Home Job Placement: Just Another Scam

By | November 19, 2015

Home Job Placement reviewIf you are reading this article you are probably looking for ways to make money online and you found Home Job Placement. Now you want to know if Home Job Placement is a scam, right? I had a look at this program and it was not hard for me at all to tell, that this program is a scam. You want to know why? Here is my Home Job Placement review.

I found Home Job Placement when I reviewed another program called Replace Your Job. The funny thing about it is, that both programs have the exact same design as you can see below.Home Job Placement scam

And this is not the only program which has the same design like Home Job Placement. There are even more programs like it, Extreme Home Profits or Home Jobs Today for example are other programs and I am very sure that there are a lot more programs with this design.

Home Job Placement is a network scam

The programs I reviewed before, Replace Your job, Home Jobs Today and Extreme Home Profits, were not legit at all, they are totally useless programs which only have one goal: Your money! If you really want to learn how to make money online, those programs will not help you.

Above I stated that Home Job Placement is a network scam, but what does that exactly mean? Well, let me explain. There are shady internet marketers which produce low quality programs for people who are interested in money online. Those programs are just low useless and do not help those people at all. (That does not mean that all programs which are supposed to help people to make money online are crap!!)

As soon as their programs is known for being a scam, those shady marketers just change the name of the program, build a new website for it and BOOM, they have a “new” product, no one knows about and they can continue scamming people and make money with their product.

Why do they do that? The answer is easy, they use the same product, because it is easy and they are lazy. This way they can make the most of only one program and they do not have to produce a low quality program again.

So maybe Home Job Placement had a totally different name in the past, or Home Job Placement was the first name of the scam and then the creator changed its name to make more money.

Reviews of people who joined Home Job Placement

Okay, I already knew that Home Job Placement is a scam, but I want to gather as much information as I can find for my readers. So I had a look at some reviews of Home Job Placement on Yahoo and what I found there only confirmed what I already knew. Home Job Placement is a blatant scam and a lot of people already were scammed by them.

Have a look at this review on Yahoo:Home Job Placement reviews

This review says it all. And there is another very, very interesting fact here. This review is SIX YEARS old and it is still around, so it must be still profitable for the owner of this program and people are still falling for this! How crazy is that? Those internet marketers produce one program and profit so many years of it, I can´t believe it.

Tired of low quality programs?

They recently changed their design

In the past Home Job Placement had the design which you can see at the top of this article. However now they changed their design. Sure that is not a sign for a scam, but in this case I think that people start to recognize this design and do not join the program as quickly as before.Home Job Placement legitimate

There are more scam websites of Home Job Placement

There are several other websites which promote Home Job Placement. For example www.homejobplacements.com.

I can´t proof that those other websites were made by the owners of Home Job Placement, but those websites do use the design of Home Job Placement. I have seen those scammy websites all over the web and every website looks the same and I am not talking only about Home Job Placement here.

In the last time, almost every program I reviewed which turned out to be a scam had one or more additional websites like that. The weird thing is, that all those websites link to another scam which is called Creating Income System. I wonder if the creator of Home Job Placement is also the creator of Creating Income System …

… but anyway, now you know that Home Job Placement is a scam and that you should definitely should stay aways from it!

Home Job Placement is a scam!

Making Money Online is possible!

Even though there are many scams out there which are supposed to show you how you can make money online, there are definitely legit ways how you can make money from home.

I know it, because I make money online. I make money with affiliate marketing which is one of the easiest ways to make money online in my opinion. However, do not expect to get rich overnight! Making money online is definitely work and it takes dedication and patience to be successful.

This online community helped me to be successful. It provides a great training on affiliate marketing suited to beginners and it has over 400000 members. When I joined this community, I was a total beginner and only with the help of it, I was able to create a consistent income online.

So if you are really interested in making money from home, you should have a look at it and get more information here.

I hope that my Home Job Placement review helped you!

Do you know any of the programs which have the same design like Home Job Placement? Tell me about it in the comments below.
If you have any questions, just leave me a message in the comment section and I´ll get back to you quickly.



4 thoughts on “Home Job Placement: Just Another Scam

  1. Uwais


    Love the review and making it known of these scammers taking innocent people’s money who are looking to make an honest living. Am glad you are exposing these people that are cheaters and liars. It so disgraceful that people like these do exist – what a shame. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Uwais,

      that is exactly what I am saying. There are so many scams in this business it is ridiculous. Most of the times people have no chance to get their money back. Of course they think than that making money on the internet is impossible, even if it isn´t the truth.

      Thanks Uwais, I will keep up the work, to help unaware people and stop the scammers!


  2. Kierra

    Your post about the online scams are very informative and intriguing. It helps so much that you’ve done your research as well as tried some. All down to the layout of your website is done well. It is well organized and easy to read.


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