How to Get Traffic From Twitter

By | May 11, 2015

Twitter is one of the most famous social media websites out there. If you have a website you might want to share it on twitter. However it makes no sense to share your website on twitter if you have no followers who are interested in what you are doing. This post will show you how to get traffic from Twitter.

When I started I had no twitter account. In fact the only thing I had was Facebook and I hated it. So before I show you how to get traffic to your site, let´s set up your twitter account if you do not already have one. If you already have a twitter account save your time and scroll down to “How to get traffic to my website”.

How to setup a twitter account

Head over to and register at Twitter. Type in your name, an email address and your password. After that choose a nickname.How to Get Traffic From Twitter

You will be asked for you phone number. Twitter will send you a code which you have to enter so they know that it is really you and that you are a real human. So just choose your country and type in your phone number. Don´t worry you won´t get phone calls from a person breathing weirdly into the phone if you give them your phone number!How to get traffic to my website

After receiving the code just type in the code they sent to you and then your account is ready. They will ask you about your interests now and Twitter will encourage you to follow some people on Twitter. You can do that if you want. That is just the normal procedure on social media websites.

You should definitely setup your profile. For that click on the small profile picture on the left side of the home page. Then click on edit profile.How to Get Traffic From Twitter

Here you can change your name, country and so on. It is very important that you enter your website domain as you can see in the picture below. I explain why at the bottom of this article.
Click save changes when you are done.How to generate traffic from twitter

How to create a tweet

Tweet means you can share a message or an image, video, article with your follower. Ideally you want to share articles from your websites. You do not have to only share articles from your website, feel free to tweet anything you want but it should be related to your niche. (What is a niche and how can I find a good niche?)

Click on “tweet” on the right side of your home page. Now a small window will open. Use an interesting text for your tweet to promote your article for example and copy/paste the URL of that article into the window. You only have 140 letters so make sure your tweet is short and interesting.

If you want you can shorten your URL on for example. Just paste your URL there and will give you a shortened link which you can use in your tweet to save letters.

After you´ve done that you should add some hashtags to your tweet. In other words the hashtags show which category your tweet belongs to. For example #money or #cheesecake or #cars.How to create a tweet

You´re done! Click on tweet!

How to get traffic to my website

So now you want to know how to get traffic from Twitter. Pretty easy. Perform a search for your niche in Twitter. In my example I perform a search for pitbulls. You will get several results like persons or photos. Click on Persons – Show all.
Then you will see all persons who twitter about your niche. In my case here to create a tweet

I always recommend to click on the first result Twitter gives you since it is most of the time highly related to your niche and it has the most follower.

If you clicked on a result it will show you the profile of the person. Click on follower to see all of the follower of that person. Start to follow all of them. You will see that most of the those people will follow you back.

That means that you get a lot of follower who are really interested in your niche and that is what you want. If you would follow just some random people and they´d follow you back but only a few people would click your tweets because chances are that most of them are not interested in your niche.

What you should know

You can only follow 2000 people at Twitter as far as I know. I recommend to follow 2000 people as soon as you can and wait for one month. After that you should stop following those people and start to follow another 2000 people. You will get a lot of more follower this way over time. Of course you do not know who you followed before.
For that just take the follower from another person. Perform a search for your niche again and click on the second or the third result instead of the first result and start to follow all of the follower.
This way you will get a lot of follower via Twitter which means that a lot of people might click on your tweets and get to your website. What´s great about this technique is that you get a backlink for every retweet of your tweets because you entered your website in your profile. (What is a backlink?)

For more tips on getting traffic to your website I always recommend to sign up for the free step-by-step training of Wealthy Affiliate. They have a great training regarding making money with websites. You can sign up for free here. On this page I give you a short overview of what you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

Was this article helpful for you? Do you get traffic from Twitter? Let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic From Twitter

  1. Donna

    that was very helpful. I have bookmarked your post for future reference. Thanks for this great info as twitter is something I have been struggling with.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Donna,

      you are very welcome! Yeah I know what you mean, I was struggling in the beginning too. However it is definitely possible to get a decent amount of traffic to your site from Twitter.


  2. Cathy

    One way I found effective in increasing my Twitter traffic is to post every 3-6 hours. I do that with the help of Tweetdeck where I can schedule my tweet in advance. It’s a free tool and very easy to use. Would recommend it for anyone to use 🙂

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Cathy,

      really? Every three to six hours seems to be quite often. I am always careful with posting so often but I will give it a try!


  3. Lourdes

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Thank you very much Lourdes!
      Hope it helps you to get traffic from Twitter!



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