Is Get Paid To Draw A Scam? Why It Will Not Work

By | February 4, 2016

Get Paid to Draw scamProduct name: Get Paid To Draw

Price: $77 to $12
Rating: 30 out of 100

If you want to make money online and type that into Google, you will see thousands of results, thousands of possibilities, thousands of ways how you are supposed to make money online. Of course most of them are not legit at all. Further you can really find a lot of weird and also unbelievable ways how people are making money online. Well at least they tell you that they make money online. You never know if it is true until you try, or read my review 🙂

Get Paid To Draw is one of those programs which are supposed to tell you how you can earn money online in a very cool way: Drawing!
I really needed to find out if Get Paid To Draw is a scam, here is why:

Until I was around 18 I think, I drew every day and I was really good at it. However at that time, there was not really a possibility for me to make money with drawing. So back in the day I would be really thankful for a program which would show me how I make money with my drawings.

Today things are a little bit different. I know about the scams out there. I know about people getting ripped off by shady internet marketers.
So it was a personal thing for me to have a look at Get Paid To Draw and see if this is actually a legit program.

Hope you enjoy my Get Paid To Draw review!

Short review

Get Paid To Draw wants to make you think that they will show you the easy way to make a lot of money with your art or photos by submitting you artwork for royalties. However this is not easy at all – this is a very competitive business and you won´t get much money from a few donwloads. In fact most people who do this professionally only make a couple of hundreds bucks per year!

Get Paid To Draw is a basic guide on how it works (at best), but not on how to make money with your art.
As a person who is really interested in art, especially in drawings, let me tell you this: If you really want to make money with your artwork, no matter what kind of art, be it drawings or photos, or whatever, I suggest you have a look at this online community instead of Get Paid To Draw.

The website

So now let us have a look at the details. How does the website of Get Paid To Draw look? Any signs of a scam there?

Well, there is not much to see. It is just a simple sales page which shows you what Get Paid To Draw will basically teach you. At least they are upfront with what they have to offer. There are many other programs out there which do not even tell you what you are going to learn. They just tell you that you are going to make a lot of money -boom, that´s it. Unfortunately people still fall for that. So a plus here for Get Paid To Draw.

However when I entered my email address, I instantly changed my mind about this program. The next page wants to tell you that people actually are able to make a lot of money with simple drawings almost instantly.

You wanna know what simple means? Have a look at this picture below!Get Paid to Draw review

Yes, I am not kidding, it is the picture from the real site, they really want to make you believe that some people make good money with such drawings. I mean, seriously? That doesn´t even smell fishy anymore, that is just BS. Come on, who would believe that?

What is Get Paid To Draw?

Basically this program will show you how you can find companies that let you submit your photos or drawings for royalties. It provides a lot of information on how and where you can find those companies.

The product includes an ebook which will show you step by step how to do all that. Further there are also video tutorials. The tutorials were actually pretty good. The quality of the videos was actually okay and the videos were easy to understand.

You also get a list of websites where you can submit your drawings and/ or your photos.

The Price of Get Paid To Draw

The initiall price is very high. I wouldn´t spend 77 bucks on that without even knowing if it works. I like to test products first, before I buy them, but I guess the owners of this product weren´t comfortable enough to give you the opportunity to take a test drive before you buy.

They also hand out a coupon to you. This way you get a 50% discount on the price of 77 bucks. So you actually have to pay $37 at the end. If you try to leave the website, they offer you another acount. You have to pay 24 bucks. What do you think I have tried after that? Right, I tried to leave the website again and tadaaa another discount. Price dropped to 12 bucks. I could imagine that you could get another discount if you try to leave again, but I accidentally hit the “leave now” button, so I did not test that again.

Of course this product also comes with a few upsells. Needless to say that I would not recommend to buy those. If the main product is that bad, imagine how bad the low quality upsells might are.

What I like about Get Paid To Draw

Well, I do not say that it is impossible to make money online with the way Get Paid To Draw look shows you. It is definitely possible, although you won´t make as much as they want to make you think.

The information given is pretty good for absolute beginners who never heard of stock photography for example. So you can definitely take this as a basic guide. However I would not really recommend it. If you are really interested in it, do a Google search and save your money.

Further I think that the ebook is definitely okay. It is very easy to read and to understand.

The video tutorials are the same here. The quality is absolutely fine. I never had any problems while playing the videos. The sound was loud and clear.

Unfortunately those are the only things which are actually good about this product. The rest is more marketing that reality.

See yourself.

What I do not like

I think it is a joke that this program really wants to make you think that this is an easy way to make money. First of all, there are almost no easy ways to make money online. You always have to be dedicated, you always have to be willing to work and you always have to give it time if you are a total beginner.

I really want to point out, that stock photography is not an easy way to make money online. To be honest, it is one of the hardest ways you can choose. It is not that only beginners struggle to make money with that. Even the professionals have a hard time to make any money with it.

Why is that so? Well, I am pretty sure that already a billion stock photos exist. This is an extremely competitive business. Every photographer would love to make money here.

You also need a lot of talent for that. You won´t get paid royalties if you do some drawings like you have seen above. You won´t get any paid royalties if you take pictures with… I don´t know, your calculator. You need a really good camera for that, so put your disposable camera away and be realistic…lol.

The funny thing is, that the sales page of this product says that you could make money by making photos with your cell phone. Oh Lord….

Besides that, the really funny sales page of Get Paid To Draw get paid to draw wants to make you think that you can make between $5 and $10 per download as you can see below.

Get Paid To Draw legit

This template shows you totally unrealistic numbers. Not many people really make that much money per download and believe me, if you just started out, there is no chance you will get that amount of money per download.

Normally you can expect around 20 cents up to one buck per download. Sounds totally different, right?


What find positive about Get Paid To Draw:

  • It is possible to make money with that method
  • The training has a good quality and it is very easy to understand
  • This guide can be used as basic nformation for absolute beginners who never heard anything about stock photography

What I find negative about Get Paid To Draw:

  • Wants to make you think that you can make money with absolutely no talent.
  • You can easily find all that information buy doing a Google search. This way you can save your money.
  • Make unrealistic claims about what you can earn with this method. You won´t make that amount of money instantly, you probably won´t ever make that much money as Get Paid To Draw wants to make you believe.
  • Come with a couple of annyoing upsells which I would not recommend to buy.

My verdict

To be honest, in my opinion Get Paid To Draw is just another program of a shady internet marketer. You can find thousands of programs which claim absolutely the same as Get Paid To Draw, they just have another topic. If you are an artist I recommend you to save your money and save your time and just do what you love, spend your time on your art instead of this useless guide.

Besides that, the information you will get from this product is totally overpriced. $12 for a few basic tipps is a joke and as I said, it even can be found on the internet for free. Keep in mind that you only have to pay 12 bucks if you try to leave the website twice. If you do not try that, you still have to pay $34.

I would not call Get Paid To Draw a scam, since you actually get something for your money, however the given information from this product won´t help you much.

My recommendation to you

I know that for most artists it is their biggest dream to make a living with what they love – their art. In fact I gave up on art when I was younger, because I was angry, that there was no way I could make money with my drawings. Maybe one of my biggest mistakes in life.

Today we are living in a great time. In a time where everybody can make money with beloved things. Even though it can be dangerous in some cases, because all those scams out there, the internet is really a big help and you actually can make money with your art and show your artwork to a wide audience.

This online community below shows you how you can make money with things you love. In this case it might be art. However you can make money with whatever you like. It is possible, I know it, because I am already doing it. I managed to create a consistent income online with things I like only with the help of that community.

It does take work! You have to be willing to work for your dreams and you have to be dedicated. If you think you got that, just have a look at that online community.

Get more information about that online community!


Are you an artist/photographer who wants to make money with artwork? What did you do to make it happen? Did it work out, or are you still struggling? Let´s talk about it. Simply leave a message in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you have any question? Leave your question in the comments below. I normally get back to my readers quickly.

I hope that my Get Paid To Draw review was helpful to you and I hope that I could save you a couple of bucks.

All the best,


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  1. Stuart Michael

    Hey am an artist and i’d like to make dollars with it.How do I go?

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Stuart,

      the training platform I recommend shows you how to create a website about something you love and make money with it. So it also shows you how you can promote your art online via your website. You can test it for free, all you need is an email address. Have a look at it, I am sure it will help you 🙂

      Here is the link: My recommendation!

      Hope it helps!




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