Free Traffic Cash Surge Review

By | July 26, 2015

Free Traffic Cash Surge ReviewIf you want to build a successful online business you have to do a lot of things right. Many things could increase your success, but a lot of things can also decrease your success. However all of this is irrelevant if there is one important thing missing: Traffic!
So of course you should know how to get visitors (traffic) to your website and wouldn´t it be great if there is one great and legit guide on how to get traffic to your website? Yes, that would be awesome!
So here is a product which is supposed to teach you how to get traffic to your website: Free Traffic Cash Surge.
Is Free Traffic Cash Surge really helpful or just another useless guide? Here is my Free Traffic Cash Surge review.

Product Name: Free Traffic Cash Surge
Owner: Philip Schaffer, Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko
Price: $6.83
Rating: 10/100

What is Free Traffic Cash Surge?

Well, as I already said Free Traffic Cash Surge is a guide which is supposed to teach you how to get traffic to your website. The guide has about 100 pages and it uses a really weird technique to get traffic. It teaches you how to get traffic through the Kindle Store. I was really confused when I read that and I was not really convinced that this would work, but I wanted to give it a chance and so I read further.

The guide says you should buy PLR books (private label rights – I explain what that is below, just continue reading), rewrite them and sell them as your own book on Amazon. Inside those books you spread some links which will take the reader to your website or to a landing page that you have created. This way you are supposed to get traffic to your website and make sales.

Is it really a good way to use copied content to drive traffic to your website? I think you know what I am going to say! However, continue to read, or if you want to save some time, scroll down to My Verdict… time is money my friend 🙂

What I like about Free Traffic Cash Surge

I am really laughing right now since I can´t find a thing that I liked about FREE Traffic Cash Surge. Hmmm wait, maybe the idea itself is okay, driving traffic to your website through Amazon might be a great idea and can work! I am always open for new ideas to drive traffic to your website as long as they aren´t dubious.

What I do not like about Free Traffic Cash Surge

Upsells and downsells

Most of the questionable products in the ” make money online niche ” have one thing in common: Upsells and downsells. Free Traffic Cash Surge is full of them, this is annoying and dubious in my opinion, unfortunately most of those products today have those upsells.
If you do not want the upsell they give you a discount of 50% of their upsells. I did not buy that stuff.

Using PLR content isn´t really authentic

Is free traffic cash surge a scamPLR content basically is content that you are allowed to buy, maybe rewrite it a bit and sell it as your own. So PLR content is copied content. If you want to run a serious online business you will not get far with copied content no mater if it is content on your website, or content in such an ebook.
The reader will take notice that this content is not from you and you will not build trust with your readers and if you already build trust before with your readers I guarantee you it will be damaged. This can be the end of your online business.

In my opinion the best content is your own, unique content. Maybe other people are successful with copied content for a short while, but that won´t last for long.

Don´t get me wrong I am not talking about buying content from people who write it for you. That is something different since the content is written for you and it is unique! I am only talking about copied content. (PLR books here)

You need to know more

Even if this whole PLR book thing would be a good idea to drive traffic to your website, you are not done if you spread some links in a PLR book.
Your website must be set up properly, the sales-funnels have to be set up right if you want to make some money. So the training is not really complete.

Is Free Traffic Cash Surge a scam?

Free Traffic Cash Surge is not a scam since you get a little bit of information for your money. However the methods which are taught in this guide are not going to work for a long time. The training is incomplete and you might have to spend some additional money to set up your website the right way in order to make sales.

My Verdict

As I said Free TrafficCash Surge is not a scam, but it will definitely not help you to drive real traffic to your website.

Free Traffic Cash Surge is not worth the money!

……which is funny since it only costs $6.83

What else can you do?

So now you know that Free Traffic Cash Surge is not going to help you to drive traffic to your website. What should you do now?

Well, I make money with affiliate marketing and I really like it. If you want to know how I do that and what got me started you should have a look at my #1 FREE recommended program. You can do that, too.

You know, I am not saying that you are going to be as successful as I am with that program. Maybe it is just not for you. However I suggest to take a little test drive there and decide afterwards if you find it helpful or not. If not, you can leave without paying one dollar. No questions asked.


I hope that this Free Traffic Surge review could save you some money my friend!

All the best,


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