How to Make Money Online With Reviews

By | June 11, 2015

How to Make Money Online With ReviewsIf you want to make money online you should consider to make money by writing reviews for products which can be purchased online. It is a very lucrative way to make money online, although it is also a lot of work in the beginning. In this article I will show you the exact way how to make money online with reviews.

Go on reading and start your online business now!

What is a review

Okay first of all we have to talk about reviews. What is a review? A review is your honest opinion on a product you´ve tried or owned.

You can write reviews for pans for example. You just have to share your opinion with the world. Let´s say you bought a new pan, you test it and you write a review of it. Now you can list the good things about the pan and then the bad things. At the end comes your verdict – et viola! You wrote a review!

If you write something like: The pan is crap, that is a review, too, but it does not really deliver a lot of valuable information.

Why you should write reviews

Okay I have an easy example for you. Let´s say you want to buy a smartphone. What is the first thing you do before buying a smartphone? Right, you look for opinions on smartphones on the internet. On Amazon for example you can find millions of product reviews right below the product. Have a look at this.Make money by writing reviews

You can find those reviews for every product on Amazon. I am sure that you read those before a purchase and I am sure that those reviews changed your opinion on the product, or strengthen your desire to get this product.

You have the opportunity to write product reviews for other people to help them with their decision – To buy or not to buy? Through that you can make a lot of money.

I will show you how to do that, it is really easy! Ready? Let´s get started!

Find your niche!

First you have to find a niche! You should not write reviews for everything you see in the world. Focus on one niche like pans or shoes or something like that.

Try to take a really specific niche, don´t just write reviews of shoes. Write reviews of motorcycle boots. Don´t just write reviews of T-shirts, write reviews of T-shirts for kids.
Get it? Don´t be too broad, find a deep niche.

Is your niche lucrative?

You should always make sure that you can make money with your niche. If you take a niche with products which can´t be bought online, you will not make any money. So choose a niche where people buy stuff and make sure the products are available online.

Don´t worry I know that can be a little bit overwhelming. I wrote a detailed article on picking a niche here. I recommend you to read it before starting your online business.

Create a website

I know that a lot of you are now like “What? I can´t create a website! I don´t know how to do that!” I was exactly the same in the beginning. Don´t get discouraged, I have good news for you!

Creating websites has never been so easy before! Believe me, I created this website here in a few minutes. Today you can create websites with WordPress and that is extremely easy. I have an article on how to build a website. There is a video which shows you how to create a website within seconds!

Always remember, if you want to change something in your life (make money from home) you have to try new ways.

Isn´t that expensive?

Not at all. A domain name normally costs $10 and some additional bucks for hosting, but that is not very expensive.

Okay, don´t panic now! I know that domain and hosting are very frightening words for somebody who is completely new to this. Calm down, I´ve got a great solution for you.

If you want, you can create a website right here without any costs. You do not have to buy a domain and you do not have to worry about hosting. Just type in the desired name of your website below.

Remember here is the article which shows you how to create a website if you have problems. If you have any questions about it, you can also leave me a message in the comment section and I will be happy to help you out! 🙂

If you are a little bit more experienced and more confident with websites you can still look for another host and change your domain name.

Problems with picking a name for your website?

It took me long time to find a good name for my website (domain name). That is just normal in the beginning. I also have a detailed article on choosing a domain name here if you are struggling.

First steps with your website

Before writing your first review you should set up your website and make it ready for the search engines and for your readers. I also have a detailed article on how to set up your website here. The title say “Blog” , don´t get confused by that.

How to find products for your reviews

How to Make Money Online With ReviewsI am sure that you already know how to find products in your niche. However you also have to know how to monetize them.

Let´s say you review pans. Now you have to look for pans you can review. This is really easy. Simply head over to Amazon and type in pans. Here you can see a lot of pans you can review on your website. However not all products can be found on Amazon and you have to do your research on the products you want to review then.

The easiest way is to perform a search in Google of course. Just type in “types of pans” or something like that and you will get a lot of results for that.

You do not have to purchase all the products you review – Do your research!!

If you would do that you would be poor in a blink. Do your research on the product you want to review. Read other reviews on it, go to and read the opinions of other people on that product.
Gather as much information on the product as you can and then write that down.

Note: It is very important that you always write honest reviews. Do not write a good review for a bad product just because it will bring a lot of money. You will lose your readers trust and that will be very bad for you in the end.
That also means that you always have to do your research

How to actually make money with your reviews

Make money by writing reviewsI bet you asked yourself that the whole time reading this article.
You can make money by reviewing products through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in a nutshell

Companies like Amazon for example give you the opportunity to sell their products. However you do not have to worry about the payment or shipping or any of those complicated things. Amazon gives you links which are called affiliate links. You can place those links on your website and everytime someone clicks on your link and purchases a product through that link you will earn a commission.

Not complicated, huh?

How to do that?

Simply write your honest review of a product and place a link on that article which says: “Purchase product XY here!”
So people who are reading your review might decide to actually buy that product, because of your good review (Again: Always be honest with your reviews!) They click on the link and will be forwarded to Amazon where they can buy that product. Commission for you!

How to get those Affiliate links?

You have to join affiliate programs for that. If you perform a search for “Amazon affiliate” in Google you will see this. how to make money online with amazon affiliate

Click on that and follow the instructions to become an Amazon affiliate.
Perform a search for the products you want to review. how to make money online with affiliate programs

If you click on “Get link” you will get an affiliate link and you can place this link on your website.

There are also products which you can´t buy on Amazon. However I recommend you to review products which can be bought on Amazon if it is your first website. It is just easier if you are a beginner.

How to write a review

I recommend you to use a review template for all of your reviews! If you have no clue how such a template should look, take this here:

Product: Product name
Price: Price of the product
Rating: For example 4 out of 5 Stars

What is it?
Name some technical details of the product
What I like about product XY
Name positive things about the product
What I don´t like about product XY
Name negative things about the product
My honest opinion on the product
Do you recommend others to buy that product? Yes? Why? -No?Why not?

You do not have to use the exact same template but I think it is a help for beginners.

Here I have a good and informational video on writing reviews. I got it from Wealthy Affiliate which is a training platform for people who want to make money online with affiliate marketing by writing reviews for example. If you really want to get started I recommend you to sign up for their free step-by-step training. It was extremely helpful for me!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

I hope that this article on how to make money online with reviews is helpful for you and I hope you understand how lucrative writing reviews can be. This is a big opportunity to make money online.

You will need help

However I also understand if you are a bit overwhelmed by the idea to create a website now and start your online business without any knowledge.
As I said Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform for making money online with Affiliate marketing which will be helpful on your way to a successful online business. I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate and I created this website here with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and I am actually making money with my website.

Their step-by-step training is well explained so that everybody understands it. They have a great support and a big community which you can ask for help anytime. Below you can see what you get at Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Member and as a Premium Member. wealthy-affiliate membership
As I said, I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, too and you can find me inside the members area. I offer you my help for free at Wealthy Affiliate and I will personally welcome you inside the members area.

Sign up for free and get my help here!

If you have any questions leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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