How to Start With Affiliate Marketing

By | May 12, 2015

What is affiliate marketing?If you read some of the posts here on my website you may know that I make money online with affiliate marketing. Till now I already wrote some posts on affiliate marketing but I think this is a great opportunity to make money online so I want to go more into details here and explain what affiliate marketing is and how to start with it. If you already know what affiliate marketing is and just want to know how to get started with affiliate marketing, save your time and scroll down to the headline “How to Start with Affiliate Marketing”.

What is affiliate marketing?

This might be the first question you have if you are a total beginner. This is a huge topic and there is a lot to learn! What is affiliate marketing?
All companies want to sell, not matter if they offer real products or if they offer services. For that they have to drum up business of course since there are a lot of other companies who want to sell similar products. Today there is competition everywhere.

The internet gives companies the opportunity to monitor buying processes very detailed and so affiliate came into existence. Companies do not only have the possibility to monitor their own sales, they also can give others the opportunity to sell their product.

So companies developed affiliate programs. That means you can join the affiliate program of a company, promote their products through the internet and receive commission for that.
Sounds a little bit complicated? Here is an example!

Example: Amazon Affiliate Website

Let´s say you write a honest review for really cool sunglasses on your website/blog. You can become an affiliate for Amazon for example and if you want to promote one of the sunglasses they offer. You just go to the affiliate site of Amazon and create a special affiliate link for the sunglasses you want to promote.How to Start With Affiliate Marketing

Here you can see the Amazon Affiliate Program. If I click on “get link” they will give a link I can place on my website.

This link contains your affiliate ID which Amazon assigned to you.
You will get credit for every sale Amazon make through your link. Yes you read right! If they click on the link of the sunglasses you placed on your website, you will not only receive a commission if someone buys the sunglasses, you will get commission for everything this person buys on Amazon.

Click here for the best affiliate marketing training platform on the internet!

Does only Amazon have such an affiliate program?

No, of course not. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there for almost every niche. Let´s say you want to promote basketball shoes on your website. Just perform a search in Google for “basketball shoes affiliate program” and you will see tons of results for that.
A lot of websites (companies) which give you the opportunity to sell their products through the internet.

There are even affiliate networks which do not only concentrate on one niche. You can join such a affiliate network and you can promote a lot of stuff through this network from shoes to ebooks. Popular affiliate networks are ShareaSale or Clickbank for example.

Every affiliate program has its own payment terms and some pay a lot of money, some pay less money.

how to get started with affiliate MarketingHow to Start With Affiliate Marketing

First I want to show you here what you have to do to get started with affiliate marketing.

  • Choose a niche you are interested in or one that you like
  • Create a website
  • Create content
  • Get traffic
  • Place affiliate links on your website

These are the basic steps to get started. I already show you in this article: How to Start a Blog And Make Money, how you choose your niche and create a website and so on but I will explain it in this article again in short form.

How to find your niche

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing you should choose a niche that you like or one that you are interested in and you want to learn more about. In my opinion it is a waste of time to choose a niche you are not interested in but seems to be profitable. I really had a hard time to find my first niche. The article below will help you to make it easy to find your niche.
If you want to know how to find your niche you should have a look at this article here.

How to create a website with WordPress

If you never heard anything about this internet marketing stuff you might be worried that you will not be able to build a website. Don´t worry! When I started I never heard of affiliate marketing and I did not knew how to build a website. I was a totally newbie just like you!
Fortunately it is really easy to create a website today. I have a post here on my website where a video is embedded which shows you how to create a website in 30 seconds! Check it out. Don´t worry my friend it is easy, I made it with 0 experience and so can you.

If you want to get started right here, just create a website for free here. Choose a name for your website and type it in below.

How to create content

This is very important. You can´t just build a website and expect sales out of nothing. Your goal is to create an authority website in your niche. People have to trust you and you have to be worth their trust.
You might ask yourself what you should write about.

how to get started with affiliate MarketingHere is a quick example again!

You are interested in camping and you love it. Write about what you love about camping. Write about the last camping trip you made. Write about what you love to eat when you are on a camping trip. Write about the best camping sites you know. Share some cool stories of your camping trips.
Help people! There are a lot of people who also like camping and want to get more information about camping and other people who like camping.

Here are some posts on my website which will help you writing content:

How to Write Content For a Website
How to Use Keywords in an Article

Get traffic to your website

This is a bit complicated if you are new to this. When I started I had absolutely no idea how to get traffic to my website and I found it very complicated.
Getting traffic means getting visitors to your website.
One way to get visitors to your website is to share articles on your website via social media.
I have two post on how to get traffic via social media here: Traffic from Pinterest and Traffic from Twitter.
You can also get traffic from Facebook, Reddit, WeHeartIt and so on. Just look for all the social media websites out there and share your websites with the world.

what is affiliate marketing and how does it workHowever the best traffic in my opinion is the traffic you get from the search engines. I have some posts in this category how to get ranked in Google and how to get traffic you should definitely check it out if you want to get traffic from the search engines like Google and Bing. Basically you have to create a website which is loved by the search engines.

Here are some posts which will help you to understand how to get traffic and how to make get the search engines to like you:

A Beginners Guide: SEO
How to Get Traffic to my Website

As I said, this topic is very complicated for beginners and I recommend you to get help here so that you don´t get stuck and quit. At the bottom of this page I name a free step-by-step training which will help you to understand this topic and it will definitely help you to get traffic and build up your website and your online business.

How to use affiliate links

So now we get to the interesting part! How to use affiliate links?

Let´s stick with the camping example.

How to Start With Affiliate MarketingSo you love camping and you give a lot of good advice on camping. You also can write reviews of your camping equipment. Let´s say you purchased a new tent and you really like it. Write a review on that tent and share your experience with your readers. Name the things that you like about that tent and things you do not like about it and give your honest verdict if people should buy that tent or not. Give your readers the opportunity to purchase that tent on your website like: “If you want to purchase this tent via Amazon just click here”.

If people like your website and if they like your content, your stories, your reviews and so on, a lot of them will trust your opinion and purchase the products you reviewed and liked.

Warning – Never try to fool your readers!

It is very important to stay honest. Don´t write a positive review on a product you hate just because you can make a lot of money with it. Don´t try to fool your readers, help them! Treat your readers like friends. If you write a review, always ask yourself: “Would I what is affiliate marketing trainingrecommend this product to my best friend or to my family?”

Be thorough with your reviews!

If you stay honest and if you stick with it you will definitely make money with your website. It is possible to make a living with affiliate marketing and even more but affiliate marketing can and will be a lot of work in the beginning.

And don´t worry, I will publish a lot of more posts here on affiliate marketing in the next days. Stay tuned 🙂

My recommendation regarding affiliate marketing

Before I started with affiliate marketing I had no clue what that is. I only saw a video where a guy showed that he made thousands of dollars with it and I wanted to create such an income from home too.
So I looked for some kind of teaching which would help me to understand this topic. I did not want to browse through the internet like crazy. I think it is very frustrating to gather your wisdom through the several different websites in the internet since a lot of them have different opinions on certain topics. It just confuses me and I don´t want to be confused, I just want somebody to tell my what to do and I would do it! I wanted to have one resource which would teach me step-by-step how to create my online business, how to start with affiliate marketing so that I can make money from home.

After some research I stumbled upon this website called Wealthy Affiliate. They offer a free step-by-step training on affiliate marketing. I did my research if it was a legit site and it was. I signed up there for their free step-by-step training and it was great. I was a complete newbie to this I did not even know that search engines have to like websites. Now I have multiple websites and make money with them with the help of this training platform. Today I am still a member at Wealthy Affiliate. I wrote a thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate here if you need some more information.

Get started with affiliate marketing right now!

In my opinion there is no training out there which can be compared to the training of Wealthy Affiliate. There are not much products in the money making niche that will truly help you to make money but Wealthy Affiliate is one of those legit programs!

I hope this post helped you to get started. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below. I will definitely answer!

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