Lazy Ass Stoner Review – Screw 95

By | April 2, 2015

Lazy ass Stoner ReviewScrew 95
Overall Ranking: 89 out of 100
Price: 97$
Owners: Jay Wessman


I want to create a very informative website for my readers, that means for everybody who wants to become a millionaire. For everybody who wants to work from home. So when I create a new post or page here one my website, I do a lot of research.
I looked for some ways to make money with my website and I stumbled upon this weird guy who calls himself “The lazy ass Stoner”. Believe me, at first I refused to click on his videos, but then I thought to myself: Why not? It can´t hurt! I was right with that. “The lazy ass Stoner” knows what he is doing. He shows his knowledge in several videos of him on Youtube. I was excited about this guy and I read that he created his own product for people, who want to make money with their website. I purchased the product of Jay “The lazy ass Stoner” Wessman and I was not dissapointed. Click here for the video of Jay where he explains his product.

*** UPDATE***
Jay is working on SCREW 95 No. 2 at the moment and you can´t purchase Screw 95 right now. If you still want to get a product which will help you to make money with affiliate marketing, you should check out this program here. It will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and that even more detailed than Screw 95. Best thing about it? Joining is for free!

What is Screw 95?

Screw 95 reviewJay Wessman “The lazy ass Stoner” has a focus on affiliate marketing and he is in the game for several years now and he makes a comfortable living with his niche websites. He realised that there are a lot of people that create money making programs which just do not work and so he created his own program. (Of course he didn´t do that, because he wants to heal the world. He is making a lot money with his program, but that´s ok.) His program is a step-by-step guide that will teach you everything you need to know to make money with your own website. From building your website to your first sale, everything is explained in his program. Besides that there is a whole Screw 95 forum. You get access to it after purchasing Screw 95, there you have the opportunity to chat with other people who want to make money with their websites and you have the opportunity to chat with Jay Wessman himself.

Here is what you get with Screw 95

  • An entire step-by-step course with 5 stages to learn how to make money with your own website (34 videos)
  • A private forum where you can chat with others and chat with the creator of this program
  • Bonus: Case Studies – Jay shows you some of his own websites here and he tells you who much money he makes with it
  • Bonus: Jay shows you how to set up multiple websites in one time
  • Training: How to use social media to get a lot of traffic

Here is one of Jays videos where he reveals one of his niche websites.


To be honest: Till now I did not need the support, so I can´t really tell you how fast you will get support if you have problems. However I looked at the support site of Screw 95 and there are different categories with answers for questions that are asked often times. These categories were up-to-date. Sorry that I can´t say more about the support, but I won´t tell you something I don´t know, that would be lying.


The price for this product is 97$. There are no upsells here, everything I mentioned above is included for 97$. The price is okay in my opinion since this product shows you everything you need to know about making money with your own website.

The downside of Screw 95

I do not see a real downside here. The product is absolutely fine, it is one of the few products that are really honest. However what I find a little bit sad was, that you can´t test the product before you buy it. I think it is always better to give potential costumers the chance to test the product first.

My personal opinion/verdict

When it comes to internet marketing and working from home, 95% of the programs you can find are scams. So I think it is very important to name products which are definitely legit. Screw 95 is such a legit program. Jay Wessman tells you in his videos that he doesn´t talk any BS and he is honest with that. This program shows you everything you need to know to make money with your website. Besides that Jay might be a stoner, but he is a tremendously great teacher. Every video of him is well explained and it always gets to the point quickly, so you waste know time and you always have every information you need.
I wrote that I think that it is a downside that “The lazy ass Stoner” don´t gives you the opportunity to test his product before you buy it. That is right, but on the other hand Jay shows you in several Youtube videos how to make money with your website. That means he gives free and legit advise to the world without charging one dollar!
His advise is always honest, he even shows you his secret niche sides to make clear that he is not just a chatterbox.
Jay Wessman might look a little bit weird and yeah he might be a stoner, but in my opinion this guy is smart as hell and his product is really, really good!
It is not such a high quality product as Wealthy Affiliate (read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here) but it contains everything you need to know!

Definitely recommended!
>>If you want to buy Screw 95, simply click here<<

You can´t purchase Screw 95 at the moment. Jay Wessman is working on Screw 95 No. 2 right now. If you still want to get a product which will help you to make money with affiliate marketing you should check out my #1 recommended program. It will teach you all the things which Jay teaches you in Screw 95. Further they have a great community and even Live Webinars every week! Oh did I mention that you can join for free?

If you have any questions about Screw 95, just leave my a comment and I will be happy to help you out!
Do you have any experience with Screw 95? I would be happy if you share it with me in the comments!

Let´s make a million!


16 thoughts on “Lazy Ass Stoner Review – Screw 95

  1. John

    Man it is hard as hell to find a legit make money online program. I have been searching and searching, but couldn’t find anything close. I guess after reading this review, “The Lazy Ass Stoner” it is. Once you said there isn’t any up-sells, that kind of sealed the deal for me. I’m going to give this a try and hopefully it works. Wish me luck!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey John,

      there isn´t any upsell within the product but always remember you have to pay 10$ per year for your domain and you also have to pay for hosting. This has nothing to do with the product itself but I think it should be mentioned!


  2. edy

    wow..I have been listening to him lately too.
    He is a lazy ass toner indeed.
    Not sure of joining. But he seems to know what he is talking about.
    It is worth to try though since there is no upsells as you mentioned 🙂

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Edy,

      he is indeed a very smart person and he definitely has some great strategies when it comes to affiliate marketing. I soak up every information I can get about affiliate marketing and in my opinion Jay Wessman has great information to offer.


  3. Jill

    Hmm, interesting. I guess I would have given him a wide berth – what with his strap line and appearance as it doesn’t sound or sound too professional, but I’ll certainly keep him on my radar and will look into his course. Thanks for taking the time to purchase the product in pursuit of research. Just goes to show that you can’t always judge a book by the cover!

    1. Aj

      Hey Jill. Don’t give him a wide birth. I’m 43 and I’m doing what he does because of what he does. I purchased the course after actually talking to him. He gave me a lot of advise before purchasing, honestly after talking to him I could done it with his info but the course laid out more, now some info is out of date due to Google, hence version 2. As for not looking professional your couldn’t be more wrong. He’s an average / real dude getting off his arse and working/ making money online without being like us drones working 9 hours a day. Most of the “gurus” on the internet either ignored my questions or asked if I purchased their product, Jay did not ask this once, he is forth coming and very professional. Cheers. Aj

  4. tinnakon

    Interesting information I follow the first video to one another and one another. I need to watch more video later but what I think is that it could worth a try after I can get some website in WA to a security point.

  5. Emily

    hi Pierre
    hmmmm I guess the guy chose an interesting name for himself and his program….It catches people’s attention but does not sound too professional. But whatever works. The price seems reasonable and from what you say it seems like it can actually help you build your site. The fact that there is no trial period is a negative though. One has to place a lot of faith into the guy to just jump in

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Emily,

      yeah the name is a little bit weird, but it is not only the truth, it is a clever marketing strategie, too! Do you think you will forget the Lazy Ass Stoner who makes money with his own websites? You probably won´t and that is really clever.
      Screw 95 is definitely a great product and at the moment Jay Wessman is working on his second product. I am looking forward to it!


  6. Pierre

    Thanks Pierre for all your info on this. I was the same as you, the name ‘Lazy Ass Stoner’ put me off but a while ago I watched quite a few of his videos – how to get more followers on Twitter, how to get more page views from Reddit etc. and you’re right, he does know what he’s talking about.

    I only realised recently that he designed a training program – I would be very interested in this but I’m not sure if it’s available or not at the moment – when I go to the Screw 95 site it says it’s not currently available because he’s currently working on Screw 2 – a more in-depth and thorough version by the sounds of it. I will keep checking – I really hope its available soon. Thank you for all your research and info and for the recommendation.

    All the best!

    1. Pierre Post author


      yes the Lazy Ass Stoner definitely knows what he is talking about. I love all of his videos on Youtube.

      Thank you for that information. I did not know that he shut Screw 95. I think it is great that he is making a second product right now and I will definitely review it.
      If you want to make money with Affiliate marketing check out Wealthy Affiliate here at my website. It is a great training platform which will teach you everything when it comes to affiliate marketing. In my opinion it is even better then Screw 95 even if they do not have Jay Wessman on board haha.



  7. natalie holland

    I love Jay from Lazy ass stoner — I watched all his you tube vids and they’re awesome. I think the name is hilarious actually. Jay is an intelligent guy who has so brilliant no-BS views and really great tips. Had I known about this course when it first came out, I would have done it at the time. Not sure what more I’d learn from it now — I know he was working on another updated one but I haven’t seen any more info about it yet. I’m sure it will be great though — he really gets his point across well and his training is really simple to understand. So, I’d recommend it to any newbies.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Natalie,

      yes his Youtube videos are a smash! I can´t count how many times I have watched them. Not only because they are great, I think Jay is a very good teacher too. I am waiting for his new course and I will immediately buy it to review it. So if you need any information when the new course comes out, remember me 🙂



    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jesse,

      absolutely! He might be a stoner, but he is a genious 🙂
      I like him a lot and the stuff he teaches will get you some results!




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