Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam? High Paying Surveys Are A Myth

By | November 11, 2015

Is Take Surveys For Cash a scamSmall work from home jobs like taking surveys are very appealing to a lot of people and I totally understand why. Many people are looking for ways to make money online and survey sites seem to be the quickest way for that. You need no experience at all, you just need to have an opinion and all the survey sites tell you that you can earn tons of money only by doing surveys. Unfortunately that is not the truth. I reviewed many surveys sites and there wasn´t a single site which really delivered what it promised. Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam? Well if you think that Jason White really is the king of surveys, I have to disappoint you.

Have a look at the website

The website of Take Surveys For Cash has SCAM written all over it. Jason Whit wants to make you think that he really is the king of survey, but who has given him that title? Right, nobody!

Take Surveys For Cash reviewThe website is full of big promises, but believe me, there is no survey site in the world that would pay so much like you can see on the website of Take Surveys For Cash. I mean open your eyes, you can see a bank account there which says $121,606.83 and Jason White wants to make you think that he earned that by taking surveys. Do you really believe that? If yes, stop it right now, lol! Of course this bank account is a fake and even if it would not be a fake, the money does not come from taking surveys.

Who in the world would pay me so much only for my opinion? Even if he earned that in a year, it is impossible with surveys. Whos opinion is worth so much money? Maybe Bill Clintons opinion, lol.

The secret trick

Take Surveys For Cash scamJason White tells you on his website that he found a secret trick to get so much surveys which are all high paying. You can see a gmail account there full of emails with surveys. Well first of all, every email I got from those survey sites looks exactly like that. The survey sites promise you that you can get good money by taking a survey, $90 to $300 for example. However in the end you only get maybe $1 or sometimes even nothing for taking the survey, because you connection was lost on the last page of the survey… wow weird huh?

Further most of the times they tell you that you are not suitable for this survey.

So the gmail account of Jason White is nothing special and it does not show you the result of a secret trick.

The weird checks

Have a look at these checks here.Take Surveys For Cash legit

So one is about $3 and the other is about $500. Yeah, right. Who in the world would want to cash out after earning $3? In fact most survey sites do not even do that. You have to earn about $50 for example before you can cash out.

Further whats up with the check about $500? I mean come on, it is so obvious that this is just a fake.

The video

The video is the worst thing about the website of Take Surveys For Cash. You can clearly tell that a voice actor is talking there, but okay, that is not a sign for a scam. However Jason White shows you a check about $500 from Survey Savvy there and he tells you that he got that from taking a two hour survey. Well, I reviewed Survey Savvy and believe me, the emails you get from Survey Savvy might tell you that you can make so much money with one survey, but it is impossible.

The price of Take Surveys For Cash

If you want to join Take Surveys For Cash you have to pay $39 (downsell $12). Jason White does everything to manipulate you and lure you into his membership. He even wants to tell you that he is such an important person, that the companies only send him and the people he recommends special surveys which will make you so much money.

Of course the website say that there are only a few spots left. Further you are supposed to get a bonus of $50, so that means you do not pay a single dollar for Take Surveys For Cash, you even get more money back, WOW I am surprised! …. No, I am not.

This website is full of manipulating marketing strategies and that´s it.

Is Take Surveys For Cash a scam? My Verdict

I already said it, but I have to say it again: I reviewed A LOT of survey sites. Get Cash For Surveys, 1 Hour Survey and so on and so forth. There was no survey site that delivered what it promised. Most of the times you do not even earn money by taking survey, you earn credits which you can trade for gift cards or something like that.

The high paying surveys are a myth, they are not real. I understand that you might think that surveys are a quick way to make money online, but it really is just a waste of time. There are a lot of other ways how you can make money online.

I would not join Take Surveys For Cash!

How you can make money online

There are definitely ways to make money online, but you have to understand that it definitely takes work and commitment to make a living online. Get rich quick is a lie!

I make money with affiliate marketing. This training platform showed me how to do so. They have a great step-by-step training which is suited to beginners and they have over 400000 members.
The training platform already exists since 10 years, so it is definitely a legit company.

I was a total beginner, but only with the help of this platform I was able to create a consistent income online. So if you are really interested in making money from home, I suggest you have a look at it. The good thing about it is, that you can join it for free and have a look at their training.

Did you join a survey site? Have you ever received a really high payment from one survey? Tell me about your experience in the comment section below!

I hope my Take Surveys For Cash review helped you! Would love to receive a feedback from you 🙂

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