Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? Why You Will Only Lose Money

By | February 15, 2016

Online Wealth Markets scamProduct name: Online Wealth Markets

Price: $4.95 Trial (Downsell: $1.95) + $250 Investment
Rating: 0 out of 100

If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in programs that are supposed to help you to make money from home. Well maybe you have already noticed that most of the programs which promise you things like that are scams. Online Wealth Markets is such a program which promises you that you can easily make a lot of money with it. To me, things like that immediately sound fishy, but is Online Wealth Market a scam? I had a very close look at this program. Here is what I found out.

Short review

I know that a lot of you guys, do not have the time or patience to read the complete article, this is why I created a short review for your here.
Online Wealth Markets never really reveals what they have to offer or how you are going to make money. The truth is, that Online Wealth Markets is just a binary trading software, which they call the Online Wealth Markets App. Such binary trading softwares do not work and are more like gambling.

Further they want you to invest $250 after you have joined the trial membership for $5. So the real price is $255.

A lot of people already claimed that they lost all their money with Online Wealth Markets and that they get bothered with phone calls by people who wanted to sell them random stuff after they entered their phone number in Online Wealth Markets.

This is a complete scam a lot of people already fell for.

My Recommendation: If you are really looking for a way to earn money online, I recommend to have a look at this online community here instead of joing the Online Wealth Markets scam.

Doing a little bit of research

Doing my research on Online Wealth Markets was pretty easy to be honest. I knew within 1 minute that this program won´t help anybody to make money. When I did a search in Google, the first page was full of fake review sites which tell you that Online Wealth Markets is definitely legit and that you do not need to worry about it being a scam.

Online Wealth Markets reviewFurther I found a couple of websites of Online Wealth Markets. The main website seems to be The website has that typical layout, most cheap scams use. In the top of the website you can always see some logos of well known companies. In this case it is Apple, Nike, Google, Coca Cola, Amazon and Facebook. This means absolutely nothing. Scams like this use those logos to fool you. They want to make you think, that their website/program is a trusted program by big companies. The logos are not clickable and they are not really accurate, so no one could sue them for using their logo without permission.

The other websites of Online Wealth Markets, for example, look a little bit different then the main website, but they also have a pretty cheap layout, most scam websites use.

I really have seen a lot of scams using this layout. Fore example Online Cash Source, or Creating Income System. They might not use the same colour, but you can tell that they look very similar.

What is Online Wealth Markets

It seems that Online Wealth Markets is one of those online jobs where you just have to do things like data entry or something like that. They use phrases like “working from home” or “no prior online experience required”. However in fact, Online Wealth Markets is nothing more that a binary trading software. They call it the Online Wealth Markets App.

What is a binary trading software?

I know that a lot of people actually do not know what a binary trading software is, so here is a short explanation for you. Binary options trading is a very simple from of trading which becomes more and more popular, since it seems to be so easy. (Making money is never easy)

I like to compare binary options trading software to gambling and here is why: A binary options trading software predicts the market for you. For example, the software “guesses” for you that the price of oil will rise in the next minutes. It will place a bet for you of, let´s say, 100 bucks. If the price of oil will really rise in that time, you win a percentage of the amount you have bet. If the software was wrong, you will lose everything.

Do you understand now, why I compare it to gambling? No one can predict the market for such a short period of time, that is why trading softwares like Online Wealth Markets do not work.

They lure you into their membership

To make it seem more legit they tell you that you only have to pay around 5 bucks for a trial of Online Wealth Markets, so you can see yourself that this is a legit program. In the beginning you might think: “Well, only around 5 bucks! Why not? I´ll give it a try.” However this is exactly what those scammers want. They want to lure you into their membership and after they got you, they will persuade you to buy more stuff.

Here is what happens after you bought the 5 bucks trial membership. They will show you why their binary options trading software is so good and why you will make so much money with it. You will be told that this software has a success rate of over 80% and even if you lose one time, you will win back you money multiple times, so you can´t really lose. This is all just a fake. They only tell you that so you deposit around $250 with Banc de binary, which is the recommended broker of Online Wealth Markets.

The real price of Online Wealth Markets is $255

Yes, you read right, the 5 bucks trial was just a bait, you will have to pay around $255 bucks in total for this program, otherwise you can´t get started.
After you have deposited the 250 bucks, the program is okay for around a week, after that you won´t succeed anymore. You most probably will lose all your money and all what´s left is you, realizing that you just fell for a scam.

You do not believe me? You want hard evidence? No problem. Have a look at the reviews below. These are all written from people who tried Online Wealth Markets, they all have been scammed and they lost their money. The reviews are from a website which promotes Online Wealth Markets. The owner of this website answered all the questions of people who needed help joining the program. However he never replied to any of the questions and reviews of all the people who have been scammed.Online Wealth Markets legitOnline Wealth Markets reviews

This is not only the proof that this software is a scam. It is also a proof that there are many fake reviews of Online Wealth Markets.

The 1-on-1 coaching call

The trial of Online Wealth Markets includes a 1-on-1 coaching call. That is why you also have to enter your phone number if you want to join Online Wealth Markets. I know that such a coaching call might seem good to a lot of people who just want to get help, who just want someone who shows them how to make money online. Well, I am sorry to say that, but you won´t be coached in those calls. In fact you will be called by slick salesmen who want to sell you stuff you do not need. Those calls won´t end so quickly, as you can see in the review below, this person wanted to quit their membership as soon as possible, to top the calls.Online Wealth Markets app

Those people will call you with an anonymous number so you can´t block them. Hopefully you do not need to get a new number.

Is Online Wealth Markets a scam?

I think I do not really have to explain why you won´t make any money with Online Wealth Markets. This program does not make a lot of money by selling you the trial membership. In fact they make money by referring a lot of people to the Banc de binary, which is the broker Online Wealth Markets will referr you to. Everytime you make a trade with the Online Wealth Markets app, they will earn a commission from that.

The success rate of such trading software is very low and as you might have seen above, many people already lost all of their money, because they trusted Online Wealth Markets.

Further you will be bothered with a lot of phone calls that are disguised as 1-on-1 coaching calls. Unfortunately you won´t receive any training here, all they trying to do is selling you useless stuff.

Is it a scam? In my opinion it definitely is. They claim that they show you teh easy way to make money and that you do not need any prior experience for that. That might be true, but nobody told you about the risks of such binary trading softwares. I would never recommend to buy Online Wealth Markets.

Online Wealth Markets is useless!


If you really want to make money online, you should not rely on your luck while using binary trading softwares. Trust me, you will lose. Instead I recommend you to make money with something you really like.

Yepp, that is possible! This online community below showed me how I can make money from home with things I really like. They offer an awesome step-by-step training on how to make money online with things you like … for free.

This is the program that got me started and till now it is the best program I have reviewed so far and one of the few programs in this niche that really work. Interested?

Get more information on that online community!

I hope that I could save you some bucks with this review.

Have you ever used any binary trading softwares? Let´s talk about it in the comment section below!
If you have any questions, simply leave me a message in the comment section below. I usually get back to my readers quickly.

All the best,



12 thoughts on “Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? Why You Will Only Lose Money

  1. jiko

    i felled into the wealth market scam but i only paid the 4.99$ , but i didn’t pay the 250$ because i did my researches before that , then i figure it out that it was scam and immediately blocked my debit card , HEROES like this guy save online community .

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jiko,

      I am really flattered right now, I have never been called a hero … haha thanks.
      It is always great to hear thatz I could help someone with my review, I am very happy for you that you did not lose so much money 🙂

      All the best,


  2. Monika Kotuchova

    Hi,could something happend if I just pay 4,99 and I dont want continue after I read this….is my bank account in risk?

    1. Pierre Post author

      It might be in danger, but I can´t say for sure. I would always take my credit card details out of such stuff.


  3. Sudip Chatterjee

    There is one more website and they also do the same. Once you register with them, immediately you will receive a call and somebody will be keen to help you to deposit online minimum $250 and for that they will ask for entire details including CVV number. So once they have all the details they can do whatever they want. However I was very rude to the caller and informed him that I will deposit online, which I did and also had to submit credit card photos both side, I managed to hide the CVV and sent it. The account was active within the same day and it is Binary Trading, they trade minimum for $25, so within a few days after keeping it on AutoTrade mode it was reduced to $150. I had sent a mail to their support and somebody asked me to contact her on FB, which I did. I was surprised to note that the lady was encouraging me to do manual trade and also sent me a link to learn manual trading. Anyway to cut it short, the amount came down to $16 on Thursday and again it increased to $86 on Friday. There is no way you can make 1000$ to 10000$ a month and also leave your job :). By the way the broker is same Banc De Binary. So there is no shortcut to easy money. Entire online community is going Gaga about CopyBuffet software and unfortunately if provide any negative review it does not get published. Lets hope it is published here

    1. Pierre Post author

      Of course I publish your awesome comment 🙂

      I only publish and create honest content here on my website. There is enough bad stuff on the internet and on this website we will not add more of that.

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. RL

    I was ready to join that piece of shit scam. I got a call from Denmark and I asked him how does this work and what was in it for him. And said he will take 15%. So, I said give me more information on how is it 96-98% successful when the Market is in crisis. He kept repeating how their company is secure and 96-98% successful. That’s when I hung up. Thank you for the article.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Good that you hung up! Best decision you could have made 🙂

      You are welcome!


  5. genius

    Hello regard to u my totally agreed with u..they re scammer and im glad i didnt paid anythng for them..yah..the re asking for initial deposit by persuade the client it is for INVESTMENT..but frankly speaking it not scam..u done ur research excellently..tq ya

  6. ismail

    I already entered my CVV Code for the registration of the account but didn’t entered any details further when they asked for deposit at…. (
    Can it be harmful for me in future?
    as i entered All the details …
    I am really worried … 🙁

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Ismail,

      I would definitely try to delete your CVV code. I don´t know if it might cause trouble, but you are on the safe side then.

      All the best,



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