How to Write Content for a Website

By | March 31, 2015

How to Write Content for a WebsiteOnce you get your website up and running you have to do a lot of things to perform well in the search engines. As you know, the highest goal is to get on page one of the search engines for a lot of the Keywords you are targeting.
One of the things you have to do to perform well in the search engines is writing high quality content. My post “How to Write Content for a Website” will help you with that.

Don´t copy content

Well first of all it has to be your own content. That means you should not copy content from other pages. You will never rank on page one the search engines if you copy content of others. The search engines will take notice of that and they will punish you for that! Guaranteed!
So come up with an idea, do your research and the write an article in your own words.

Create the most value for your readers

All the search engines want to serve the best and relevant results to their users. That means, if you write an article for your readers, you should make sure that you create the most value for your users.  Get all the information that you can when writing an article to help your readers. Don´t just think “I want to sell stuff, hopefully someone buys something through my website.” That attitude won´t help you.

Be creative, Be unique

Don´t copy content!When it comes to content on your website, you do not only have to make sure that it is your own content. Make sure that your content is unique and somehow creative, do not just write things that others would write, too. Think outside the box! Try something new, show your personality, be different!

Aim for a lot of words in your posts

You should not write short articles. If you write an article you should aim for at least 500 hundred words per post. It would be even better if you aim for longer articles with 1500 words. If you write articles that contain under 500 words it will definitely hurt your rankings in the search engines. You have to keep in mind: The more words you write, the more keywords you have in your posts. That does not mean that you should always be too concerned about keywords as you can see in the next chapter.

Have a lot of words in your content!Publish regulary

I said it before, you will not rank high in the search engines if you don´t publish content regulary. Especially in the beginning you have to publish content almost every day. The search engines have to see, that you are serious about your website and that you will continue to create high quality content for your readers. So publish a lot of content in the beginning and when you have a ton of pages and posts on your website you can slow down a bit. That does not mean you should leave your website alone. I recommend you to take one to three days of the week to publish content regulary. For example: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday.

Stop concentrating on the search engines

Do not just think about keywords. A lot of people think if they stuff their content full with keywords, they will rank higher with their website. That is not the case and often times your content is not a good read anymore if you do that. So do not concentrate on ranking in the search engines with your keywords. Concentrate on helping your readers.

Affiliate links can be bad

Write content for your readers and not to sell products. The search engines don´t like it when you have affiliate links on every post and page on your website. So don´t spread them all over your page.


So these here are the basics. There are a lot more things you should pay attention to and I will write more posts about it. However if you follow these basic instruction you will be fine for the time being.

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