How to Generate Traffic From Pinterest

By | May 8, 2015

I often say that you should share all of your posts via social media. However a lot of you might have a Facebook account but you do not have a Pinterest Account and that means you do not have any follower there since you are not even a member. Don´t worry I will explain you exactly how to create a Pinterest account, How to get a lot of followers on Pinterest and how to generate traffic from Pinterest.
If you already have a Pinterest account then you should save your time and scroll down to “How to generate traffic from Pinterest”.

How to create a pinterest account

Okay I´ll explain here short and simple how to create a pinterest account. Head over to and enter your email and password. How to Generate Traffic From Pinterest

After that Pinterest will ask for your name, age and your gender.
You will have to enter some of your interests. Simply set some tick marks at your interests and you are done with that.

Now you have a Pinterest account. Now you can set up a profile picture and a small description of you. Besides that you MUST enter you website in your user description. That is very important and I will explain why at the bottom of this article.How to generate traffic for your website

How to generate traffic to your website

Create a pinboard!

First of all we have to create a pinboard. If you are logged into your pinterest account it will look like this.How to generate traffic from pinterest

Just click on the plus sign. You will be asked for a description and so on. Just type in the name, a description and choose a category for your pinboard. The category depends on your niche but I think I don´t have to tell you that.How to generate traffic for your website

If you are done click on “create pinboard”.

How to add a pin

After creating your pinboard you have to create your first pin. You can add a new pin for every article you wrote on your website but remember, a pin requires images within your article.How to get traffic from Pinterest

Simply head over to your first pinboard click on “add pin”. Add a pin from the internet and now copy/ paste the URL of the article of your website. Now you can choose one of the images in your articles.How to get traffic from Pinterest

Click on “Pin it” to choose the image.

Now choose the pinboard you´ve created and add a description for your pin. Ideally you want to write a short summary of your article. Make sure it is interesting and makes the reader wanting more information. After that copy/ paste again the URL of your article into the description and add some keywords which fit to the article including hashtags. Like #test.Get traffic from pinterest

How to Generate Traffic From Pinterest

So now the interesting part. If you want traffic from Pinterest you have to have a lot of follower. Believe me 90% of the people you have in your friendlist won´t click your pins. So you should aim for thousands of followers.
Besides that it is important to have followers who are interested in you niche. If you just have random followers who are not even interested in your niche you will get no clicks.
Here is a simple technique to get these followers.

Perform a search for your niche in Pinterest. For example if your website is about leather shoes, search for leather shoes for men or leather shoes for women or something like that.
You will get the results for that but you do not want to see the pins for leather shoes for men, you want to see the pinner. So click on pinner as you can see in the picture.Get the Pinner!
Click the pinner who has the most followers.
Now go to “Follower” of this pinner and start to follow all of his followers. I think you can add 300 people a day.
After you did that you will see that a lot of the follower you added start following you back.Get follower on Pinterest

Do this everyday until pinterest says that you are not allowed to follow anymore people at the moment. Wait a little bit and follow again as much people as possible.
After 20 days you should follow a lot of people and already have over thousand followers.

The benefits of this

I said you will get traffic with this technique and that is right, even if it is not that much but it is okay.
However this is not the only benefit!
Every time someone repins your pin you will get another backlink to your website. This is why I told you to enter your website in your user description. What is a backlink?
It is definitely worth it! Now you know how to get traffic from Pinterest 🙂
A lot of you might already know this teachnique. However when I started I thought Pinterest and a lot of other social media websites would be useless since I had no followers. I was glad that I found this technique. I learned it from Jay Wessman the “Lazy Ass Stoner”. His product has really a lot of great tips like this. The tips are easy but they can have a huge impact. Here is a my review of his product Lazy Ass Stoner Review – Screw 95!
Besides that Wealthy Affiliate also gives this kind of advice in their free step-by-step course.

Get educated people!


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