Free Affiliate Club – Surprise! It is a scam!

By | September 2, 2015

Free Affiliate Club Review Affiliate marketing is the method I use to make money online. I created a consistent income with it. Free Affiliate Club seemed to be a program which is supposed to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing. However it turned out that this program is something totally different. It is a big scam! Do you want to know why? Find out! Here is my Free Affiliate Club review!

What is Free Affiliate Club?

When I visited the website of Free Affiliate Club I had not much to discover. All you can see there is a template where you can enter your email address and there is a video of the owner of this program. Sorry, I was so fascinated by what she said, I forgot her name…lol. Did she even tell her name? Whatever, here I have a picture of her for you. I stopped the video at the right time …et voilà! Have a look:free affiliate club scam

The woman in the video talks about her mystical traffic system which allowed her to make over $263000 in 60 days. Yeah, right!
Besides that she shows off a car she won with her mystical traffic system and she makes a lot of other crazy statements about her system and how much you can own.

Funny thing about it? She never tells you what are going to have to do to make that money. She always talks about traffic, that´s it.

I really had to laugh when she said that she gives her system away for free, because she just does not need to charge you for it. (Because she already makes so much money of course! …LOL!)

She might have said that it is for free, but be aware, there is a catch!

Here comes the catch my friends!

You have been told over and over again how free this program is, oh it is so free yes! …..Nope. In fact this program is a so called hosting scam. A hosting scam is simple to describe: You buy a program and before you can really start with that program you will be told to sign a hosting affiliate club legit
Every website needs hosting, otherwise you can´t really use your website. However websites and programs which are shady like Free Affiliate Club sell a totally overpriced hosting. So before you even get into that system you are trapped in a hosting contract. That will cost you almost $45 a month, only for the hosting! Without a good training, without a website. That is ridiculous! This program here provides a great training on affiliate marketing, 2 free websites including free hosting for FREE! Don´t waste your money on Free Affiliate Club!

Is there a training?

Although affiliate marketing definitely works, the training Free Affiliate Club provides is not really helpful. If you really want to create a long-term business, this will definitely not help you!

Is Free Affiliate Club a scam?

Yes, Free Affiliate Club is definitely a scam. They want to make you belive that you do not have to pay one single dollar for theor mystical system, but as soon as you´ve joined the program they want you to sign an overpriced hosting contract. If they say it is free, it has to be free, otherwise it is a lie and that means it is a scam!

Free Affiliate Club is a scam!


Here is how I make money with affiliate marketing

You will not get far with scammy programs like Free Affiliate Club. If you really want to be successfull with affiliate marketing, you have to look for a really good training which is always updated.
My #1 FREE recommended program provides such a training. Best thing about it? You can join for free and test if you like it or not. If not, you can just leave without spending any money.

I hope that my Free Affiliate Club review could save you some bucks!

Any experience  with hosting scams? Let me know in the comments below!
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