How do You Get on The First Page of Google?

By | April 5, 2015

How do You Get on The First Page of Google?How do you get on the first page of Google? Well, here I list for you 10 steps for good rankings in Google. These ten steps are based on Google´s guidelines on getting content ranked, so this is not something fictional. Please note, that I created my website with WordPress and I use the plugin All in One SEO by Yoast for most of the stuff that I mention here. All websites that are created at Wealthy Affiliate have automatically installed this plugin. If you don´t have this plugin you should get it!

So, let´s get started!

1. The Meta Title

The Meta Title is the title which is shown in the Google results of one of your posts of pages. If you create a post or a page, the title of the post or of the page is automatically the Meta Title. However the Meta Title can be changed so that the title in the Google search results is different from your actual blog post title. This should be done if your actual title of the page or post is too long for the Google search results so that three dots appear at the end of the title.
How do You Get on The First Page of Google? Meta Title and Meta DescriptionThe targeted keyword should always be in the title. So have a custom Meta Title.

2. The Meta Description

The Meta Description is a little description of your post or page that appears below your Meta Title in the Google search results. The Meta Description should be customized. If you don´t do that, Google will take snippets of your content and take that as Meta Description. I recommend to always have a little customized description of your post or of your page. Make sure that the Meta Description contains your targeted Keyword! The Meta Description should be kept between 150 and 160 characters.

3. Headline in H1 or in H2

Your keyword should always be in your headline which is your post or page title. The headline is in H1 or in H2 in most themes you can use in WordPress. Your keyword should be inside your title in H1 or H2 because it tells Google that these words are important. That´s it, really easy right?

4. Internal Links

You should always have a lot of internal links on your website. So if you write a new post or page make sure that it contains an internal link. That means it should contain a link to another post or page within your site. It simply helps Google to see what posts or pages you have within your website. Make sure that your anchor text, which is the the text that is highlighted when linking to another page, is related to the internal link. Example: You have highlighted the word Orange in your post, so the internal link should be a page or a post about Oranges. (I love my brilliant and simple examples.)

5. External Links

Have an Alt Text descriptionHave external links on your website and make sure you link to high quality websites. That shows Google that you have no fear to lose readers on your site and it shows Google that you are somehow linked to another high quality sites and it will give you a little boost over time. This is not a backlink for you it is a backlink for the website you are linking to.(Backlinks are explained shortly here) You should not link to a website which has the same niche as you and which targets the same keywords as you. I think it is clear why you should not do that. Just drop in a few external links to some authority websites.

6. Have images with Alt Tags in your posts or pages

When you upload an image you can add an Alt Tag which describes the image. Have your keyword in the Alt Tag. You don´t always have to use the exact keyword which is in your headline in your Alt Tag, you can also use other keywords which are related to your post or page.

7. Have your Keyword in your URL

Customize your URL for better Google rankingsIf you use the Plugin All in One SEO by Yoast your URL will automatically be changed in your post or page title. If not make sure that you change the URL of your post or of your page and make sure it contains the targeted keyword. It gives Google another opportunity to see what your targeted keyword is.

8. Comment engagement

Reply to peoples comments on your website. Google wants to see engagement on your website. They want to see that your website is alive and that you create a good experience for your readers and that includes comment engagement. Besides that it is great to keep your pages or posts fresh. Reply to comments right away. Do not respite it. I know it can be hard 🙂

9. Make it easy to share your content

There are a lot of Plugins in WordPress that can help you with this. I use the Plugin Tweet Like Plusone. Remeber if someone shares your content on social media it gives you another backlink to your website which is great. Further you will get extra traffic if someone shares your content.

10. Add Videos to your pages or posts

It is great if you add videos to your pages or posts that are related to the content. Optimally it should be a video that you created because it is another opportunity to make money if you monetize your video and it will be helpful for your rankings since you can create another backlink to your website. If you do not use your own video don´t worry if you are allowed to post the video on your website. As long as the video is shareable you are allowed to use it.
I know this will help you a lot to increase you Google rankings. Tell me about your results or about your individual tricks in the comments below 🙂

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5 thoughts on “How do You Get on The First Page of Google?

  1. Marc

    Great write up. There are two more things I would add though. 1. Make posts consistently, you cant think of it as a one and done type of thing and expect rankings. 2. It takes time to get on Google’s first page.
    Very well written and insightful.
    My question is about number five, external links. I thought you should have links to other sites that are related with the same keywords as yours. Otherwise wouldn’t Google think it is just a random link that does not make sense?

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Marc,

      good additional points! You should not link to your competition. Link to authority websites but not those that target the same keywords as you. I like to use Wikipedia for example. It is informative for my readers and it is no competition.


  2. Stu

    Great stuff! Easy to read and very helpful to those doing it the wrong way.. Let’s be honest.. when people think of marketing they think negatively.. WA changed all that for me!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Stu,

      good to hear that you are satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate too!


  3. Ahmet

    That’s way more clever than I was exipcteng. Thanks!


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