How to use Keywords in an Article

By | March 29, 2015

How to Use Keywords in an ArticleIf you read my last post“A Beginners Guide: SEO” you know that you need to target some particular keywords in your articles. If you are absolutely new to all this you might ask yourself what a keyword is and how to use keywords in an article. Your questions will be answered with this post.

What is a Keyword?

If you want to do SEO you need to have a particular keyword in your posts that you want to target. If you want to sell pink lavatory brushes on your website and you write a post about it, you target for example “Buy Pink Lavatory Brushes”. If you rank under this keyword phrase on page on of a search engine, everybody who is searching for “Buy Pink Lavatory Brushes” will see your website first and that means tons of traffic. To rank under this keyword phrase, this particular keyword phrase has to be in your content. If you have this keyword phrase in your content you make an offer to the search engines to rank your post under this keyword. It sounds pretty simple, but it is not that easy.

It is not possible to rank for every Keyword you want

In a perfect world you would have your keyword phrase in your content and you would rank under this keyword on the first page of the search engines immediately. Unfortunately this is not that easy. You will not be able to rank for every keyword you want. If you want to rank under the keyword “Cars” for example, it is practically impossible for you to rank under this keyword on page one of the search engines.

Why is that so?

  • They keyword is not specific enough, you need to be more specific and take a keyword phrase.
  • The competition for the keyword “Cars” is so high, that it is impossible for you to rank under this keyword on page one of the search engines since there are too much authority sites for that keyword and most of them might pay to rank on page one under this keyword.

Another problem is that you never know if people are actually looking for your particular keyword phrase. If you target the keyword phrase “Pink Lavatory Brushes”, but nobody is searching this keyword phrase, you will get no traffic even if you rank under page one in the search engines for this keyword phrase.

How to choose a keyword – Use a Keyword Tool!

If you are new to this, you might be a little bit confused now and you might ask yourself how to know if the competition for your keywords is high or low? How to know if people are looking for my keyword phrase? To know this you want to use a keyword tool. With a good keyword tool you are able to search for a keyword you want to target.

Here is an example of how to use a keyword tool

If you want to write a new page or post on your website, you might already know the topic you want to write about. So you head over to your keyword tool.

There are a lot of free keyword tools on the internet. However I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy which is the best and most accurate keyword tool out there that i´ve seen so far. If you want to create a free Jaaxy Account click here. All pictures that you can see below are showing the keyword tool Jaaxy.

If you want to write a post about a pink lavatory brush, you type in the words pink lavatory brush in your keyword tool.

How to Use Keywords in an Article (Jaaxy)

If you did so, the keyword tool will give you a lot of possible keyword phrases. As you can see, the word phrase “pink toilet brush” is the only accurate keyword that is listed there and it is searched monthly.

Hwo to Find Keywords With Jaaxy

Before you take this keyword, you should look how much competition there is for this keyword phrase.

The column QSR shows you how much competition there is for this keyword phrase. It is 98 which is not a lot competition. I recommend you to not take a keyword with a competition above 300. In my opinion it is the best to take a keyword with a competition of under 100.

Now you have the Keyword – How to use it the right way?

If you found your keyword or keyword phrase then you have to make sure that the keyword sounds normal. Do not take weird keywords that make no sense, it must be readable. No typos, no weird grammar.

You only have to place your particular keyword or keyword phrase in 2 sections:

  • Place your keyword phrase in the title of your new post or page.
  • Place your keyword phrase in the first paragraph of your post or page.

After that, just write your content naturally and don´t worry about that keyword anymore.

I found a great video about using the free Google Keyword Tool. The video will give you a lot of great tips!


Have you any experience with keywords and keyword tools? Tell me about that in the comment section below.
If you have any questions leave me a message in the comment section as well and I will answer as soon as possible!

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5 thoughts on “How to use Keywords in an Article

  1. Tina

    Hi, this is an easy-to-understand article on keywords. It’s not easy to target the right keywords that you know people are going to use. Thanks.

  2. Nnamdi

    Hi, i can really feel you on this keyword stuff. Most people don’t know the importance of how to use keywords,and i think this will be lesson 101 for them.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Nnamdi,

      it is definitely very important to target the right keywords. I hope it will be a help, yes 🙂

      Thank you!


  3. Lis

    Hi Pierre, this is great helpful information. So basically to use keywords in an article I should use a keyword tool to find the best one and then use it in my heading and first paragraph. Does the whole of the heading or title need to be a keyword or is it only part of it?

    Thank you.


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