MySurvey Review: Why MySurvey Is A Scam

By | November 14, 2015

MySurvey ReviewMy Survey is a very popular survey site and since you are visiting this article here right now, you probably want to know if MySurvey is a scam. Well, it is definitely very good, that you do your research before joining a survey site. Unfortunately you most probably won´t like what I found out about MySurvey. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my MySurvey review 🙂

What Is MySurvey?

MySurvey is just another normal survey site. Since so many people are looking for a way to make money online, survey sites pop up like mushrooms. There are so many survey sites out there I can´t count it anymore.

On MySurvey you can earn points by completing surveys, testing products and they also introduced the webcam surveys now. However most people only complete the normal surveys there and that´s it.

You also can invite your friends to MySurvey and you will get 150 points for that. 150 points are approximately worth $1.50.

With the points you earn, you can buy a lot of stuff at MySurvey. You can get Amazon gift cards and gift cards from a lot of other companies as well and you can get paid via Paypal.

Giftcards will cost you 1100 points and they are worth $10 and getting paid $10 via Paypal costs 1200 points … in my opinion it is pretty unfair that getting paid via Paypal costs more than gift cards.

So far so good, but I am sure you want to know why MySurvey is a scam in my opinion, right? Okay read below.

MySurvey is pretty scammy

I know that MySurvey seems to be a totally normal survey site … well, that is true, since most survey sites are pretty scammy, lol.

However a lot of people have big problems with this survey sites and MySurvey is getting a lot of complaints. There are bad reviews about this survey site all over the web.

No points

What would you say if you would complete a lot of surveys for this survey site, but you never earn any points for that? I am sure you would not like to work for MySurvey for free.

Unfortunately this is the case at MySurvey. Many people completed the surveys, but they did not earn any points for that. They contacted the support, but most of them never received an answer.

You get screened out

I tried to take some surveys there and when I almost completed the survey I got screened out. What the hell? So I tried it again. The next survey worked, but the survey after that one did not. I was almost done with that survey, when the site crashed.

So I did my review on that and I found out, that I was not the only one with this problem. Many people tried to reach the support, but again, most of them did not receive an answer. The ones who received an answer got told, that they would rush the surveys. Ahhh yeah right, so that means that almost everybody there is rushing the surveys, huh?

Can you smell it? Can you smell the scam action?

Tired of the smell of scam action?

Good luck getting your money!

If you try to get your rewards at MySurvey all I can say is: Good luck! Many people who cashed out waited a veeeery long time for their rewards. When they asked the support for information on that, what do you think did the support team say? Riiiiight, they said nothing. No response from the support again.

Others did not receive their rewards at all and when they tried to log into their accounts on MySurvey, their accounts were inactive. What the hell is going on at MySurvey?

You do not believe me? Okay, below you can see some reviews of MySurvey on a site called survey police. Have a look what those people have to say about MySurvey.MySurvey scam

What do you say now? I think it is ridiculous. You know, I do not want to talk MySurvey down, there are other people who are satisfied with this survey site and that is okay. However in my opinion, the problems other people have with this survey sites have to be on purpous, this can´t be accidental. This is reason enough for me to stay away from this survey site and I would not recommend you to join.

Stay away from MySurvey!

Why you should not take surveys anyway

So many people are taking surveys, because they want to make a little bit of extra money and they think it is fun and that is totally okay. However if you are looking for a way to make big money online, or if you looking for a way to make a living online, paid surveys won´t help you with that.

Most of those survey sites want to make you think that you get a lot of money for every survey you complete, but even on legit survey sites, this is not true. You have to think about it, survey sites say you get 10 to 500 points per survey. First of all, this is just another lie. Most of the times you get 10 to maybe 100 points (if you are lucky) per survey. If 1000 points are worth $10, that means that those surveys are only worth a few cents. Completing a survey can take 20 minutes to 90 minutes … would you really work for a few cents per hour?

I am sure you are getting the point.

How you can make money online

First of all, do not expect to get rich over night. It won´t happen and everyone who tells you the opposite only wants your money. However it is definitely possible to make money online – good money! Yes, it is even possible to make a living online.

You have to be dedicated and it takes work, but it is possible. I know it, because I make money online.

I was a total beginner and I was looking for ways to make money online. I stumbled upon this online community on internet marketing. They provide a great training which is suited to beginners on internet marketing.

I joined it as a total beginner, I had no clue what internet marketing was. Today I make a consitent income online.

So if you really want to make money online, have a look at it. Joining is for free.

I am sure this can help you.

I hope my MySurvey review helped you.

Are you registered at a survey site? How much do you make per week? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

All the best,


2 thoughts on “MySurvey Review: Why MySurvey Is A Scam

  1. PJ

    Great job on exposing another fraud website. You studied the complaints, you did the research, you presented the evidence, and the court ruled – it’s a scam.

    I have been scammed before and the main thrust of many scams is that they use people to do do the work, and then they disappear. People are left with no money for the work they did and the scammers laugh all the way to the bank.

    Why aren’t these cheaters prosecuted? Let’s take them to court. Let them stand trial for their fraud. If the are punished they may turn to an ethical way to earn a living.

    But if they can cheat with impunity and make easy money, then why should they change their ways? The problem lies in the fact that there is no justice – and so they continue scamming honest people.

    Is there a way that scammers can be held accountable? What has to change in order to protect people from the fraudsters?

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey PJ,

      thank you for your comment.
      I think that your comment is pretty interesting. Yes, most scammers will not be punished for what they are doing, or what they are did. However to be honest, I do not really think that those scammers would change their way of thinking after they have been taken to court. I think this is a personality thing.

      Anyway, I am sorry to hear that you also got scammed and I really hope that you got your money back.

      I do not really know about that, the only way I use to stop those scammers, is to reveal their scams here on my website and warn the people about it. I just hope that I can help a lot of people with it.

      Thanks PJ!



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