How to make money with my website?

By | March 18, 2015

How to make money with your own website!If you already or have a website, then you can start to make money with it – from home! :). However there are many possibilities to make money with your website and you do not have to focus on just one way of making money. You can combine several opportunities. Here in my post “How to make money with my website” I will name three of the possibilities.

Affiliate marketing

This is the way I chose to start with. I do not know if I stick with it or if I will combine it with some other possibilities. At the moment I will definitely stick with it as I found a good website with lots of training that teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. In my opinion affiliate marketing is easy to explain.
Let´s say there is John. John wants to sell his own books. He did a good job so far selling his own books, but he knows he could do better. So John gives other people the opportunity to sell his books on their website. Therefore John pays the seller (Affiliate) of his books a particular commission, maybe 50% of the sale price, for every book that was sold. So John can sell a lot of more books with less work, and the Affiliate earn commissions. That is a win-win-situation for both.
The good thing is, that you do not have to pay to join affiliate programs where all the seller are looking for affiliates.

Create your own online shop

I thought about creating my own online shop first, since it can be very lucrative to sell your own products. In my opinion, if you have a good product at the right time, your own online shop might be the fastest way to become a millionaire and create a monthly income that is high enough to stop working and live the life you want. Freedom!
However you do not necessarily need to come up with you own product. You can also sell the products of other companies and make bank with it! There are a lot of people who want you to sell their products in your own online shop, it is nothing out of the ordinary! I think I will try to create my own online shop in the future, but for now I will concentrate on affiliate marketing.

Pay per Click ads

Pay per ClickThis is another good way to make money with your website. You can place ads on your website and get money for this. I am sure you´ve already seen those ads. Moste of the banners and little advertise widgets you see on some websites are pay per click ads. The provider pays you for every click of your visitors.
You get paid, because you lead your visitors to the website of the provider of your pay per click ad. The payment of those pay per click ads can be very different. I am sure that you can make a lot of money with pay per click ads, but at the moment I see pay per click ads more as secondary business and focus more on the affiliate stuff.
When I have more experience on this topic I´ll let you know and tell you how to make good money with it.

There are many more opportunities to make a lot of money with you own website from home :). I will name some of the many other possibilities in one of my next posts. In my opinion these three stated possibilities are basics in making money with your own website. Especially affiliate marketing can be very lucrative.

If you want to know a platform which will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing read this.

Let´s make a million!


11 thoughts on “How to make money with my website?

  1. Cat

    Interesting site, thanks for sharing these little bits of wisdom. I would personally be happy to make a thousand but a million sounds good too haha 😉

    1. Vani

      This article has defniitely captured the key essentials that you must know if you want to establish a business or if you want to compete online. Building an effective website is truly a must-do whenever you desire to indulge yourself in an online business venture. I also agree when the writer tackles about the functionality and giving enough time to it.

  2. Michelle

    Making money with your website takes time and work, but can definitely be done. I personally like the affiliate marketing opportunities that are out there today. It is great to not have to carry your own product, but sell someone else’s. Not to mention, working from home is a wonderful thing as well!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Michelle,

      yeah it also feels better to me to not have my own product at the moment.
      Working from home is great! Haha.


  3. Matthew

    I’m always searching for alternative ways to gain some extra funds. While affiliate marketing is very rewarding, it may not be so steady at the get-go.

    Have you heard of Project Wonderful and BuySellAds? These are ways to guarantee profits on a blog that has an established audience. The more viewers, the more you get for offering ad space on a page! I find this very intriguing, and will be giving it a try in the next month.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hello Matthew,

      no I did not heard about those products, but if you say they are guaranteed profits, then I am going to test them. If they are good I will list them on my website, if they are bad I will list them on my website, too…but in the scam area 🙂

      Thank you Matthew!


      1. Leidi

        would you promote our prudcot once it becomes available on clickbank?it’s gonna an ebook called Fantom Force The Awakening there’s a video on youtube titled: FFTA Character Archives part1 that previews it.hit us back if you’re interested.

        1. Pierre Post author

          Hey Leidi,

          maybe I will write a review of it but I can´t guarantee that it will be a positive one.


  4. Mark

    Excellent website….I am currently laid off collecting little in a bad economy with little jobs available. This site has given me hope to achieve success earning legit money while I am job searching without spending money I can’t afford which usually ends up being a scam. I have a wife and 2 young children to provide for …..Although my wife is working full time helping us skate by on thin ice that’s no way to live especially as the man of household. I am seriously going to work on this full force. Thanks again! I will let you know how I am doing as a move forward on this exciting journey.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Mark,

      thank you very much for your comment!
      I really wish you and your family much success. Would be happy if you keep me updated 🙂

      If you really stick with this and stick to the training the online community I recommend offers, you will succeed. It is just a matter of time!

      All the best,



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