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There are a lot of millionaires out there and you can read a lot of books how they made their millions. I think that is quiet interesting!
So here you will get the opportunity to watch my progress on becoming a millionaire from home. I think that the posts in this category will be really cool and interesting for you to read since everybody wants to know how much money you can earn with a paticular program or something like that!

At the beginning I am expecting little achievements, so I think that I will post here more often in the beginning. After that I think I will post here my achievements monthly.

Of course I will explain you what my achievements are and how I made it. If I make money I will tell you the approximate numbers, so you can see if something works or not. However be careful on judging if something works or not. If I can not make something work, that must not mean that you also can´t make it work. See that here more as a diary and a little entertainment and maybe even motivation for you!

If you have any questions about my methods, just leave me a comment and I will answer your questions!

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