How to find your niche – No need for struggling!

By | April 28, 2015

How to find a profitable nicheIf you are thinking about starting your own online business to earn money online you might need a website. However before you create a website you need to determine your niche. How to find your niche? In fact this is a pretty easy process but I remember when I started it was really hard for me to find my niche since I did not want to do things wrong right from the start. I assume that you are feeling the same way. Don´t worry I help you!

Ways to find your niche

Finding a profitable niche can take really long especially in the beginning. However you should not waste too much time on this since you really can get stuck if you ask yourself the whole day if your niche is perfect. No niche is perfect it depends on what you make of it.

Here are some things you should make sure before choosing a niche:

  • How to find profitable nichesIt has to be profitable
    How to find a profitable niche? The reason why you are looking for a niche is you want to earn money online. If you choose a niche now that is not profitable you will not reach your goal and you waste your time. So make sure that you really can make money with your niche. You do not have to take a niche with products which have very high prices but there have to be products you can sell and people should want to buy those products. To know if people are actually looking for your niche and the related products you should use a keyword tool like Jaaxy. I will explain everything below.
  • Break things down
    If you choose a niche like “Recipes” chances are that you won´t make any money with it. Why? Simply because the niche “Recipes” is to broad and there is too much competition. You have to break things down and go deeper. For example if you want to create a website which is related to recipes you should take something like soup recipes or pasta recipes. Now you have a niche.
  • Choose a niche that you like
    You should choose a niche that you like or at least one that you can stand. You have to work on your niche for a very long time if you want to earn money online so make sure it is still okay for you next year.
  • Check your competition
    If you are a beginner this can be really confusing. When I was a total newbie I was really confused because of that since I did not know how to know how much competition there was. You need a keyword tool to check how much competition you have. I will show you how that works.

Finding a profitable nicheI learned at Wealthy Affiliate that you do not have to worry that much about your competition. You just have to make sure that you find a deep niche and after that they show you how to build up your website and become an authority within your niche. If you want to check out what Wealthy Affiliate is here is my review on it. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is for free!

Do your keyword research

If you want to find a niche with low competition you should use a keyword tool. For that I use Jaaxy since it is a very accurate keyword tool which shows me the exact competition within my niche.
A lot of people do their research with the Google Keyword Planner it is okay but it is not really accurate.

Why you should do your niche research

As I said I learned at Wealthy Affiliate that competition does not really matter. However if you have low competition it will be a little bit easier and faster to rank with your website under your targeted keyword. You want to know what keywords are? Here is an article on keywords which explains it to you.

Keyword Research for your niche with Jaaxy

Here I show you how easy it is to find a niche. So think about what you want to do. Have some ideas for your niche and simply type that in like below. If you have no keyword tool like Jaaxy at the moment I´ll give you the opportunity to perform a search below for free. I use pasta recipes for this example.

You will see that this keyword tool gives you a lot of results that are slightly different from your input. So you can get some more ideas for your niche. Actually you can use those keywords to create your first articles on your niche. The first results is what you actually typed in.

How to find your niche
As you can see the keyword pasta recipes has about 64336 searches a month (Avg in the image). Now here comes the cool thing about Jaaxy. Jaaxy shows you how much traffic you will get a month (Traffic) if you rank for that keyword on the first pages of the search engines AND it shows you the exact number of your competition (QSR). See below.

How to find a profitable niche

  • 64336 Searches a month
  • You will get a traffic of 10938 if you rank for that keyword on the first pages of the search engines
  • A competition of 286 (Competition: websites who also rank under that keyword)

A competition of 286 is actually pretty low so this would be a good niche!

Want to try it yourself now? Go ahead and type in your desired niche for free:

You might ask yourself now how to make money with a niche? I think my keyword was a great choice for that. Pasta recipes may not be a money making keyword but you do not only have to write about pasta recipes.

What do you need for pasta recipes? Yes, pasta for example! So if your niche would be pasta recipes who would know where to buy the best pasta? Exactly, you! Who would know where to get the best pasta makers! Yeeees, you! You simply write articles about that stuff and place some affiliate links in it for example. Want to know more ways to earn money with your website? Here is my article on that.

Selecting a domain name for your business

What is a domain? The domain is the name of your website. In my example it might be That´s a domain.

You can choose now if you want to create a domain with your keyword (pasta recipes) or if you choose a domain name which is brandable – would be a brandable domain name.

However this is another topic if you need some advise on selecting a domain name for your business simply click here for my article on that.

How to create a website

So the last thing you have to do now is creating a website. How to create a website. This is pretty easy today. Back in the day it was very complicated and you have to know that whole code stuff. Today it is really simple. you just choose your domain name type it in a template and create your website. Very easy. If you want to create a website for free you can do so below.

If you need some more information on how to create a website you can read my article on how to create a website for free. There is a video which shows you how to create a website in 30 seconds.

Now you know how to find a profitable niche and create a website about it.

Do you still have trouble to find a niche? Why don´t you take pasta recipes? Seems to be a great niche! Or simply leave a comment below if you need help to find something.
Are you worried about competition when choosing a niche? Do you think it is important? Let me know in the comment section!

All the best,


12 thoughts on “How to find your niche – No need for struggling!

  1. Cathy

    Hi there Pierre,

    I have two questions;
    1) What’s the difference between broad keywords and long-tail keywords? Which one is better to use for writing an article?
    2) What does KQI and SEO mean in the Jaaxy tool?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Cathy,

      really good questions!

      Broad Keywords are short words or keyword phrases which are more general.
      These keywords have most of the time more traffic but also a higher competition It is not so easy to rank with Broad Keywords if you are a beginner.

      Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases which are longer that means they have more words. Most of the times they are more specific to your article or to your business.
      It is always easier to rank with Long-tail Keywords since the competition is not that high most of the times.

      KQI in Jaaxy shows you if this keyword is a good keyword with low competition. If you want to write an article on your website and perform a search in Jaaxy you should pay attention to that. If it is green you are absolutely fine, if it is yellow it might be harder to rank under that keyword. If it is red you should not take that keyword since the competition is too high.
      You can see SEO in Jaaxy as a rating. The higher the ranking the more likely you will rank on page one of the search engines. This is absolutely perfect when writing articles.

      That is why I love Jaaxy. It is very accurate and it even shows you how high your chances are to rank under your keyword.

      Hope that makes it clear Cathy!

      All the best,


  2. Michelle

    Great post! I like how you break down how to use Jaaxy, it can be confusing to know what to look for when choosing a keyword that is going to get your site or post ranked, especially when there is a lot of competition in your chosen niche.

    I will be back to read more – very useful site!

    1. Sheryl

      Great blog here! Also your site loads up fast! What host are you using?Can I get your affiliate link to your host?I wish my site ladoed up as quickly as yours lol

      1. Pierre Post author

        Hey Sheryl,

        thank you for the compliment I appreciate it!
        Hehe yeah my website loads pretty fast. First of all I used a theme which loads very fast. Hosting is made by Wealthy Affiliate. If you decide to become a premium Member there, they host your website without any further costs.
        It is pretty good and if you have any questions or problems with your website they always help you immediately!



  3. Angus

    Really like the way you show everything about keywords and searches. Very informative about competition and narrowing down niches.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Angus,

      I´m happy to hear that you like my article. If you are a beginner all this stuff can really be confusing so I wanted to make sure that this post is really thorough and contains all information a beginner needs. Finding your niche is not easy at the beginning and I hope this will help a lot of people to continue with their online business instead of getting stuck.


  4. Dustin

    Hey! Awesome post! Finding my first niche wasn’t much of a problem because I chose baking. Finding a second niche though is going to be a tough one. Your post made it a lot simpler and I would take your advice when I choose my next niche!


    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Dustin,

      I can totally understand that. After making some experience with the first website you don´t want to make any mistakes with the second website and therefore you want to choose a niche with low competition. I´m glad to hear that Dustin!


  5. Kaio

    Excellent post. Keep writing such kind of info on yistuore. Im really impressed by it.Hello there, You’ve performed an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  6. Leta

    This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally
    I’ve found something which helped me. Many thanks!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Leta,

      I am happy to hear that my post was relevant to you. I know that it can be quite hard to choose a niche so I wanted to make everything clear with this post.

      For your success!



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