Is Internet Lifestyle Network a Scam? – My Internet Lifestyle Network Review

By | August 18, 2015

Internet Lifestyle Network ReviewAs I was browsing through the internet in order to find some products to review I found this here: Lifestyle Design Network which was called Internet Lifestyle Network in the past. This product seem to be pretty popular so I thought I should write a Lifestyle Design/ Internet Lifestyle Network review. Daddy is smelling some kind of pyramid scheme here…

Product: Lifestyle Design Network or Internet Lifestyle Network – I will call it Internet Lifestyle Network here.
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Price: $37 a month, $97 a month + upsells
Owners: Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson

What Is Internet Lifestyle Network ?

Ahhh yes – good question! Internet Lifestyle Network is supposed to be a program which shows you how to earn money on the internet by refering people to join Internet Lifestyle Network. You see? Sounds like a pyramid scheme, right? Yes it is!

Okay some of you people might say now that it also has real products like courses which you can buy so it is not really a pyramid scheme. Oh come on people! You are not really that naive to believe just because it has some real products it can´t be MLM!
Internet Lifestyle Network scamI mean have a closer look at their products. All of them are “teaching” you how to refer people to join Internet Lifestyle Network. I wrote “teaching”, because it is not even a good training. A good product/ program which is not a pyramid scheme provides some valuable information / training and not only some training about refering to that particular product. Not the case here, fellas!

Just to be thorough here in the What-is-it-chapter: Internet Lifestyle Network is supposed to teach you to post affiliate links, connect with people on Facebook, create videos and upload it on Youtube and forward emails….. of course to promote Internet Lifestyle Network … don´t know if I already said that.

What I like about Internet Lifestyle Network

Nothing. Sorry, but I am not sorry.

What I do not like about Internet Lifestyle Network

If you thought I do not provide you with valuable content because of the really short previous chapter “What I like”, maybe this chapter here can convince you by the opposite, since I found a lot of stuff I do not like about Internet Lifestyle Network. Have fun 🙂

The price

Apprentice Members – $37 a month
Professional Members – $97 a month
Executive Members – $997 a month
Total Lifestyle Alliance – $2,000 down payment & $250 a month for 48 months

Do I need to say more? Sorry I have to go, I need to sell my kidney to be able afford Internet Lifestyle Network!

Do not sell your kidney! Try this for free

The Upsells

I said it before and I say it again, I hate upsells. They are nervy, they are dubious and they tell me that the product is not legit 99 % of the time.

One of the upsells containts getting cheap deals by a company named Global Resource Network. Seriously? What the hell is that and who would want that if he joins such a program?

However the best is yet to come! If you sold your kidney and decided to upgrade to become an Executive Member you will be introduced to Total Lifestyle Alliance. I have no idea what it really is, but if you pay even more Total Lifestyle Alliance guarantees you to pay you $10,000 back if you did not make $10,000 within 12 months.
What an impertinent scam!

The courses

The courses do not provide you with valuable information. I want to be thorough here and tell you why.

  • Course 1: Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula
    Lesson 3: 6-Figure Earner’s Daily Facebook Playbook
    This shows you how to spam your affiliate link from Internet Lifestyle Network on Facebook and make everybody in your friendlist hate you.Lesson 4: 6-Figure + Speed Wealth Thoughts
    Took a little nap while watching this video here. It was about changing my mindset.
  • Course 2: The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula
    Lesson 2: Create a Blog
    This video is about creating your blog. It does not show you anything more than this. If you want to learn more, how to blog for example, you have to upgrade and become a Professional Member…the video is 29 minutes long by the way.
    How to Start a Blog and Make Money This is my post on how to create a blog and make money. It contains more valuable information than the video mentioned above and it is for free. You are welcome… lol.

internet lifestyle network legitIs Internet Lifestyle Network a scam?

So I hope that everybody understood that this program is a pyramid scheme even if you think at first that it is not. I am a fair person and if a program provides some good education on a particular topic I am the first to admit it. However this program has nothing to offer.

My verdict

This program contains no valuable information on how to make money online. The only thing it does is to show you how to bother other people to join Internet Lifestyle Network.
Besides that it is expensive as hell and since the training is not good you are wasting money for nothing.

Internet Lifestyle Network is a scam!

I recommend to stay away from this program, because you will only end up with less money, less friends on Facebook and maybe with less organs, since you have to sell them on the black market to be able to afford Internet Lifestyle Network.

I hope that my Internet Lifestyle Network review was helpful for you!

My recommendation

I make money with affiliate marketing and I really like it. If you want to know how I do that and what got me started you should have a look at my #1 FREE recommended program.

You know, obviously I do not know you, so I can´t say if this program I recommend is for you. What I can say, however, is that my recommendation is for free. So you can take a little test drive there and see if you like it.

If you have any further questiones, just leave me a message in the comments below!
Have you been scammed by this program? Let me know in the comments!

All the best,



14 thoughts on “Is Internet Lifestyle Network a Scam? – My Internet Lifestyle Network Review

  1. Chris

    Hey Pierre,
    I can’t believe the crap some people promote on the web. Internet Lifestyle Network sounds like the biggest and ugliest money making scam out there. And that’s really saying something.
    I really liked the way you played with humor in this article. I’m another who’ll be keeping my kidney intact although I don’t really know how much it would be worth anyway.
    I’m going to share this so newbies who are trying to make an honest living can keep their kidneys too.
    All the best and together let’s bring these outlaws to justice,
    Deputy Chris.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Chris,

      great to hear that you are planning on keeping your organs.
      Lol, yes I just had to make fun of it. This program is just ridiculous.

      Yepp, we will bring those outlaws to justice haha.

      Thanks Deputy Chris!


  2. Christian

    I almost choked on my coffee when I saw the price. Then coffee almost came out my nose when you said “don’t sell your kidney”. What is baffling is that there are actually people out there paying these exorbitant prices. I hope your review reaches far and wide and saves some folks some money.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Christian,

      well I am glad you were still able to comment after you “enjoyed” your coffee, lol!

      The price is just ridiculous and it remembers me of another program which has also such a high price. It is called Six Figure Mentors and it also costs thousands of dollars.

      Yes, funny that people really pay so much money, right? I really hope that I can stop a lot of people from joining this program.

      Thank you Christian!


  3. Veronica

    Holy Hell! Excuse my language but it had to be said. That just seems like robbery!!! Your review was very eye opening about this company and hopefully with this info out there you will help some people not to fall into this trap. Very good info. Thanks for this.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Veronica,

      thanks for your comment on this review! Holy Hell describes it well 🙂
      It is indeed robbery and that is why I recommend my readers to stay away from it. Programs like Internet Lifestyle Network are always the same, but this is outstanding ridiculous.

      Yes, you said it. I hope I can help a lot of people with this review.

      All the best,


  4. Jason

    Thank goodness I found your review and saved a kidney! How is the up-sell of the Total Lifestyle Alliance scam so expensive? I feel so sorry for whomever falls victim to schemes like these.

    Pierre, your number one recommendation should be a no brainier for anyone who really wants to achieve success online. The fact that one pays nothing to give it is test run is very exciting. Thanks for taking your time to do a very good review on a very deceitful scam.


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Jason,

      I am glad to hear that your kept your organs, lol. I do not know what the owners of this program think they are selling, but yeah, it is extremely expensive.
      There are even more programs which are expensive like Internet Lifestyle Network. Six Figure Mentors is another good example. The owners of those programs want you to think that you are buying a real high quality program and that you definitely will be successful with it. This is just a marketing strategy.

      What I like about my recommended program is, that it is not a program that promises you that you will make money with it. It promises you to teach you how you can make money online buy yourself. They sell education and I think that is absolutely great.



  5. Emily

    hi Pierre!
    Oh how I hate programs like the Internet Lifestyle Network! I just hate them with a vengeance! You said it well when you said this “and make everybody in your friendlist hate you”. Yes! I am not a salesperson and there is no way that I will bother everyone around me, in my network with a zillion links or fake videos and testimonials. As that is a sure way to lose all your friends. I am not going to bother everyone I know trying to sell them a “product” so I can make money. And the freaking upsells! Let me guess when you go on their site there are a million pop ups with upsells preventing from moving forward? Typical. And the prices? Ridiculous.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Emily,

      unfortunately programs like this are all over the web and that is why people will continue to bother others with their links only to make money.
      It is just ridiculous, but I hope that I can help a lot of people with this review.

      Thank you for your comment Emily,


  6. Dan

    Hey, nice article!

    I would be interested to know how Wealthy Affiliate is different from MLM?


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Dan,

      thank you for your comment.
      The program I recommend if you want to learn how to make money is totally different from an MLM. In fact you can´t even compare it to an MLM.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform which shows you how you can make money with affiliate marketing. It is a school with a lot of students that exists over ten years now.
      That is why I recommend it. It is not one of the programs which lure you into their memberships with big promises. It is education and the students there are really successful.

      Hope this helps Dan!


  7. TERSO

    well,i want to know if the commission you paid before is where you send it?please i need your help if how could i found it please

    1. Pierre Post author


      don´t worry I´m gonna help you with this. Please just tell me the exact situation and what you are trying to do. I don´t know if I understood your question correctly.




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