How to Increase The Conversion Rate on Your Website

By | April 16, 2015

How to Increase The Conversion Rate on Your WebsiteIf you are an affiliate you want to make money with your website and you might ask yourself how to increase the conversion rate on your website. So you have to optimize your website and maybe even your writing skills sometimes. Small changes can have a big impact on your conversion rate! That means how many people click on your website on your affiliate links and buy the product that your offer.

This should always be a win for both – You get money for your work on your website and for your good review on a product for example and the customer gets a good review on a product and an honest opinion from you so the customers can decide if they want to buy it.

Let´s get right into things here. Here are my tips.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

People love pictures! A picture can deliver a message instantly. A text needs a good introduction and so on. Most of the people on the internet are in a hurry and they want to get the information fast. A picture can really help here. Besides that it makes your article more exciting. Only reading content is pretty boring and you know that!

Take a Screenshot and make people happy!

Screenshots from the actual product or what the product has to offer can really help you to get your readers excited about the product. It is just easier to understand the product especially if it is an online product like a training platform or something like that.

Take Screenshots for your readers it will be a big help for them!

Increase your conversion rate by answering all questions!Tell your readers about the owner of the product

You want to know who created the product or who sells the product you are going to buy right? So do your readers. If you promote a product from amazon for example there is no need for a detailed description of the owner or seller of the product since amazon is pretty popular and people already trust amazon enough.

However if it is a program with a seller which is not so famous you should explain who the owner or seller is in a few words.

You should have the right link for your readers

Have you ever clicked on a link and you got something totally different from that what you expected? Yes? It is a little bit annoying, right? Yeah and because of that you should always have the right affiliate link for your readers.

Don´t link to tomatoes if you offered your readers potatoes. Your readers have to click through the website that you have linked to find the right product himself. A lot of people on the internet have no time for that and abort the purchase.

Name alternatives!

Your readers are very questioning when they read your article about a product. You should name some alternatives to your product.

Take your readers by the hand!

Not everyone knows where to click to purchase and such things. You have to keep in mind that you are an affiliate. You sit in front of the computer the whole day (sorry). However there are people that do not really know where to click to get what they want so take them by the hand and explain where to click to get information, where to click to buy and and so on. A Screenshot would be the best!

You have to think like your reader!

Ask yourself what questions would you have about the product that you describe. Would you be insecure because of missing information? Think like your customers/readers.

288586_8956Be honest!

Be honest to your readers. You should not only write because you want to sale. You should write to create a good experience for the people that visit your website. It is very important that you make yourself free from thinking: “I hope this article will make me a lot of money!”
You should think: “I hope I can help a lot of people with this article about the product XY”

Remember writing articles like reviews and so on is somehow your job and you should take it serious! Don´t start to fool your readers! Simply do it like the man in the picture!
I hope this article helps you to increase your conversion rate! If you have any questions just ask in the comment section below!

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