Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam? The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review 2015

By | October 5, 2015

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a scamProduct Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Owner: Anthony Trister
Price: $37 a month + upsells
Ranking: 50 out of 100

If you are looking for a review of Coffee Shop Millionaire on the internet, you are going to find a LOT of positive reviews. All of those reviews tell you how awesome this program is and that it will show you how you can make a lot of money online. Well, the expectations are very high because of the little word “Millionaire” in this program. Does this program by Anthony Trister really deliver what it promises? Or is Coffee Shop Millionaire a scam? I tested this program, since I was just like you, I wanted to see if this program could help me to make some money online. Here is the Coffee Shop Millionaire review.

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

If you are on the website of Coffee Shop Millionaire you have to sit through a long…. a VERY long video. The video is about how you can make money online while sitting in your office, a coffee shop. A little bla bla, a little bit of information a dash of salt et voilà – I wasted a lot of time.

Whatever those videos are absolutely normal in the internet marketing world. Marketers try to warm you up with those videos to make more sales. At least Anthony Trister tells you that you have to work for your success, so he is honest here.The Coffee Shop Millionaire review

The actual program

Coffee Shop Millionaire is about internet marketing. They have several modules which are supposed to teach you the basics of internet marketing. Further it contains a plan how you can make over $20000 within a couple of weeks with internet marketing.

Ahhh wouldn´t it be great if that would be possible? $20K as a beginner in only a few months? Aboslutely great! Possible? Nope!
I also make money with internet marketing and I know what I am talking about here. It definitely is possible to make so much money in only a few weeks, but definitely not for beginners, since internet marketing is a big topic.

What I like about Coffee Shop Millionaire

If you are looking for a program that teaches the basics of internet marketing, Coffee Shop Millionaire will definitely help you. The twelve modules of this program definitely provide some valuable information on this topic. However in my opinion the information this program provides is not enough to become really successful, but it is a start.

Besides the weird plan which is supposed to show you how you can make $20K in a couple of weeks, Anthony Trister is really honest when it comes to the earning potential of internet marketing. Further he makes clear that this countains some work and that it is no “push-button” system.

I really like that since a lot of program which are supposed to show you how you can earn money online want to make you think that making money online is easy and that you do not have to work for it. Believe me, it requires a lot of work, but if it would be easy, everyone would do it.

What I do not like about Coffee Shop Millionaire

Anthony Trister wants to make you think that his program is a complete guide to internet marketing, but in my opinion it is not. The information you will get is basic information, it will help you to get started, but that´s it. Further some parts of the training are outdated.


Here comes the fun part. Coffee Shop Millionaire costs $37 a month which is a good price for a training platform, but if you think that is all you have to pay, you are wrong. There is an upsell called “Six Figure Success Club” you are asked to buy.
Further Coffee Shop Millionaire tells you that you should buy hosting right form the start which will also costs a lot of money.

The upsell “Six Figure Success Club” costs $297 and it is supposed to give you an advantage when it comes to internet marketing, but that is not the case. This is just a common tactic of internet marketers. If they lured you into their membership for a low price, they know that you are willing to buy, so they ask you to buy additional stuff.

Tired of programs with impertinent upsell tactics? Try this!


If I pay $37 a month to become a member of a training platform, I expect an updated training and I expect a good support. I know that you expect the same. I mean, where is the reason to pay for it mothly, if the training platform doesn´t offer that. Unfortunately Coffee Shop Millionaire does not offer a good support, in fact they almost offer no support.

If you have a question you must be very lucky to get an answer at this program. That is ridiculous. Support is really important, if you get stuck, you are going to need someone to talk to.

The positive reviews

At the beginning of this review I told you that there are a lot of positive reviews of Coffee Shop Millionaire. Well, most of them are fake reviews of internet marketers who work with Anthony Trister. This is also a common technique of shady internet marketers to boost their program.

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a scam? My Verdict

This program uses slimy tactics to get a lot of money from you after you joined it. Besides that the training you are going to get is very basic and it will not help you to really make money online. It is okay for absolute beginners, but that´s it.

The idea of becoming a millionaire while sitting with your laptop in a coffee shop is really nice. I mean who wouldn´t want that? Unfortuntaley this is just good marketing. If you really want to make money online, this program will not help you.

Coffee Shop Millionaire does not deliver what it promises

You can definitely make a lot of money with internet marketing, BUT you have to know what you are doing and therefore you need a thorough and updated training. Further you are going to need a good support.

In my opinion this training platform offers the best training on internet marketing. Here you can see what it offers compared to Coffee Shop Millionaire.

I reviewed a lot of programs which are supposed to show you how you can make money online and this is the best program I reviewed so far. The great thing about it is, that you can join it for free.

It is the program that got me started and today I make a consistent income with internet marketing.

Have you joined Coffee Shop Millionaire? What is you experience with it? Tell me about in the comments below!
Further I´d love to receive a feedback from you on my Coffee Shop Millionaire review 🙂 Did it help you?

All the best,


11 thoughts on “Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam? The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review 2015

  1. Angelique

    Thanks you for sharing your experience with The Coffee Shop millionaire!
    This information will be very useful to everyone who wants to start an online business and earn money in a legit way.
    I fell into scams and other ‘miracle’ solutions before joining Wealthy Affiliate myself and there is no such thing as earning millions sitting in your lazy sofa. You will waste your time and lose more than you started with!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Angelique,

      you are very welcome, I am glad if I can save my readers some bucks 🙂
      Great to hear that you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and that you are satisfied with it.

      Thank you for your feedback on my review Angelique, it is always good for me to read the opinion of my readers!

      Have a good day!


  2. Lynne

    I considered Coffee Shop Millionaire while looking for an online business opportunity but discarded that idea. Anyone that tells me I will be able to make so much money in such a short amount of time without any previous experience must be talking BS!
    I enjoyed your review, it covered all the points I would have wanted to know. Thank you for being honest, there are so many dishonest reviews out there just based on the fact that they are affiliates and trying to sell the product. It really irritates me!
    So you say I can try Wealthy Affiliate for free? How long is this for? A 30 day free trial?

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Lynne,

      thank you for your comment and for your feedback on the Coffee Shop Millionaire review.
      Unfortunately a LOT of programs out there in this niche promise you that you can make a lot of money in a short period of time, it is ridiculous. I am glad to hear that you did not join Coffee Shop Millionaire right away. I mean you get a little bit of information, but as I said, a lot of it is not up to date anymore and it would be very annoying to learn something that doesn´t work anymore in my opinion.

      Yes, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free. No it is not for 30 days or something like that, you can join for free and stay for free at this training platform. They even give you two free websites including free hosting. As I already said in this review, in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is the best program out there if you want to learn to be successful at internet marketing. No crazy hype, they don´t want to lure you into there membership or something like that.
      I think it says a lot about the quality of the program if you can test it for free. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are really confident about it and I totally understand why. Here is my review on Wealthy Affiliate if you want more information.

      Hope it helps Lynne!

      All the best,


  3. Gin

    Hey Pierre, thanks for this in-depth review about the Coffee Shop Millionaire. I agree with you that the claim to help you make 20k in a few weeks makes this program less trustworthy than it probably is. It is not possible for a complete beginner to make that much in such a short time. Thanks for explaining the pros and cons of this program in great detail.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Gin,

      thank you for your feedback on my review. Yes, that was definitely a no no. I really did not understand why they said it, since the program is very honest about the earnings and that you have to work for it. Well, I guess they thought it would be good marketing to make empty promises like that.

      Thank you Gin!


  4. Melody

    Thanks for another thorough review of a possible way to make money online. I appreciate your honesty when addressing the pros and cons. It is sad how many people are willing to prey on other peoples need to find a way to make a living.

    Does coffee shop millionaire have a forum where members can work together or get help and feedback from each other or are you essentially on your own, except for the hope that you might get support if you ask for it?

    Thanks again for the great review. Good information!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Thank you for your comment on this review Melody.

      Yes, Coffee Shop Millionaire has a community, unfortunately it is very hard to get any help there since the community is not very active. So there is still no good support.
      Hope this helps Melody!


  5. Eva

    Hi Pierre,

    thank you for this compelling and honest review. I’ve bounced between numerous online business programs before and each one promised a load of money in no time, which to me was really suspicious as I had no previous experience, no knowledge of SEO or affiliate marketing, no idea what I was doing, and not much spare money while I was at it. It took an honest and real life review of the program I’ve finally decided to use, to make me decide that I can and I will become an online business entrepreneur. Great article!

    Take Care,

  6. Roope


    I personally haven’t used The coffee shop millionaire but I have read some reviews that say the same that you. It seems that Wealthy Affiliate just beats it easily! 🙂

    1. Pierre Post author

      Definitely 🙂

      In fact I have never seen another program like Wealthy Affiliate, that is why I recommend it to my readers.



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