Is Zoombucks A Scam? No – But It Is A Big Waste Of Your Time

By | November 10, 2015

Zoombucks ReviewA lot of people on the internet are looking for ways to make money online. It is a big topic today and earning money online is definitely possible. I know it, because I earn money on the internet. For most people it is very appealing to join websites which pay them for taking surveys and I really can understand why it is so appealing to them. You do not have to do much. Just take a survey and you are done. However most survey sites do not pay well … if they pay at all. If you stumbled upon this article you might want to if Zoombucks is a scam, or if it is a well paying survey site. I had a look at this survey site and you might not like what I found. Here is my Zoombucks review.

Earn Zoombucks to get what you want

This is what most survey sites do. You do not earn money directly, most survey sites offer credits for surveys. The survey site Zoombucks calls their credits Zoombucks.

If you join this survey site you will be offered 20 Zoombucks if you confirm your email address. After that you will get 5 Zoombucks for telling them your birthday. Then you will be asked if you would like to earn money by watching videos on this survey site. You will get 3 Zoombucks if you click yes – aaaand after that they tell you that you should look for the “watch videos” button. Only by clicking “okay” you get 2 Zoombucks.

The first thing I thought was: Wow I earn those credits fast – and this is the exact first impression they want to make. This survey site wants you to think that you could earn those Zoombucks easily. Believe me, I reviewed a lot of survey sites and I have never seen one that pays good money, or one where you can earn money quickly. That is just the way it is and I will come to that later.

Completing surveys is not the only way to earn Zoombucks

Most survey sites do not only offer surveys you can take to earn credits. Zoombucks also offers you to watch videos, play games or join contests.

Further you also can invite other people to Zoombucks. If you do so you will earn 10% of what they earn. This could be interesting, but only if you invite A LOT of people and without any experience in internet marketing, you will not be able to invite a lot of people… and to be honest, if you are experienced in internet marketing, you won´t waste your time with paid surveys.

How much can you earn – I think nothing

Here comes the funny part my friend. As I already said, I reviewed a lot of survey sites and none of them was lucrative. Zoombucks is not different at all.Zoombucks legit

You can get a Amazon Gift Card for 300 Zoombucks, that means that 100 Zoombucks are worth one dollar. Zoombucks offers surveys where you can get 20 to 100 Zoombucks per survey and they say you could do that on a daily basis. Of course I immediately clicked on the surveys which should give me 90 or 100 Zoombucks. Ohhhh surprise, surprise, who would have thought! I was not able to take those surveys. Have a look:zoombucks legitimateWanna know how you can make a living online?

I took another survey for 20 Zoombucks, but unfortunately according to the survey site, my connection was lost. I had a stable internet connection all the time. Wow, really? They get my information, I fill out their surveys and then they say my connection was lost? Smells fishy as hell.

zoombucks reviewsAnd even if you would get those 20 Zoombucks for completing a survey, it would still not be worth your time. 20 Zoombucks mean that you would earn 20 cents for completing a survey which often times takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Would you work for 20 or 40 cents per hour? I am pretty sure you wouldn´t and if you would, than let me tell you that there are more lucrative ways to make money online.

You will not get many surveys

So IF those surveys would work and if you would qualify for those surveys (I highly doubt it) you will still get not many surveys per day. Here have a look:Zoombucks scam

It says that there is only one survey available for me. Not much, huh? I could also qualify for more surveys, but that would mean that I have to fill out more forms and that I would only waste my time with that. You do not get Zoombucks for filling out their forms.

Is Zoombucks a scam? My verdict

I think that many parts of Zoombucks are pretty scammy. However all survey sites are the same here. They lure you in with big promises, but in the end it takes sooo much time to get the rewards you want, because you can´t take as much surveys as you want. You might be able to earn Zoombucks and you might be able to get the rewards you want after a looong time and much work, but it is not what they showed you and what the site promised.

In my opinion Zoombucks is like every other survey site out there – it is a big waste of time.

Zoombucks is not worth your time!

Don´t join survey sites just because it seems to be the easy way. It is just not worth the time, go and spend some time with your family and friends instead of joining survey sites.

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How I make money

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Do you have any experience with paid surveys? Let me know about it in the comment section below!
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4 thoughts on “Is Zoombucks A Scam? No – But It Is A Big Waste Of Your Time

  1. Donna

    100 Zoombucks is ONE dollar??!! OMG. Have to admit when I walked out of my job I turned to the internet for a way to make some money at home. I wish I could of came by more places like this before I wasted so much time….and $$.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Donna,

      most survey sites you can find on the internet are using those points, or credits, or in this case Zoombucks. Most of the time 1000 points are worth $10. Most people do not realize that it is just a big waste of time then.

      As I always say: Survey sites are just useless … well, at least most of them.

      Thank you very much Donna!


  2. emily

    hi Pierre
    I agree with you that survey sites such as Zoombucks are not worth it. Technically they are not a scam but really who wants to make like 30 cents an hour answering a zillion questions? Yes I guess it beats doing nothing but is it worth your time? No. If one wants to make money, then this is not the place. As you started discussing the points system, the first thing that popped into my mind was “yes but how much is worth a point?”. And the answer is not a whole lot. I think they put those big numbers “oh earn 500 points” but then you realize that equates to like $5. So I am with you that it is not worth it.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Emily,

      I think you are absolutely right with your comment, but to be honest: I would rather do nothing than taking surveys for 20 cents or so.
      This is not making money, this is just wasting time. If you want to make money and you are taking survey, you just do not want it enough. There are really better ways to earn money online, as I already said in my article and I hope that the people who are interested in it, really understand that.

      Thank you very much for your comment Emily!



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