How to Create a Successful Website – 10 Secrets of Success!

By | May 14, 2015

How to Create a Successful WebsiteHere I will list 10 facts which all successfull niche websites have in common. I highly recommend to pay attention to this if you want to know how to create a successful website and make money with it.

There is no guarantee that these 10 facts will bring you a lot of money but they will definitely help you and they are very important.

You should have a plan

Before you start with your niche website you should do your research and plan everything. Analyse your own ideas and make sure which one might have the highest chance on success.

Is there a market for your niche?

You have to know if there is a need for your niche. Is the niche you chose really interesting to people or are you the only one who is interested in it? Just because it is interesting to you it does not mean that there are a lot of other people who like your niche.

Besides that people should not only want to get information about your niche, they should want to buy something too.

Know your competition

Don´t choose a niche which is too broad. The competition might be very strong and it will decrease your chances on ranking high with your main keywords in the search engines.

You should be able to make money with your niche

You can get 100000 vistors per day to your website but if you chosse a niche which won´t bring you any money it is totally useless.

You should always check the means of income for your niche and know which ones are the profitable ones.

The more means of income your niche has the more you can try and test.

High Quality content

How to Create a Successful WebsiteThe new Google update made clear that you have to deliver a lot of high quality content. If you want to rank high in the search engines it is not enough to just write poor content with a few words.

Write high quality content and chances are that you even outrank other websites which have a lot of more backlinks than you.

However you should not only write high quality content for the search engines. think about your readers. Help them as good as you can with your content. Make it interesting!


Make sure that the search engines love you. You can also get traffic through social media but traffic through the search engines will always be the most targeted traffic.

I have a lot of tips here on my website how to rank high in Google you should check them out.

Natural backlink building

The last Google updated made clear that you won´t get far with a lot of manually placed backlinks in the future.

Make people share your content and you´ll have some natural backlinks. Therefore you have to write high quality content of course. 🙂

Update your niche website

You should take care for your niche website. Update it from time to time even if you want to leave it as it is. The search engines will like you for a fresh website.

Stick with it

It can take a long time to get enough traffic to make money with your niche sites. Go through it and you will succeed. Don´t think too much about traffic in the beginning.

Stick with it, work on it, publish high quality content and everything is gonna be alright.

Fun Fun Fun

Have fun! I mean it is fun to make money from home so enjoy it even if you are a beginner and you are not making any money yet. You will! So enjoy your way!

Besides that your content will be influenced by your mood! People are going to notice if you like writing about your niche!

Stay positive 🙂


Not really secrets that I listed here, huh? You know why? Because there are no secrets! All you need to do is work and stick with it. That is how you are going to succeed. Don´t believe in some dubious scam programs which will promise you to make money online with a secret method.

There is no secret method.

Here you can see how I got started and build my website. I had a pretty cool free step-by-step guide! You should check out this page if you want to get started, too!

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