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By | September 7, 2015

Global Test Market reviewA lot of people want to make quick money on the internet. Paid surveys seem to be a pretty good opinion here. Unfortunately I never found a survey site before that is really legit and pays well and I reviewed a lot of survey sites now. Global Test Market is another survey sites which says that you can earn money by taking online surveys. Is this the legit survey site we are all looking for? Is this the holy grail? Or is this just another scammy website? Let´s have a look! Here is my Global Test Market Review!

Let´s have a look at the website

The website of Global test Market looks professional. You have the feeling that this is a serious company which you can trust. No fancy design, or statements. You get a short explanation how paid surveys work and what they want from you to sign up for their program. Of course they want your personal details which is totally normal for those survey sites.

However here is the first sign that this company might not be as legit as it seems. Have a look at this statement here.does global test market work

At least the model looks good…. oh behaaave!

Soooo, Global Test Market is a fast way to make money online huh? Let me tell you something, I reviewed a lot of programs and I make a consistent income online, BUT I never found any program which was a fast way to make money online. There is no such thing as fast money. You have to work for it and you have to give it time, that´s just the way it is.

How Global Test Market works

Signing up for Global Test Market is for free. As I said, you have to give them your personal information including your address.

If a website tells you that their program is a fast way to make money online, of course you do expect MONEY. However this is not the case at Global Test Market. You earn points for completing surveys.Global Test Market legit

You can buy coupons for those points. Funny right? They tell you that you can make fast money with this, but all you can buy is coupons. There are all kinds of coupons like iTunes coupons or amazon coupons. However there are also Paypal coupons, I mean at least this is money.

But have a look at how many points that will cost in the picture test market scam

So a $15 Paypal coupon costs 468 Marketpoints. That means that you will get $30 for approximately 1000 Marketpoints.
You will earn between 15 to 50 marketpoints for every survey. It really varies.

One survey can take 20 minutes to 40 minutes, sometimes it takes more time.

Is Global Test Market worth your time?

No it is definitely not worth your time. I mean, come on, $30 for 1000 Marketpoints and you get 15 to 50 Marketpoints for every survey.
Surveys are extremely time consuming and as you see you do not get a lot of points for one survey. Further you do not get unlimited surveys from Global Test Market. You will get just a few each week.

Can you imagine how long it will take to earn enough points? I assume, before you earn enough points to get some Paypal coupons, you die of old age!

This is definitely not the opportunity you are looking for. Do not waste your time with taking surveys if you want to make money online, there are a lot of other methods which are more lucrative.

Global Test Market is a waste of time!

My recommendation

I make money with affiliate marketing and I really like it. If you want to know how I do that and what got me started you should check out my #1 FREE recommendation here. You can do the same.

See, I do not know you, so I can´t really say if you like this program as much as I do. What I can say is, that it helped me to create a consistent income online. AND you can join it for free. That means that you can take a test drive there and decide then if you like it or not.
If not, you can just leave without paying a dime. No questions asked!


I hope that my Global Test Market review could save you some time!

Have you experience with paid surveys? let me know in the comments below!
Any questions! Just leave me your question in the comment section!

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4 thoughts on “Global Test Market Review – No Money Just Points!

  1. Melody

    I have tried global test market and still get email notifications of new surveys. I am sure you could eventually make some money if you sat at the computer all day. I really don’t like survey sites that give points. It just isn’t the same. I would rather see that I earned $0.15 then to see points that mean absolutely nothing. A great review! Certainly not a scam but no one will get rich from them. That’s for sure!

    1. Pierre Post author

      Hey Melody,

      survey sites where youcan earn points instead of money are even worse than the “normal” survey sites (which are also bad anyway)
      Good to hear that you stopped wasting your time for that!



    I redeem my rewards few weeks ago but until now i did not receive my rewards yet. Why??

    1. Pierre Post author


      I am sorry but I can´t help you with that, since I am not related to Global Test Market.
      In fact I warn people not to join it, since sites like this are a waste of time very often.

      You are not the only one who does not get paid and I am very sorry to say that, but it could be that you won´t ever see that money 🙁
      Sorry that you got scammed there.

      All the best,



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