How to make money: Affiliate marketing – My First Results

By | May 6, 2015

How to make money: Affiliate marketingHow to make money: Affiliate marketing – My First Results

In my last post about my progress I told you about the first money I made online. It was only $2 but to me it means a lot. The first results are always great. However the first money I made was from google Adsense but I in first line I wanted to make money with affiliate marketing.
So here I will tell you about my first results with affiliate marketing. How much I made and how long it took.

There is something in the wind

I was working at my new website since I gave up my first website. I had the feeling the topic was just too controversial so I started a new one. My first website was 3 months old. However I had no traffic and no other results except the $2 from Google Adsense.

Whenever I published a post or a page on my new website I head over to my social media accounts and shared my new post or page on all of them.
That was the only way I got traffic at this moment since I had no high Google rankings at that point.

So I shared my articles like crazy. Till that point I had not even one referral. However I had the feeling that there is something going to happen soon. Google Analytics told me that I had more and more visitors through social media.

How long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing

I worked on my website since 1 month and 2 weeks. To be honest that´s nothing. I always tell other people to wait at least three months to see the first results and I always recommend to give it at least a year of work to make good money with it.
I mean a year is nothing. Here in Germany a job training usually has a length of 3 years and the payment is so low you wouldn´t survive without any help.

However back to my success story. 🙂

As I said I had the feeling that something is going to happen and I was right. More and more people clicked on my affiliate links. At first I had absolutely no clicks but then BOOM – 66 clicks a day. I mean it really sounds weird since that is not a lot but I was really happy about it.

It took another week. I got a message on my mobile phone.

“Congratulations you just earned a new commission!” I did not even realize that I thought it was a spam mail. So I read it like 3 times. Then I realized that I really made money with affiliate marketing.I immediately cried haha.

How much can you make with Affiliate Marketing

My first commission was definitely not much. Only $8 but it is the same as my first money I made with Adsense it means a lot to me.
However how much can you make with Affiliate Marketing? Don´t worry it is not only $8. You can make a lot more with Affiliate Marketing. You can definitely make a living with it and it is not overstated to say that you can make tens of thousands of dollars a month.

What it takes to make money online

Do not think that you can make so much money easily. You will make it if you are dedicated, if you are willing to work on your website. If you follow through no matter what comes.
It can happen that you do not make any money with your website in 6 months. Is this a reason to give up? No it is not It is a reason to overthink your methods. Take a step back and evaluate your work.

If you decide to give up then you will never make any money online.
Do not give up!

Over four months of work without a single commission but I refused to give up and that paid off. You have to bite on to your dreams if you want them to become true.
It is your life and you decide where to go it is in your hands. You can become everything you want if you are willing to give it your all.

I told you that I am going to make so much money online that I can quit my job and work from home! – It will happen!

I told you that I am going to become a millionaire from home! – It will happen!

It will happen because I am committed to this. Because I want it that bad and because I am willing to work for it.

I am willing to earn it!

Any tips for beginners?

If you want to make money online the start is the biggest obstacle. If you cleared that first hurdle you only have to follow through.
A lot of people just do not know how to start since everything seems to be so fricking complicated. I know how you feel believe me I´ve been there for a very long time.
For all of you who just can´t start I wrote this article here on starting your own blog business. Just do it.

Besides that I always recommend the free step-by-step training of Wealthy Affiliate because they offer education and education is what you need at the beginning of everything. I am a member there and the training and the community there taught me everything I know. More information for you here: WA.
So people think about who you want to be and now imagine you could be that person next year. Do you want to be that person? Good then DO IT because no one else will do it for you!
I always thought something big is going to happen in my life but then I realized that I have to make it happen myself!

Let´s make that damn million!


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