Internet Revenue Concepts is a Scam!

By | September 26, 2015

Internet Revenue Concepts ReviewIf you landed on this website, I am sure you are looking for a way to earn money online. You might ask yourself if Internet Revenue Concepts is a legitimate opportunity to make money from home in your comfortable chair, maybe with a glass of milk and some cookies. I mean that is the way I like it. However I think I have to disappoint you here. Before even purchasing Internet Revenue Concepts you can tell that there are a lot of red flags! Here is my honest Internet Revenue Concepts review.

Internet Revenue Concepts is full of red flags!

I reviewed a lot of programs and after some time you can tell only by seeing the program if it is a scam or if it is not. I mean experience does not replace a good and thorough review, but in this case it is nearly redundant.

Red Flag #1

On the website of Internet Revenue Concepts you can see a lot of icons from social media websites. Why have they been placed there? What is the function of that? Answer: It has no function. The owner of this dubios program wants you to think that this is a legit program, because those social media websites are trusted.

Red Flag #2

They tell you that their space is limited. Of course this is not true, this is only a method to lure you into their membership. The space is unlimited and they will not close the doors. A lot of dubious internet marketers use this method to persuade you to buy their programs. Well, you can call it marketing if you want.

Red Flag #3

I am not done yet, I hope you can take it!
Have a look at these weird statements and promising testimonials. All of this is not true. I do not even know what they mean with “Get Your Share of $2.8 Billion a Month”
Or have a look at this internet revenue concepts a scam

$10000 after three months? Really? Let me tell you this, if you are a total beginner, there is no way that you will make $10000 within three months and every experienced internet marketer will admit that this is correct.

Here comes the shocking truth!

Okay maybe you are not impressed by those red flags and you say that this is marketing. Then how about this? Internet Revenue Concept is just a duplication of a scam program which I have already reviewed. It is called Online Web Cash and you can find my full review here.

Here have a look at the website of Online Web Cash.Internet revenue concepts legit

Now have a look at the website of Internet Revenue Concepts.Internet Revenue Concepts scam
They are both absolutely the same.

This is a method of shady internet marketers to make money. They create one website with a program and get people to join. Often times the program they provide does not offer any valueable information or training on making money online. After a while people know that their product is a scam.
What they do now is, they just change the name of the program and sell it as a new program to continue to scam people and make money.
I mean how lazy is this? Bad enough that they scam people, but they do not even bother changing anything on their website. Cheeky as hell.

Internet Revenue Concepts is a scam!

This program has nothing to offer if you want to learn how to make money online.

Here is how I make money

If you really want to learn how to make money online, you have to keep in mind two things.

  • There is no such thing as get rich quick
  • There is no push button system

I believe in the power of education. If you want to create an income from home you have to know what you are doing. This here is a training platform which shows you how you can create your own online business to make money from home. Their training is easy to understand and absolutely suited for beginners. They already have a community of over 400000 members and the company already exists since 10 years! Wanna hear the best thing about it? You can join for free. Learn more here.

Do not waste your time and your money with programs like Internet Revenue Concepts!
I hope I could save you some bucks with my Internet Revenue Concepts review.

Any questions? Leave them in the comment section below! 🙂
Have you ever seen scam duplicates like this program here? Let´s talk about it in the comments!

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