Is Get Cash for Surveys a Scam?

By | May 20, 2015

Get Cash for Surveys ReviewAfter writing my Paid Social Media Jobs Review I found out that Get Cash for Surveys is a partner website of it. I heard that this is another low quality product. What is Get Cash for Surveys and is Get Cash for Surveys a scam? Let´s have a closer look at this product. Here is my get Cash for Surveys review.

Product: Get Cash for Surveys
Overall Ranking: 15 out of 100
Price: $37 or $27 or $12
Owners: No Idea

The website looks like every other sales page of dubious programs in the internet which tell you that you can make money online. We have a heartbreaking story of the owner of this program Gary Mitchell. He tells us on his website that he was in debt and all of a sudden he found this crazy opportunity to make a lot of money with surveys! Wow, never heard that before!
No, I want to be serious, I have the feeling that almost every second dubious product in the “make money online” niche has an owner who was heavily in debt before they found their magic method.

OF COURSE the website also shows pictures of bank accounts and bank checks. So till now this looks like another low quality product which will not make you any money.What is Get Cash for Surveys?

What is Get Cash for Surveys?

Get Cash for Surveys is supposed to show you how to make money through taking surveys. Besides that they are supposed to show you how to get paid for reviewing new products which you can keep after writing your review.

This is what is stated on the website.

When I joined their website they even come up with more ways to make money like getting a free car and earning up to $800 a month or earning $100´s a month just by reading emails. Here is a picture.

Is get Cash for Surveys a Scam?

Well afGet Cash for Surveys Scamter purchasing this product, it comes up with a lot of upsells and downsells which is definitely a red flag! If you do not want to buy their further products, they give you a discount and if you still do not want to buy then, they give you another discount. They want to force you to buy their upsells really bad!

The upsells are not only about making money with surveys. They offer you products for making money with affiliate marketing or blogging. Twitter Profits unleashed? Very weird. You get the feeling that you did not really purchase this product to take surveys. In fact it seems that they only want to sell their other products to you. Red flag!

The Members Area looks good first. You really have the feeling that you can make money with this by filling out surveys. You can choose the area where you are located and then all available surveys will be listed for you. Unfortunately there are not a lot of surveys to fill out, so I do not think that you can make like $3000 per month with this.

You have to spend a lot of time just to fill out some surveys. High payings? Where? $5 for an hour of work is not much.
Further you do not always get money for a survey. Sometimes you only get points which you can change into money if you have enough of it.

Most importantly if you complete a survey the owner of Get Cash for Surveys get commission for that. So you are also working for them.

That means that you pay to work for someone! Last but not least have a look how they try to persuade you to buy their program if you try to leave their website. This is the first message you get after trying to leave.Is get Cash for Surveys a scam
This here is the second message after trying to leave. Another discount on their program. Another discount just to make you buy their program.get cash for surveys review scam
No thanks!

Get Cash for Surveys is not worth the money!

Do not fall for this. It is just a compilation of upsells. Besides that taking surveys is not really a profitable way to make money online.

If you want to know how to get money for doing what you like you should check out this product here. It is the best product I´v reviewed so far and they offer a great step-by-step training for FREE. It is what got me started and today I make a consistent income online.

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