessed.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Faith,

      thank you very much for your comment. I am happy to hear that you are also satisfied with WA. Thank you for sharing your experience here with us.
      I am also a member there and you are absolutely right with what you said. The training is so easy to understand, everyone can follow it and it is absolutely great that the owners Kyle and Carson always offer you their help. I myself often asked for their help and always received it!

      Programs like Online Revenue Concepts have nothing to do with a great program, they just exist to make the owners richer.

      All the best,



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