Is Empower Network a Scam?

By | April 27, 2015

Is Empower Network a Scam?Product: Empower Network
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100
Price: $25 a month for basic, $100 a month for inner circle, $19 payment $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1000 15K Formula, $3500 Master´s Retreat
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Another product that was pretty hyped. I heard a lot of people talk about Empower Network and I read a lot about this product. The reason for the Hype was the marketing of the owners which is pretty relentless. Does this product deserve the hype? Or is Empower Network a scam which promises you to make bank in 2 seconds while doing nothing except breathing and being amazed. Here is my Empower Network review.

What is the Empower Network

So what is the Empower Network? That is the funny thing about Empower Network. There is no real product behind it. Empower Network wants you to promote Empower Network. That means if you buy this product you get a blog so that you can promote Empower Network on you blog.

You do not get a real product if you buy it and pay the monthly fees. You only are allowed to promote their product with the blog they give to you.

How does the Empower Network work?

Is Empower Network a Scam?Now you should have a good idea about how Empower Network works. This product has all attributes of a pyramid scheme which basically means that the only one who gets a lot of money is the person who is on the top of the pyramid and that is the owner of the product.

If you buy this product you have to become a reckless sales person who has no problem to sell products which have no real advantages. You are only selling the possibility to sell this product and that´s it. That is called “building a downline”.

There are a lot of better ways to make money online. On Wealthy Affiliate for example you get taught how to make money online while doing what you really like and not while promoting a dubious product which has no real benefit.

The price of Empower Network

Get ready to laugh out loud people. The prices are really hilarious and you can already see that this product is absolutely dubious.

E-Wallet – $19.99 per month

If you sell products you want to get paid right? Who does not want that? If you sell Empower Network you have to pay to get paid. This really needs no comment.

Inner Circle – $100 per month

Empower Network ReviewI don´t know why this is called inner circle. You get some “inner circle audios” and if you decide to purchase the inner circle you will get paid higher commissions – $100 residuals. How ridiculous is that? You pay to get higher commission for a product which is nothing more than thin air.

Costa Rica Intensive – $500 onetime

This is a video sequence which shows you how to build your business with Empower Network for the longer term. $500 for that? Really?

The $15K Formula – $1000 onetime

Here are some more videos which teach you how to promote Empower Network. You get 9 videos. All of them are very long. Every video has a length of a couple of hours but that is a waste of time. You know why? Those videos show you how to promote this product on Youtube for example. However Youtube already banned the Empower Network. So did Facebook. You know what that means right?

The Masters Retreat – $3500 onetime

Another series of videos and most of them are motivational videos. That means that you really pay $3500 for motivation. Who the hell would pay so much for that?

Tired of programs which cost a fortune but don´t deliver any value? Have a look at this!

My opinion on the Empower Network – Verdict

The question of this article is: Is Empower Network a scam? – Yes in my opinion it is a scam. Almost every business that has this weird pyramid scheme is a scam in my eyes. Most of the times the only person who makes money with products which have that pyramid scheme are the owners.
The people who do the actual work are paid bad. Besides that I don´t think that a lot of people will actually make money with Empower Network.

The next thing is the price. What the hell is wrong with the owner of this product?? I mean $25 monthly for the basic product, $100 a month for the inner circle, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1000 for the 15K Formula and $3500 for the Masters Retreat. What else do they want? Do they want us to sell them our souls? Should we sacrifice our babies so that we can get this product?
I can´t believe this price. It can´t get more impertinent then that.

Empower Network is a scam!

If you want to LEARN how to make money while doing what you like you should check out the best program I reviewed so far. This is not a program which promises you to make bank overnight. It is pure education and support and that is what you need if you really want to be successfull making money online AND joining is for free!

I really hope that my Empower Network review could help you to save your money! If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below I will definitely answer your questions.

Al the best,


3 thoughts on “Is Empower Network a Scam?

  1. Scott

    LOL Typical amateur review.

    This company is a scam … but I’ll save you by having you join MY squeaky clean company.

    Pierre? Think about the type of person who’s attracted to this type of marketing.

    Do you really want a bunch of those people on your team?

    Good Luck,

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hello Scott,

      first of all thank you for your comment even though it was not very respectfull.

      Is this an amateur review? Hmm I would say no. I mean I am definitely a beginner to this and I am learning more and more every day but it is just a normal and thorough product review.
      I review products that promise you or teach you how to make money online. Most of those products are scam and just a few products are legit.
      If people search for a review of a product they do this because they want to make money online. So if they come to my website they get an honest review with my opinion if it is possible or if it is not possible to make money with that product.
      If the product is a scam of course I give my readers a tip on which product definitely will teach you how to make money online. I don´t think that I am an amateur because of that.

      Is Wealthy Affiliate my product? No it is definitely not but I am a member there and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a training platform which will teach you how to make money online. They don´t promise you any weird payments of 10000 dollars within one week or something like that. They promise you to teach you the things you need to make money online. As I said I am a member there and they taught me how to make money. This “squeaky clean company” as you say is definitely legit and I´ve never seen any step-by-step training which is comparable to that.
      They even give you the opportunity to test their training platform that shows how confident they are about Wealthy Affiliate. They have hundreds of thousands of members which are very happy with their offer and the community is the best I´ve ever seen.

      What do you mean with “the type of person who´s attracted to this type of marketing”? Do you want to say that people who actually take the advice are dumb? That is pretty disrespectful.

      All the best,


  2. Darcy

    Re: Empower Network. What “type” of people are attracted to this product? Well since they do not tell you they are asking you to sell anything and offer tons of education for online marketing and learning how to blog, etc., I’d say anyone including myself. I’m not interested in sales but I truly respected the person whose link I found it on. It turns out that person has posted a quote on and didn’t realize where that it was a link to Empower network. Shortly after purchasing I watched a few videos that were ridiculous homemade ones with frequent glitches. They were also trying to hold out a carrot of money. That made me suspicious. Since then many have outlined the scam that Empower Network truly is. I agree with this review. I had the extra money and unfortunately it went to these thieves, but they will get uncovered and shit down I’m sure.


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