It´s a Trap!!

avoiding scams onlineWe all want to make money, right? We all are looking for somebody who will teach us everything we need to know to make a lot of money. As we search we can find a lot of programs who can help us to make money. Some even guarantee that we make a lot of money in a blink.

Bang! Make 100000 in one month with this special program – It is a good kept secrets that employers do not want you to know…. Ever heard or read that? Hahaha. Well, that sounds like a scam and most of the time it is a scam. The owner of such programs just want one thing – Your money! They do not want to help you or tell you their secrets, they do not want you to make bank.

You earned your money!

There are so much scams out there, it is horrible. My site is about working from home and becoming a millionaire, it is about making money, not losing money or wasting money. So I do not want to lose money and I do not want my readers to lose money either. Always remember, you worked for your money and you earned it, your money should be some holy thing for you. I mean you worked for it, maybe you even did things you do not like for it. (I am not talking about any strange illegal things here.)
So let´s make sure, that you and I use our hard earned money for things that makes sense on the way to work from home and becoming a millionaire.

You always have to work to get money

It is your money!I know that everyone in the world wants to make quick money, but I am very sorry, most of the times, this won´t happen. You will always have to work for money, there is not such a thing or program that will create money for you by itself. You should get used to the idea to work hard for the money. The harder you work, the bigger the success…if you do it right.

You’ll be informed by me about the scams out there

I will list every scam that I can find on my website, so you can see what you should not buy. Of course I will not only list them, you will get a complete review by me with a score from 1 to 100.

As I said, there are uncountable scams out there and I think I will be busy with listing and reviewing scams for a lifetime. I will keep you up-to-date about the newest programs that become apparent as scams. So if you consider to buy a new product that guarantee you to make a lot of money in three seconds, head over to my website and look if I already reviewed that product, maybe it can help you!

I wish you much success everyone, I hope my Scam Category will save your money!

….Ah, by the way… how do you like my little hint on Star Wars with the title of this page “It´s a Trap!!”?…I am such a genius!

All the best,



4 thoughts on “It´s a Trap!!

  1. David

    This is a great idea, there are so many scams out there and we need someone who can help us know which. I think to a degree though, virtually everything is oversold simply because otherwise it is hard to compete in the market place. Good stuff though!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Thanky you very much David,

      I´m glad that you like my idea of listing scams here. Hope it will help you!


  2. septiana

    Hi Pierre

    I might say that I’m a skeptic by using nature. I evaluate and research the everything money. My experience with making money online also tell me that all the get rich schemes online are a scam. Stay away from it.


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Septiana,

      you are right, there is nothing in the world that will make you rich immediately. The owner of such scam products play with your dreams and desires and tell you it is possible. However that is always a lie. You will get rich if you are committed to get rich, but it won´t be in a blink and it won´t be with suchscam products.



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