Is Pinecone Research Legit Or Is It A Scam?

By | November 25, 2015

Pinecone Research reviewIf you are looking for ways to earn money online, you probably stumbled upon work at home jobs. Today you can take surveys online or enter data from home and you get paid for that. At first this definitely sounds like a great opinion. You do not need any experience for that, everyone has their own opinion and almost everyone can enter data. So I definitely get why so many people are interested in survey sites like Pinecone Research. The problem with those survey sites is, that they do not pay very well … if they pay you at all. Is Pinecone Research legit, or is it even a scam? I had a closer look at this survey site and I am going to tell you what I think about it. Here is my Pinecone Research review.

Pinecone Research Sign up – An adventure!

So I heard a lot about Pinecone Research and I did my research on it. I read a few reviews which were quite positive, but also a lot of negative reviews, so I had to take a closer look at this survey site. So I visited the website of Pinecone Research, I read the stuff on their website and then I wanted to join. … Where is the sign up button?

So we have three possibilities here: First is that I am just blind and did not find that damn button. The second is that I am just stupid and I can´t read right and surprise, surprise, the third possibility is, that there is no sign up button.

It seems that I am not blind and not completely dumb, because there really is no sign up button. So I did my research on how to get in there. There are a few websites in the Google search results which stated that Pinecone Research makes it hard to join, because they have special surveys, but that is just a lot of bla bla. I believe that those websites are something like affiliates for survey sites like Pinecone Research.

I managed to join Pinecone Research … or not?

So I chose one of the websites in the Google search results and join Pinecone Research through it … well at least that was the plan. However I was not able to join Pinecone Research even if I clicked on “join Pinecone Research”. It always showed me another survey site called Paid Surveys at Home.

At first I thought this was a mistake, so I tried to join through another website, but it was always the same. It always redirected me to the survey site Paid Surveys at Home.

What is Paid Surveys at Home

Unfortunately there was no way to join Pinecone Research, so I thought maybe Pinecone Research is related to Paid Surveys at Home and after I joined this survey site I will get to Pinecone Research.

Well, it was not a good idea. If you came to the website of Paid Surveys at Home, you have to watch a looooong, I mean looooong, video where they explain some stuff before you can join. So you have to watch it, there is no way around it. I reviewed a lot of survey sites and I have seen a lot of those videos. To be honest, I watched the first minute and I knew that it is just more of the same, so I turned my speakers off and did something else until the video ended.Pinecone Research legit

After that I could join Paid Surveys at Home. These 2 steps showed up and here it started to smell really fishy and I can guarantee you, nobody cooked in my house at that time.Pinecone Research scam

Should you really join those survey sites?

It costs $68 to join this survey site but fortunately (LOL) they give you a 50% coupon so that you only have to pay $34 to get in. Wait … what exactly am I going to pay for? Yes, I really have no idea. Do you? Am I going to have to take surveys, do I have to play games, do I have to swim with bull sharks? What exactly do I get for my money?

Tired of hoping for the holy Survey Site that pays well?

Why you should not join

Joining a program without even knowing what you are going to get is always a bad idea. The owners of this survey site could let you test their site before you have to pay $34. That would show you at least that they are confident about their survey site and that they got nothing to hide. It is always a bad sign if you have to join something without knowing a thing about it.

Further you might have seen that ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. Hmm what products? I thought this is a survey site?!
Besides that ClickBank is known for its low quality product, even though ClickBank is not a scam, I would not purchase thri products without testing it first.

So in my opinion you definitely should not join Pinecone Research or Paid Surveys at Home. Paid surveys are always a waste of time, because the payment is so low and the survey sites want to make you think that you are not qualified for most of the surveys and that is why you only get 1 (or so) surveys per week.

There are definitely better and more lucrative ways to earn money online and you also need no experience for that. Is Pinecone Research legit? No, in my opinion it is not.

Pinecone Research is a waste of time …and money!

How you can make money online

Taking surveys will never be lucrative, be realistic. It is easy work and no company would pay you big money for that. So if you want to earn 20 cents to $1 per hour, survey sites are the right place for you.

However if you want to earn more money, or if you even want to make a living online, there is no way around starting your own online business. Don´t worry it sounds hard, but it is not.

In fact I started my own online business without any experience at all, so I was a total beginner, just like you might be now. This training platform shows you how you can create your own online business on any topic you like. It is the program that got me started and I make a consistent income online today.

If you are really interested in making money online, have a look at it!

Tell me about your experiences with survey sites in the comments below 🙂

Any questions? Leave me a message in the comments, I always get back to my readers quickly.

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6 thoughts on “Is Pinecone Research Legit Or Is It A Scam?

  1. Melody

    I caution anyone against Paid Surveys at Home!!!! I have been down the road with them before. The only positive thing I can say is that I did get my money back. If you have paid for this service get your money now. They offer absolutely nothing but a list of survey sites and a phone call asking you to invest thousands of dollars along with hundreds of other calls from random online internet companies.

    Thank You Pierre for sharing this review. I actually felt my blood boil when I seen where pinecone research leads. Not cool at all! Great review! Loved it!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Melody,

      thank you so much for your short and honest review. I am sure that this will help a lot of people out there. It is always great to write a review to help people here on my site, but it is even better when I get reviews from other people who also tested the program or the website.

      Thanks again!


  2. Diyanne

    Hi, I’ve been looking for a way of making extra income online and I think your post might be it. I am going to look it out and see what comes out if it. I Mean if you don’t try you’ll never know Hein!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Diyanne,

      good to hear that. Yeah there are definitely a few legit ways to make money online and oyu can find them here on my website. Hope it helps 🙂



  3. zedoka

    Hi Pierre! I like your introduction to how one makes money online taking surveys. There is a lot of people out there that claim that making money online is easy. And they all seem to be legit on the surface. I appreciate that you personally investigated the website you reviewed on this page. The reviews like yours help me understand those kind of opportunities better and be realistic in my expectations. Thank you!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Zedoka,

      most people really think that there isa lot of money to make with paid surveys. I am glad that you understood that this is not the case.
      Making money is definitely possible for everyone, but it is a lot of work, since there is no “easy money”.

      I am glad that my review helped you! Thanks for the feedback!



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